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For the Week of May 6, 2013
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on B&B during the week of May 6, 2013. Be sure to tune in to B&B every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Caroline arranges a fashion show to benefit cancer victims

Carter, Marcus, Oliver, Thomas and Rick model men’s boudoir fashions

Rick’s behavior throws Maya for a loop

Maya seeks out Carter’s emotional support

Brooke faces her problems

Caroline goes to Bill for help

Bill voices qualms about Maya’s unsavory history

Caroline is thrilled by Bill’s support

Bill asks Justin and Alison to look into Maya’s past

Justin’s digging puts Maya at risk

Bill gives Maya an ultimatum

Maya resists Bill’s implicit offer to “do the right thing”

Brooke admits that she’s in love with Bill

Donna becomes frustrated with Brooke

Donna tries to understand Brooke’s propensity for making the same mistakes over and over

Brooke seeks out Eric’s support, but is leery of admitting everything

Oliver and Thomas try to cheer Hope up with a party at the beach house

Steffy arrives, unaware of Hope’s presence

Hope’s broken heart is wounded by Steffy’s happiness

The situation grows increasingly awkward

Bill’s guilty conscience pains him when Katie apologizes for making insinuations about Brooke

Brooke’s own guilt causes a panic attack

Taylor worries about Brooke’s reliance on Eric

Liam and Bill have a bonding moment

A sneak peek at next week
Hope tells Brooke that she’s not ready to move on with Oliver

Brooke sulks over her own romance woes

A doting Liam sets up a romantic evening for his bride

Rick tries to break things off with Caroline

Caroline refuses to admit it’s over

Bill promises Caroline that Spencers always win

Thomas listens as Hope explains her reasons for extending an olive branch to Steffy

Bill arranges for Maya to run into Jesse, hopeful that she’ll end up back in jail

Caroline and Jesse are both discomfited by the depth of Rick’s feelings for Maya

Jesse and Caroline’s goals intersect

Brooke leans on Eric for support

Steffy’s happiness weighs on Hope

Brooke makes a new plan

Down the road previews
Brooke gets a call from Bridget

Bridget’s timely visits gives Brooke an opportunity to fine tune her new plan

Hope decides to move on as moving on becomes her only option

Brooke’s life goes down a very unexpected path

Two lives are changed forever by a chain of unexpected events

A new life begins as another life ends

Hope, Liam and Steffy’s hopes and dreams are thrown for a loop by a wrenching twist

Liam ponders a question

Brooke struggles with the dark secret that weighs on her soul

Bill does his best to ignore his feelings for Brooke for the sake of his marriage to Katie

Rick and Maya’s love affair is threatened by her past

Jesse looks for salvation in putting his romance with Maya back together

Caroline involves her nefarious uncle in a fashion show designed to undermine her romantic rival

Bill brings Maya’s villainous babydaddy, Jesse, to town

Jesse’s jealousy casts a dark shadow on Maya’s relationship with Rick

A self assured, edgy young man arrives in Los Angeles

Forrester Fashions gets a shakeup courtesy of charming, flamboyant Rafael

Beautiful Julie Spencer joins her family

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