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For the Week of April 22, 2013
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on B&B during the week of April 22, 2013. Be sure to tune in to B&B every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Sadness over Ridge’s absence bonds Taylor, Thomas and Steffy together

Hope’s flashbacks lead to second guessing her good intentions

The wedding ceremony is threatened by Hope’s scheming

Hope heads to Eric’s house to stop the wedding

Steffy joins Liam as singer Julia Michaels serenades the happy couple

Hope makes a decision as common sense and romantic impulse collide

Liam makes his vows despite his thoughts of his lost love

A heartbroken Hope is comforted by Oliver

Hope ponders a positive opportunity

Oliver points Hope down a different path

Caroline employs Carter as an agent to sandbag Maya

Katie gets some positive health news from Dr. Meade

Bill recommits to his marriage and plans to make the most of it

Rick makes an important announcement about the business

Caroline is less than thrilled by Rick’s plan

Brooke vows to forever put aside her feelings for Bill

Katie gets some advice from Brooke on how to reignite her marriage

Bill touches Katie’s heart with a romantic gift

Taylor eavesdrops as Lt. Baker’s investigation progresses

Brooke is questioned

A sneak peek at next week
Brooke and Taylor’s argument is interrupted by Eric

Eric’s defense of Brooke leaves Taylor doubting his loyalty

A medical diagnosis leaves Brooke feeling sucker punched

An emotional Brooke looks to Eric for comfort

Steffy and Liam ignore the negative comments about their marriage as they focus on choosing a name for their baby

Hope and Steffy have an awkward encounter

Rick fills Maya in on the details for the campaign

Caroline seeks a roster of sexy men to fulfill a specific purpose

Maya is unsettled by Caroline’s behavior

A bitter rival forces Donna to take a stand

Donna learns a shocking secret about one of her sisters

Bill does his best to prove his love for Katie

Down the road previews
Taylor ponders her options as she realizes she overheard something very important

Brooke’s life goes down a very unexpected path

Two lives are changed forever by a chain of unexpected events

A new life begins as another life ends

Hope, Liam and Steffy’s hopes and dreams are thrown for a loop by a surprising twist

Liam ponders a question

Brooke struggles with the dark secret that weighs on her soul

Bridget’s timely visits gives Brooke an opportunity to form a new plan

Bill does his best to ignore his feelings for Brooke for the sake of his marriage to Katie

Rick and Maya’s love affair is threatened by her past

Caroline involves her nefarious uncle in a fashion show designed to undermine her romantic rival

Bill brings Maya’s villainous babydaddy, Jesse, to town

Jesse’s jealousy casts a dark shadow on Maya’s relationship with Rick

Forrester Fashions gets a shake up courtesy of charming, alluring Rafael

Competition escalates as a handsome man and a beautiful young woman arrive to tempt the lovelorn locals

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