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For the Week of December 2, 2013
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on B&B during the week of December 2, 2013. Be sure to tune in to B&B every weekday to see how everything plays out.
The dinner guests are treated to Caroline and Rick’s spontaneous wedding

Caroline wishes her moms could be there

Donna is frustrated by what she notices between Quinn and Eric

Quinn experiences her own frustration with the closeness Eric shares with his flirtatious ex

Donna suspects that Quinn is hiding a secret agenda

Quinn gets territorial with Eric as Donna wonders what Quinn is really up to

Liam worries about the obvious attraction between Hope and Wyatt

Aly chides Hope about her behavior with the boys

Hope is confused by her feelings for Liam and Wyatt

Liam gives Hope an ultimatum

Bill continues to pursue Brooke despite her rejection

Brooke’s questionable loyalty hangs in the balance

Oliver returns

Wyatt, Hope and Maya participate in a HFTF photo shoot

Aly wrestles with her conscience

A decision is made that could have serious consequences

Liam vents to a crushing Aly about Hope and Wyatt’s relationship

Quinn pushes Wyatt to keep Hope and Liam apart

Wyatt concocts a plan to unite with Hope

A sneak peek at next week
Liam’s ultimatum forces Hope to make a choice

Wyatt’s celebration is dashed when he learns he and Quinn have been cut out at Forrester

To save his mother’s company, Wyatt makes Liam a heartbreaking promise

Bill pursues a wavering Brooke

Brooke struggles with her feelings for Bill and her love for her sister Katie

Katie struggles with her own complicated feelings for Bill

Hope makes a confession to her mother

Quinn plots to secure her future at Forrester

Steffy receives a phone call that alerts her to a potential opportunity with Liam

Steffy wonders if she should return to Los Angeles

Quinn gets an idea when Steffy unexpectedly visits Forrester

The prodigal son’s return brings a mixed response from his family

Ridge’s return gives Katie a unique opportunity to even the score, if she chooses to use it

Down the road previews

Steffy comes home for a visit and discovers that Hope and Liam’s relationship is in trouble

A little mouse dangles temptation, making Steffy wonder if she should interfere… or walk away

Quinn buddies up with an equally skilled schemer

Ridge’s reasons for avoiding his mother’s funeral are addressed

Bill refuses to see Ridge’s return as competition for Brooke’s love

Ridge learns about Brooke’s affair with Bill

Aly attracts some romantic attention

Little RJ returns from his European boarding school

A posh British sex kitten attracts attention when she arrives in Los Angeles

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