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For the Week of April 28, 2014
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on B&B during the week of April 28, 2014. Be sure to tune in to B&B every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Liam makes Hope an unusual offer

Hope considers dating Wyatt AND Liam

Wyatt hides his anger as Hope reveals her decision

Bill gets a surprising visitor

Quinn asks Bill to do something after Wyatt tells her what happened

Hope lends her support as Liam interviews Bob Barker about animal overpopulation and rescue issues

Maya and Carter discuss her secret recording

Oliver asks Aly to keep their relationship a secret

Aly betrays Oliver and shares a secret with Caroline

Eric tells Taylor not to reach out to Aly

Bill works on his plans for a coup

Brooke tries to decide if she should act on her idea to win Spencer back for Bill

Katie’s refusal to let Bill spend more time with the baby spurs Brooke to action

Ridge makes his opinion known about Brooke and Bill’s reunion

Brooke uses desperate measures to deal with Katie

A sneak peek at next week
Quinn uses blackmail to force Bill to make Wyatt his legal son

Wyatt becomes a Spencer unawares

Liam accuses Wyatt of needing his mother to smooth his path in life

Hope and Liam are brought closer together when they adopt a kitten

Quinn makes an interesting offer to Liam

Ridge asks Katie a question on bended knee

Katie goes overboard in her dealings with Brooke

Ridge announces his engagement at Forrester

Thorne grows suspicious of the secretive relationship between his daughter and Oliver

Aly comes face to face with her mother’s killer

Down the road previews

Aly gets a nasty shock

Aly enjoys the love and support she gets from Oliver, the keeper of her deepest secrets

Taylor’s arrival with shocking news forces Aly to face her painful past

A vengeful Quinn demands that Bill give Wyatt the same consideration he does Liam

Quinn lets Bill know she wants more than just the Spencer name for Wyatt

Bill plots to keep Quinn away from Brooke by taking Brooke out of the country

Katie’s refusal to concede forces Brooke to desperate measures

Brooke and Katie’s decisions bear long term ramifications for all

Ridge and Katie try to reconcile their conflicted pasts and mutual present

Bill and Ridge’s feud expands when their young sons become part of the battlefield

Hope continues to date both Liam and Wyatt

Brooke advises Hope not to make any precipitate decisions

Quinn does everything possible to improve Wyatt’s odds

Brooke, Ridge and Bill embark on an early summer adventure in Abu Dhabi

Ridge plots to thwart Brooke and Bill’s hopes for a glamorous and exotic wedding

Deacon Sharpe returns

Will Deacon's fancy turn to thoughts of love?

Alan interacts with the team at Forrester

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