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For the Week of March 18, 2013
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on B&B during the week of March 18, 2013. Be sure to tune in to B&B every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Brooke celebrates her return to the fashion business with Rick and Bill

Taylor warns Katie about Brooke and Bill’s relationship

Caroline makes a seductive play for Rick’s attention

Rick’s inattentiveness annoys Caroline

Caroline confronts Rick

Rick loses his temper with Taylor

Bill and Brooke re-launch Brooke’s Bedroom

Eric gives the endeavor his thumbs up

Taylor angrily seeks out Katie to warn her about her sister and her husband

Katie catches Bill and Brooke in the midst of their drunken celebration

Hijinks ensue

Maya finds out who her mysterious friend is and tells Dayzee it’s Rick

A shocked Dayzee is unenthusiastic about the potential pairing

Dayzee tries to use her position to control Maya

Maya’s interest in Rick continues

Dayzee mulls over the consequences for Caroline

Brooke and Bill’s relationship attracts attention

Katie worries about the health of her marriage

Caroline grows desperate to recapture Rick’s feelings

Thomas and Rick’s rivalry escalates

A sneak peek at next week
Rick goes to war with Taylor in retaliation for Taylor’s war with Brooke

Taylor counsels Katie to beware of Brooke and Bill’s relationship

Katie’s insecurities grow

Brooke supports Bill as Bill starts drinking heavily again

Bill opens up to Brooke

Maya pushes her feelings for Rick aside and decides to date Carter

Dayzee tells Caroline about Maya’s feelings for Rick

Caroline puts two and two together and forms a plan

Dayzee worries that Maya is never going to move on

Taylor and Eric have a dinner party that turns sour

Maya is hurt when she sees Rick with Caroline

Caroline tells Maya to back off

Hope sadly decides think positively about the pregnancy

Liam and Steffy are delighted by their baby’s kicks

Down the road previews
Katie worries about her marriage’s destiny

Caroline has a strong reaction to Rick’s extracurricular activity

Liam remains conflicted

Maya overcomes tragedy with the help of unexpected love

Eric and Taylor find their path to happiness together is full of obstacles

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