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For the Week of August 19, 2013
A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on B&B during the week of August 19, 2013. Be sure to tune in to B&B every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Brooke steps in when Bill ignores Katie’s request

Katie blames Brooke for the destruction of her marriage

Brooke stops biting her tongue and says what she really thinks

Katie does not take kindly to Brooke’s opinion

Brooke is surprised when she returns home to find a naked Bill in her bedroom

Bill and Brooke make tender love

Bill’s choice puts his marriage and business at risk

Wyatt gets in the middle of Hope and Liam’s relationship when he finds out she’s moving in

Hope makes sure Liam knows he has competition

Wyatt takes advantage of an opportunity to score romantic points with Hope

Hope is thrilled by Wyatt’s attention

Othello returns for a visit

Jarrett’s talents come into play

Maya considers telling Rick the truth about Carter

Rafael tries to tell Caroline about Maya and Carter’s secret

Caroline’s designs are a hit with Rick, Marcus and Dayzee

Eric listens as Thorne and Thomas express their dire concerns about rebranding the line

Thorne and Thomas hope Rick gets fired when his fashion show fails to impress the press

A sneak peek at next week
Rick is devastated by a secret

Thomas and Thorne demand that Rick be given the boot

Eric decides which son will run Forrester Creations

Maya pays dearly for her mistake

Liam and Hope are overwhelmed with passion

Hope looks forward to being able to tie the knot officially

An argument with Liam over a family matter brings Hope’s hopes crashing down

Brooke’s intimate encounter with Bill leaves her feeling guilty

A shocking announcement is made

Rick turns Caroline down when she asks for a night together

Katie gives Wyatt an earful about Bill’s misbehavior

Wyatt gets into a physical altercation with his dad

Bill ensures that Wyatt pays a steep price for his disloyalty

Quinn wants Bill to stay out of Wyatt’s life

Caroline spitefully rats out Maya and Carter

Rick dumps Maya

Caroline takes advantage of an opportunity

Rick wakes up to find Caroline wearing his shirt

Caroline gloats about her relationship with Rick

Down the road previews

Brooke begs Katie to mend their family

Things heat up on the set of Room 8

Rick and Thorne engage in corporate battle

Hope and Liam’s engagement is threatened by her attraction to Wyatt

The Spencer family dynamic shifts as it becomes clear that Wyatt has far more in common with Bill than Liam does

The business pressure on Katie grows – can she effectively run Spencer Publications, or is she doomed to fall?

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