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The Dankies: 2009-2010

Thousands upon thousands of fans of The Bold and the Beautiful cast their votes by their choices for the best of B&B. Here are their nominations and winners.
Following are the final results of the 2009-2010 Dankies for The Bold and the Beautiful. Winners are marked with a right angle quote (»).

Outstanding Lead Actor
» Don Diamont (Bill Spencer, B&B) 65 %
Kyle Lowder (Rick Forrester, B&B) 8 %
Ronn Moss (Ridge Forrester, B&B) 6 %
Jack Wagner (Nick Marone, B&B) 19 %
Outstanding Lead Actress
» Susan Flannery (Stephanie Forrester, B&B) 38 %
Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke Logan, B&B) 22 %
Heather Tom (Katie Logan, B&B) 29 %
Hunter Tylo (Taylor Hayes Marone, B&B) 10 %
Outstanding Supporting Actor
Texas Battle (Marcus Walton, B&B) 6 %
» Rick Hearst (Whip Jones, B&B) 70 %
John McCook (Eric Forrester, B&B) 15 %
Winsor Harmon (Thorne Forrester, B&B) 7 %
Outstanding Supporting Actress
» Sarah Brown (Sandy Sommers, B&B) 34 %
Jennifer Gareis (Donna Logan, B&B) 6 %
Ashley Jones (Bridget Forrester, B&B) 30 %
Alley Mills (Pam Douglas, B&B) 28 %
Outstanding Newcomer
Sarah Brown (Sandy Sommers, B&B) 28 %
» Don Diamont (Bill Spencer, B&B) 67 %
Aaron D. Spears (Justin Barber, B&B) 2 %
1 %
Outstanding Younger Performer
Drew Tyler Bell (Thomas Forrester, B&B) 33 %
» Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy Forrester , B&B) 60 %
5 %
0 %
Most Attractive Male Star
Brandon Beemer (Owen Knight , B&B) 32 %
» Don Diamont (Bill Spencer, B&B) 50 %
Kyle Lowder (Rick Forrester, B&B) 8 %
Jack Wagner (Nick Marone, B&B) 9 %
Most Attractive Female Star
» Ashley Jones (Bridget Forrester, B&B) 27 %
Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke Logan, B&B) 22 %
Heather Tom (Katie Logan, B&B 25 %
Hunter Tylo (Taylor Hayes Marone, B&B) 23 %
Favorite Storyline
» Fine Wine and Women: Stephanie has finally reached the point where she considers herself worthless, not needed, and old. Nick Marone finds Stephanie wandering the rocky beach, looking alone and lost and takes her to his boat. With Jackie M not doing well in competition with Forrester, Nick invites Stephanie to be part of the Jackie M team. (B&B) 39 %
My Destiny, Revisited: In a civil ceremony in the Clerk's office, Brooke and Ridge once again pledge their undying love and devotion, due in part to their previous marriage being invalid because Pam filed the paperwork incorrectly. (B&B) 9 %
Resistance Is Futile: Bill Spencer arrives in town with the intent of taking down the Forresters. When the Forresters are twelve minutes late on a mortgage payment, Bill has a banker give him ownership of Forrester Creations, which becomes 35 %
Sandy: Surrogate With A Secret: Nick and Bridget Marone, desperately wanting a biological child, receive the bad news that it’s unlikely that Bridget would be able to carry a child to term. Through a surrogate agency, they hire Sandy Summers to carry their child. Little do the Marones know that Sandy has a dark secret -– and that her real name is Agnes Jones. (B&B) 15 %
Least Favorite Storyline
A Kiss Isn't Just A Kiss: Steffy Forrester develops a crush on Bill Spencer, the new owner of Forrester Creations. Before his wedding to Katie Logan, she kisses Bill, but feels guilty about it. When Steffy realizes that Bill and Katie are treating the Forresters badly, she decides that seducing Bill might be the perfect way for her to help the Forresters regain control of the company. (B&B) 23 %
