It ain't the Time Warp -- or is it? Oliver took a jump to the left in his sudden quest to be a corporate climber. Liam took a step to the right by becoming a trailer-jacker. And Brooke put her hands on her hips, trying to get Bill reinstalled as Spencer's CEO. But supposed 'central character' Hope borrowed Liam's playbook and took his place as a waffler! Decide if it's rocky or horror with Two Scoops' Mike!
From's video vault...
How do you feel about B&B's decision to have Stephanie Forrester die?
It's a brave choice. This will be an incredibly powerful story.
I think it's a horrible. Having Stephanie die means that she's gone forever
Stephanie is too vital to the show. The role should have been recast.
I guess this was inevitable. Too many people lose the battle with cancer.
I'm worried this story will not live up to expectations/is only for shock.