Ashley Lyn Cafagna
Was Cafagana fired or did she leave?
Posted Sunday, December 17, 2000 10:50:28 PM
As reported last week by, Ashley Lyn Cafagna (Kimberly Fairchild) has reportedly been let go by the show. A spokesperson for The Bold and the Beautiful declined to comment on the report.

A new wrinkle has emerged in the reports, however, one that hints that Cafagna might not have been fired. According to insiders, Cafagna has wanted to leave the show to devote more time to a singing career. Though the actress has been given the chance to sing on The Bold and the Beautiful in the past, Cafagna's work on the show has prevented her from really exploring singing as a career.

The actress has still not been seen around the set for several weeks and the sudden departure shocked many close to the show. The original speculation was that the writers had decided to abandon Cafagna's character, Kimberly Fairchild. The teenager had gone from quiet girl to seductress in a matter of weeks and fans were not pleased. In a poll conducted by showed week after week that fans did not approve of Kimberly's relationship with Thorne.

Following are the results of a B&B Online WT? On the Spot poll conducted the week of December 11, 2000.

If the reports are true, would you be upset that Ashley Lyn Cafagna is gone?
 Choice   Votes   Approximate %
 I've never been overly thrilled by the character of Kimberly  318  51% 
 Ashley may be a good performer, but the writers destroyed ..  164  26% 
 Yes. Ashley's a great actress and her character ...  120  19% 
 I don't think the reports are true, so I don't need to offer  14  2% 
 Other  4  1% 
 Total Votes  620

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