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For the Week of July 8, 2013
A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on B&B during the week of July 8, 2013. Be sure to tune in to B&B every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Bill believes his marriage will survive

Liam is baffled by Bill’s extravagant gift for Katie

Katie rebuffs Bill’s request for reconciliation by showing him divorce papers

Justin advises Bill to sign before Katie’s demands escalate

Bill goes to a surprising source for help with a personal matter

Katie refuses to let Brooke be around Will

Brooke struggles to make things right

Thomas sticks up for Taylor with Eric

Liam finds Steffy in Paris and asks for an explanation

Steffy reveals that she can no longer have children

Liam makes a choice despite his worries about Wyatt’s influence on Hope

Steffy is overwhelmed by grief

Hope and Wyatt’s relationship progresses

Maya seeks comfort from Carter when Rick disses her work

Wyatt’s mother arrives in town

Quinn and Hope are unable to overcome their suspicions of one another

Suspicions about Wyatt’s past motivate Hope to make a big request

Wyatt introduces Hope to his mother

Karen surprises her daughter with a visit

Katie is comforted by Karen

Bill and Caroline are equally uncomfortable with Karen’s presence

A sneak peek at next week
Karen and Katie kick Bill out as Spencer CEO

Bill is stunned when a vengeful Katie takes over the company

Liam regrets his passivity with Katie

Katie blasts Liam for playing Hope and Steffy against each other

Hope follows her instinct and continues to ask questions about Wyatt and Quinn’s secrets

Liam tells Hope why Steffy fled from Los Angeles

Hope tells Liam she won’t share him with Steffy

Quinn plots to keep Hope away from Wyatt

Maya and Carter grow closer

Carter hopes his feelings for Maya are reciprocated

Caroline manipulates Rick’s feelings about Maya’s fidelity

Brooke freaks out when the press pursues her scandal

Eric and Donna plot to bring Katie and Brooke back together

Alison redecorates

Down the road previews

Hope and Liam’s engagement is threatened by her attraction to Wyatt

Bill refuses to give in

The truth about who Wyatt is and where he came from is revealed

Quinn and Wyatt’s secrets threaten upheaval for a surprising family

As Bill and Katie’s marriage founders, Brooke and Bill find themselves tempted in Monaco

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