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For the Week of August 25, 2014
A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on B&B during the week of August 25, 2014. Be sure to tune in to B&B every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Hope is stunned that Liam was in Paris to meet her when she left to marry Wyatt

Wyatt is now concerned about his marriage

Wyatt warns Quinn to steer clear of Liam

An unexpected gift has Hope standing by her decision to stay in her marriage

Brooke considers forgiving Bill

Ridge's secret falls into the wrong hands

Ridge tells Brooke about his drawing impediment as a result of the accident

Brooke tells Bill about Ridge

Deacon overhears information and takes advantage of it

Deacon gives Brooke information in the hope of casting Bill in an unflattering light

Liam confronts Wyatt regarding his betrayal to Hope

Quinn and Deacon scheme to keep Bill and Brooke apart

Maya sets her sights on Rick while Caroline visits her mother

Carter is depressed over his broken engagement

Ivy is attracted to Liam

Quinn gives Wyatt a special wedding gift

Wyatt bumps into Bob Barker, and they have a smackdown

Deacon asks Hope to help him reconnect with Brooke

Forrester Creations throw a party at the Bikini Bar

Bill and Quinn keep Bill and Brooke apart

Brooke advises Bill their nuptials are off indefinitely

Hope feels guilt about her impulsive nuptials

Deacon arranges to take advantage of circumstances

Alan interacts with the people at Forrester

A sneak peek at next week
Ridge tells Katie he regrets being involved in Brooke's personal life

Brooke is caught off guard when Deacon is at her door, expecting an answer to his proposal

Caroline returns from her trip, and Rick vents about Ridge not producing new designs

Ridge's frustration grows over his inability to design, but Caroline helps him draw again

Wanting to know about Ridge's lack of progress, Rick confronts Katie

Katie reveals Ridge's secret

Quinn makes a bold confession to Bill in the hopes of winning him over as her ally

Ivy confides in Aly she has a personal motive in helping Liam get over his heartbreak

Hope overhears Ivy and confronts her

Hope has mixed feelings about Liam moving on

Down the road previews

Deacon has Brooke in mind as his prize

Liam wonders why Ivy's barbecue is all couples except for him and Ivy

Wyatt tries to charm Hope about any lingering doubts about their marriage

Maya seizes an unexpected opportunity

Liam contemplates his future with Ivy

Quinn and Deacon's plan could prove to be deadly

Maya pursues her opportunity to become a Forrester when she sees Caroline has forged a close relationship with Ridge

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