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For the Week of May 27, 2013
A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on B&B during the week of May 27, 2013. Be sure to tune in to B&B every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Ignorance is bliss for Taylor, whose confidence in Eric may be misplaced

Brookeís agenda makes progress

Eric is torn between his commitment to Taylor and his longstanding habits with Brooke

Brooke cranks up the pressure with a compelling proposition

Eric finds himself face to face with Brookeís powerful skills of seduction

Brooke reasons that she, Eric and the baby will be a perfect family together

Ericís wiggle room narrows considerably

Steffy and Hope meet for the first time since the accident

Tensions rise between Steffy and Hope

Steffy reveals her anger to Hope

Billís threats put Maya in a tough situation

Maya sadly decides that she should break up with Rick to protect him from scandal

Hope tries to win Liam back

Liam approaches Bill with a shocking confession

Bill counsels Liam about living up to the family name

Donna agrees to lend Brooke a hand

Bill gets a shock when Donna tells him she knows his secret

Brookeís confession gets Billís attention

Taylor apologizes to Bill for making unseemly accusations

Billís moment of enjoyment swiftly passes when Taylor surprises him with a new rumor about Brookeís love life

Brooke plays the seduction card with Eric

Allison delivers a graphic warning to Maya

Maya worries about Billís threats

Carter commits to a risky move for the sake of love

Maya gets help fighting back from Carter

Brooke and Bill resist temptation

A sneak peek at next week
Taylorís gossip prompts Bill to make a confession

Brooke is conflicted when Bill admits his jealousy

Bill and Brooke share a hug

Brooke worries that her growing pregnancy is becoming obvious

Bill wonders why Brooke refuses to model her bedroom line

Eric urges Brooke to tell Bill the truth and spare him from filling in as her babydaddy

Maya confronts Bill

Billís retaliation drives Maya to end her relationship with Rick

Caroline tells Rick that Maya did him a favor

Hope advises Liam against it when Steffy asks to try for another baby

A one-time enemyís secret is shared with Katie

Katie gives an emotional Steffy her support as Steffy tries to cope with her loss

Down the road previews
Katie and Bill focus on resurrecting their marriage

Brooke vows to protect Katie from the heartbreaking truth

Bill and Katie are stunned by Taylorís news of Brookeís new lover

Liam tries to comfort his disconsolate wife

Steffy and Liamís marriage struggles to stay on track

The Spencer and Forrester families reach out to support the grieving couple

Hope is tormented by feelings of conflict

A naked man in the woods catches Hopeís attention

Wyatt pursues Hope in hopes of deleting an embarrassing photo

Hope is intrigued when Wyatt arrives in LA with his mother, Quinn

Wyatt fails to accept Liamís boundaries

Quinn and Wyattís secrets threaten to rock Los Angeles

Maya is infuriated when she catches Rick and Caroline together

Carter finally gets a date with Maya

Rick discovers the truth and takes revenge on Bill and Caroline

A furious Caroline concocts a new plot by hiring producer Rafael to create a star making web series for Maya

One of the Spencer women rejoins her family

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