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For the Week of July 14, 2014
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on B&B during the week of July 14, 2014. Be sure to tune in to B&B every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Ivy is offered a job formerly filled by a disgraced employee - Quinn

A reversal of fortune takes place when Wyatt receives the Hope for the Future diamond

Wyatt puts a new plan in action to win back Hope

A surprising someone is tapped to help Ivy develop international contacts

Wyatt is happy to lend a hand

Hope gets an eyeful of Wyatt having fun with another woman

Oliver tells Aly the truth before Maya can

Aly is shocked and distressed by Oliver’s revelation

Darla continues to support Aly from beyond when Aly asks her mom for advice

Oliver realizes he needs to make a grand gesture to make things up to Aly

Caroline and Rick have conflicting opinions about Bill

Carter gets disquieting news about Maya and Rick

Ridge tries to remember the details of his accident as Brooke and Bill go ahead with planning a new wedding

Ridge tells Bill, Brooke and Katie who caused his accident

Justin asks Alison to help him hide his part in Ridge’s fall

Donna employs every sexy charm in her arsenal to seduce the truth from Justin

Ridge tells Bill, Brooke and Katie who caused his accident

Justin tries to conceal that he was the helicopter pilot

Brooke is torn between Bill and Ridge

A sneak peek at next week
Bill denies everything when Brooke confronts him about Ridge’s accident

A shaken Brooke agrees to marry Bill immediately

Katie inspects Bill’s financial records

Brooke is stunned when Katie tells her that Ridge’s fall wasn’t an accident

Bill’s wedding related trip to Catalina fails to go as planned

Deacon begins his own investigation into Bill’s shenanigans

Hope begins to understand why Deacon came back to Los Angeles

Deacon tries to mend fences with Brooke

Wyatt uses the windfall presented by the diamond to his advantage

Ivy learns a secret from Wyatt about Hope and her design line

Unaware of Wyatt’s scheming, Liam encourages Wyatt and Ivy’s growing friendship

Wyatt returns to Forrester bearing a special gift for Hope

Down the road previews

Brooke is pressured to cancel her wedding

Felicia returns for a visit

Wyatt and Liam continue to battle for Hope’s heart as shifting alliances aid and hamper their efforts

Liam’s world is rocked by a surprising admission from Quinn

Deacon puts Quinn in danger of losing focus on her plot

Will Deacon's fancy turn to thoughts of love?

Alan interacts with the team at Forrester

Europe brings sophisticated drama and action packed surprises as Brooke, Hope, Liam, Ivy and Wyatt travel to glamorous cities

Wedding bells ring for a lucky young couple in Monaco as summer draws to a close

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