Kimberlin Brown
Kimberlin Brown's B&B return called "unlikely"
Posted Sunday, November 12, 2000 8:40:12 PM
Rumors of Kimberlin Brown's departure from Port Charles have been swirling for nearly two months. The news of her supposed return to The Bold and the Beautiful have been batted about almost as long.

Though unconfirmed by either side, rumors are swirling that Kimberlin Brown will leave her role as Rachel Locke on ABC's Port Charles by the end of the year. According to the same reports, Brown will return to her old stomping grounds on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Brown, who left her role as Sheila Carter on the CBS soap to join Port Charles in July 1999, has failed to have the dramatic impact on the ratings that ABC execs had hoped for. Reportedly, the actress only signed a one-year contract with the fledgling soap --- and the expiration date on that contract has long since passed.

But the ballyhooed return to The Bold and the Beautiful is not a done deal --- even if Brown does depart Port Charles. In fact, insiders with the show say that a return is "unlikely."

Many insiders feel that Brown's old character no longer fits into the canvas of the show. That prompted some to think that she might return as a look-alike with a nice side. That, too, according to folks behind-the-scenes is not likely.

Following are the results of an exclusive poll conducted on Soap Opera Central's B&B Online over a one-week period in October. Voters were asked whether or not they'd like to see Brown return to The Bold and the Beautiful.

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