Hunter Tylo
Tylo returning to B&B, denies stunt rumors
Posted Sunday, November 04, 2001 5:31:18 PM
  HOW THE STORY UNFOLDED has been on top of Hunter Tylo's contract talks since we broke the news of her exit back in October. Here is a timeline and corresponding articles to help you follow each step of Tylo's B&B ordeal.

OCT 9: Tylo tapes final B&B scenes.

OCT 22: Money was reason for exit.

NOV 5: Tylo announces she's returning.

As cries of a publicity stunt are being shouted on message boards across the Internet, actress Hunter Tylo (Taylor Hayes Forrester) has confirmed that she will be re-joining the cast of The Bold and the Beautiful.

On October 9, Tylo filmed what was said to be her final scenes with B&B. After months of intense negotiations, Tylo and B&B execs were unable to come to terms on a new contract. According to Tylo's official web site, the network had asked that she take a pay cut in order to remain with the show.

Now, however, comes word that Tylo is returning to work at B&B - thought the actress insists that her exit and subsequent return were not part of a publicity stunt.

"If it were [a stunt]," says Tylo, "it cost me six weeks of work and it DEFINITELY came out of MY pocket. I truly don't have that kind of PR money, nor do I have time for the headaches this ordeal put me through. I had completely severed ties with the show."

Tylo was quick to deny some internet postings that she had demanded upwards of $1 million per year to remain on B&B.

During the four weeks since Tylo's exit, fans have flooded CBS, Soap Opera Central and various soap magazines with letters of support for Tylo demanding that the show do whatever it had to in order to get her back on the cast list.

So what was it that made the difference? Tylo says that a series of phone calls from B&B executive producer and head writer Bradley Bell convinced her to re-open communication with the soap.

"He spoke with me very professionally, but at the same time, like a friend," explains Tylo. Tylo also urges her fans to send their thanks to Bell "for going that extra step to [reach] a resolution."

Tylo has declined to comment on the terms of her new contract, however she does reveal that she plans to be with the show for "the next couple of years." A show spokesperson reminds us that they "do not comment on contract status" of their stars.

Tylo's character will be absent for a few weeks on-screen. According to a set-side source, the disappearance will be addressed within the show's storyline. It is expected that Tylo will once again be seen on-air in mid-to-late December.

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Hunter Tylo files lawsuit over son's drowning death | The Bold and the Beautiful @
Hunter Tylo
Hunter Tylo files lawsuit over son's drowning death
Posted Wednesday, October 21, 2009 12:48:30 PM
B&B actress Hunter Tylo has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against a worker at an agency that treated her son, Michael. According to the lawsuit, Tylo alleges that medical advice given by that worker led to the drowning death of her son.

Actress Hunter Tylo (Taylor Forrester) has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against a social worker whom she blames for the 2007 drowning death of her 19-year-old son.

The star of The Bold and the Beautiful alleges that Shanna Downing of the Horizon Family Therapy & Wellness Center instructed Tylo's son, Michael Edward Tylo, to stop taking his seizure medication, which ultimately caused Michael to suffer a seizure and drown in the family's pool.

In court documents filed in Clark County, Tylo claims that Downing told the Tylo family that Michael's seizures were "due to the stress he was experiencing due to his parents break-up [and] once the stress was eliminated... his seizures would disappear."

", advice, and treatment rendered ... caused [Michael's] seizures to continue and led to his untimely death," the lawsuit states.

On October 18, 2007, Michael Tylo, Jr., drowned and was pronounced dead at 11:55 p.m. A family spokesperson stated that the young man was at the family's Las Vegas-area house with his older step-brother, Christopher, and was believed to have suffered a seizure and fallen into the pool after stepping outside the home to use his cell phone.

Michael, who was known as "Mickey," was Tylo's son with former husband Michael Tylo, Sr. The pair also has two daughter, Izabella and Katya.

The lawsuit marks Tylo's second lawsuit against Downing and the Horizon Family Therapy & Wellness Center. Last year, Tylo unsuccessfully tried to amend a 2006 lawsuit to include a wrongful death claim.

But Clark County District Court Judge Timothy Williams refused to allow the wrongful death claims to be added without an affidavit from a "qualified expert establishing a causal link between therapy provided by Downing to Michael E. Tylo II and Michael E. Tylo II's subsequent death."

Meanwhile, an attorney for Downing called previous attempts to link his client to Michael's death "ridiculous."

"Plaintiffs can draw no causal connection between counseling that ended nearly two years prior to what is universally accepted as an accidental drowning," attorney Michael Shannon wrote in 2008. "The available records in this case demonstrate that Mickey was being treated for his seizure disorder during the approximate two-year period after he stopped seeing Downing," Shannon wrote.

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