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For the Week of February 25, 2013
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on B&B during the week of February 25, 2013. Be sure to tune in to B&B every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Steffy tells Liam that stopping his wedding was a factor in her decision to tell him about the baby

Hope urges Liam to follow his heart wherever it leads

Liam realizes he must do the right thing

After thinking it over, Liam chooses Steffy

Hope is heartbroken

Oliver comforts Hope by sharing a long held secret

Bill tries to get Brooke to accept Liam’s decision

Taylor and Bill bond over their grandchild

Bill tells Brooke she should press for a promotion at work

Eric kisses Taylor and lavishes her with sexy gifts

Taylor is surprised to learn that Stephanie and Eric’s relationship was no longer physical

Brooke catches Taylor and Eric at a delicate moment and confronts Taylor about using Eric to achieve her goals

Taylor tells Brooke that it doesn’t matter what people think – she and Eric are together

Eric embraces the concept of moving on and decides Stephanie would approve

Steffy is soothed by Bill’s support

Rick’s philanthropy takes him in a new direction

Maya meets Rick, unaware that he’s a Forrester

Sparks fly as Rick and Maya get to know each other

Caroline is discomfited by Maya and Rick’s apparent closeness

Oliver’s vulnerability is revealed when he tells Hope how he feels about her

A sneak peek at next week
Caroline’s untimely interruption puts the brakes on Rick’s intimacy with Maya

Taylor and Eric’s special evening ends up with Taylor moving in

Bill warns Brooke of Taylor’s new living arrangements and encourages her to step it up

Brooke stakes a claim on her position at Forrester

Steffy worries that Liam was influenced to choose her by her pregnancy

Brooke is stunned by Hope’s request for a favor from Liam

Bill pulls out all the stops for the mother of his grandchild

Steffy finds herself the beneficiary of Bill’s over the top support

Katie neglects her marriage for her baby

Carter receives an offer that will keep him in Los Angeles

Down the road previews
Taylor’s tactics raise opposition from new quarters

Liam remains conflicted

Taylor and Brooke do whatever they can to improve the odds

The meddling moms add more complications than solutions

The unexpected end result shocks everyone

Maya overcomes tragedy with the help of unexpected love

Rick hopes to find a way to get rid of Thomas

Thomas’s unhappiness at his situation at work and in the family grows

Rick and Thomas find themselves unable to agree on anything

Thomas and Taylor work together to protect their interests

Eric and Taylor find their path to happiness together is full of obstacles

Taylor gains power at Forrester through Eric’s feelings for her

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