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For the Week of September 30, 2013
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on B&B during the week of September 30, 2013. Be sure to tune in to B&B every weekday to see how everything plays out.
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Ricardo promises to let Hope and Wyatt see his special jewel in the morning

Liam worries about Hope and Wyatt’s night in close proximity

Wyatt tells Hope that he loves her and hopes she won’t marry his brother

Hope and Wyatt come home with a big secret

Quinn continues to match make

A proposal is offered

Liam’s romantic gesture explodes in his face when he accidently copies Steffy on a romantic video he made for Hope

Steffy responds by asking Liam to make an equally sweet video for her

Liam makes another video

Hope is dismayed that the date chosen for the fashion show conflicts with her new wedding date

Liam wonders if Quinn is conspiring against him

Quinn and Wyatt are confronted about their suspicious date picking

Eric and Quinn’s attraction heats up

A confrontation with Brooke prompts Katie to change her plans for her future

Brooke and Bill’s scandalous relationship forces them to stay away from the fashion show

Carter and Caroline have a meeting of the minds

Caroline congrats her buddy on his engagement as she revels in knowing her dreams are coming true

Rick is unsettled by Maya and Carter’s presence at the show

Hope prepares to present the diamond collection at the fashion show

A sneak peek at next week
Drama at the fashion show attracts the media’s attention

All eyes are on stage as the audience waits to be wowed by the diamond collection

Liam’s Steffy-centric video falls into the wrong hands

Quinn realizes she’s got dynamite in her hands and devises a devious plot

A troubled conscience plagues Quinn

Hope reassesses her future with Liam after an anonymous email brings upsetting news

Liam wonders about the identity of the sender

Donna confronts Brooke about her feelings after she’s upset by the news of the engagement

Brooke worries about Katie learning the truth

Donna is burdened with a secret

Bill blows his stack at Katie’s board meeting

Carter announces his engagement

Rick realizes what Caroline has done for him

Oliver fills Wyatt in on the background of his failed romance with Hope

Down the road previews

Katie has a strong reaction to Brooke and Bill’s engagement

Unexpected obstacles bode ill for Hope’s wedding

Hope and Wyatt mix it up with a sexy DJ and some very interesting partiers at the Bikini Bar

A mischievous Romeo may attract the attention of a lady whose past includes romantic misfortune

Thorne’s teenage daughter Alexandria returns

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