Bathtubs: Not Just For Bathing : Jackie plots to get Nick and Bridget back together, but meanwhile she and Owen have developed some feelings for each other. Against everyone's advice, they continue to see each other, and Jackie begins her seduction of the young man, in her bathtub. Owen sweeps Jackie off her feet and onto a Jet to Hawaii, where he very forcefully persuades Jackie to marry in a beach wedding. (B&B) 7 %
My Destiny, Revisited: In a civil ceremony in the Clerk's office, Brooke and Ridge once again pledge their undying love and devotion, due in part to their previous marriage being invalid because Pam filed the paperwork incorrectly. (B&B) 25 %
» Ridge Waffles Again: With Stephanie's support, Taylor decides to get him back into her arms. When Ridge goes into an emotional spiral, Taylor gives him some antidepressants, but Ridge takes the bottle from her purse and takes many more. Being half drunk, half drugged, he falls into bed with Taylor. (B&B) 42 %
Favorite Character
Brooke Logan (B&B) 25 %
» Stephanie Forrester (B&B) 36 %
Taylor Hayes (B&B) 13 %
Whip Jones (B&B) 24 %
Least Favorite Character
Brooke Logan (B&B) 16 %
Donna Logan (B&B) 21 %
Ridge Forrester (B&B) 30 %
» Steffy Forrester (B&B) 31 %
Most Memorable Moment
» They Killed Betty White!: Ann Douglas arrives in Los Angeles unannounced. As she and her daughters, Stephanie and Pam, sit on a bench near the ocean, Ann passes away. Pam breaks down, while a single tear runs down Stephanie's face. (B&B) 40 %
I Now Pronounce You Man And Horse: As Ridge and Taylor are saying their vows, a horse carrying Brooke on its back storms into house, prompting the minister to declare the couple 23 %
Listen To Your Heart: Tough business man Bill Spencer finally realizes he has finally fallen in love -- with Katie Logan. Though her family warns her that he'll break her heart, the two are married in a little park. (B&B) 17 %
Team Stephanie: After suffering a minor stroke, a depressed Stephanie resigned from Jackie M designs, feeling that she was more of a liability than an asset. The staff of Jackie M decided that they needed to show Stephanie how much she was loved and needed at the company. The men dressed up in football uniforms, and the women in cheerleader outfits, cheering S-T-E-P-H-A-N-I-E. (B&B) 19 %
Favorite On-Screen Couple or Duo
» Bill Spencer and Katie Logan (B&B) 37 %
Nick Marone and Bridget Forrester (B&B) 22 %
Owen Knight and Jackie Marone (B&B) 24 %
Ridge Forrester and Brooke Logan (B&B) 15 %
Most Missed Performer
» Betty White (Ann Douglas, B&B) 44 %
William deVry (Storm Logan, B&B) 18 %
MacKenzie Mauzy (Phoebe Forrester, B&B) 26 %
Betty White (Anne Douglas, B&B) 10 %
Outstanding Special Guest or Recurring Role
Patrick Duffy (Stephen Logan, B&B) 13 %
Daniel McVicar (Clarke Garrison, B&B) 14 %
Trigger the Horse (Himself, B&B) 9 %
» Betty White (Ann Douglas, B&B) 61 %
Outstanding Overall Performer
Texas Battle (Marcus Walton, B&B) 0 %
Sarah Brown (Sandy Sommers, B&B) 8 %
Don Diamont (Bill Spencer, B&B) 17 %
» Susan Flannery (Stephanie Forrester, B&B) 26 %
Jennifer Gareis (Donna Logan, B&B) 0 %
Winsor Harmon (Thorne Forrester, B&B) 0 %
Rick Hearst (Whip Jones, B&B) 5 %
Ashley Jones (Bridget Forrester, B&B) 3 %
Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke Logan, B&B) 12 %
Kyle Lowder (Rick Forrester, B&B) 2 %
John McCook (Eric Forrester, B&B) 0 %
Alley Mills (Pam Douglas, B&B) 2 %
Ronn Moss (Ridge Forrester, B&B) 0 %
Heather Tom (Katie Logan, B&B) 7 %
Hunter Tylo (Taylor Hayes Marone, B&B) 4 %
Jack Wagner (Nick Marone, B&B) 5 %


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