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For the Week of October 14, 2013
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on B&B during the week of October 14, 2013. Be sure to tune in to B&B every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Hope ends her engagement but remains torn between Wyatt and Liam

Liam accuses Wyatt of engineering the break up and begs Hope to give him another chance

Bill puts his energy into a different endeavor

Freshly engaged lovebirds Caroline and Rick have an awkward encounter with Maya and Carter

Maya tries to find Rick at the HFTF event so that she can express her love for him

Wyatt’s future could depend on a secret Quinn is hiding

Liam tries to figure out who sent the anonymous email to Hope

Rick and Eric host the viewing for the diamond

Wyatt learns the truth about what happened to Liam

Katie and Dani confront Bill about his behavior in the boardroom

Bill retaliates with a snarky prediction about Katie ruining the company

An unexpected gift inspires Brooke to try something new

Dayzee offers clarity to Maya about her situation

Marcus uses technology to get a face to face conversation with Dayzee, all the way from South Africa

Liam and Hope question one another’s decisions

Rick takes Caroline away on a surprise trip

A marriage proposal is made

A sneak peek at next week
Rick re-creates the scene of his first encounter with Caroline for a romantic proposal

Maya is heartbroken by Rick’s engagement

Hope is cornered into declaring a decision about her future

Liam is surprised to learn that Wyatt wasn’t responsible for the video snafu – it was his mother, Quinn

Quinn is confronted by an angry Liam

The partnership with Forrester is threatened

Eric is moved by Quinn’s surprising confession

Rick shares his happy news with his parents

Bill finds a precipitous new passion to fill his empty, jobless hours

Brooke takes Donna into her confidence as she worries about her relationship’s effect on Katie

Katie and Bill fight over the conditions she set in order for Bill to see the baby

Pam vows that this wedding will be unforgettable!

Wyatt and Hope mix it up with a sexy DJ and some very interesting partiers at the Bikini Bar

The sexual tension between Hope and Wyatt grows

Down the road previews

Hope opens up to Wyatt’s courtship

Quirky Charlie Webber, security guard and heist trivia expert extraordinaire, catches Pam’s eye as he guards the diamond

Thorne’s teenage daughter Alexandria returns in time for Thanksgiving

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