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For the Week of January 28, 2013
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on B&B during the week of January 28, 2013. Be sure to tune in to B&B every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Hope takes advantage of Steffy’s absence

Liam finds himself the object of a full court press

Hope tells Liam that he should be living with her, not Steffy

Liam is turned on but not ready to make a commitment

Hope is disappointed by Liam’s continued waffling

A heated discussion with Brooke almost provokes Taylor into revealing Steffy’s secret

Taylor grows increasingly frustrated by the chaos affecting her family

Eric listens as Taylor pours her heart out

Taylor asks Eric to protect her children’s interests

Eric and Taylor explore their mutual common ground

Brooke makes a promise about Katie to Hope

Rick and Thomas’s argument is interrupted by Eric

Thomas decides to move to Paris

Eric smoothes the waters

Thomas agrees to stay in Los Angeles

A beautiful woman catches Thomas’s eye

Dayzee grows increasingly uncomfortable with Maya

Maya and Dayzee end up in a predicament

Taylor expresses her gratitude towards Eric

Steffy comes home to tell Liam about their baby

Bill is conflicted by his feelings for his wife… and her sister

Marcus’s brother Carter arrives in town

Carter is introduced to Marcus’s family

Hope tells Rick about the latest developments in her love affair with Liam

Brooke tells Liam that he should choose Hope

A sneak peek at next week
Steffy gives Liam an ultimatum

Liam is oblivious to the hidden message in Steffy’s words

Steffy is shocked by Liam’s decision

Liam asks Steffy to move out so that he has space to think

Steffy continues to conceal her pregnancy

Bill recognizes the pointlessness of his machinations

Taylor advises Steffy to tell Liam the truth

Brooke pushes Liam to choose Hope

Taylor loses her temper with Brooke, revealing decades of pent up fury

Bill tells Brooke that Taylor shouldn’t be underestimated

Eric and Taylor’s new relationship continues

Rick is infuriated by Eric’s decision to make Thomas the second in command at Forrester

Thomas turns a cold shoulder to Hope

Dayzee’s past with Maya interferes with her marriage

Down the road previews
Valentine’s Day brings unhappiness

Brooke and Taylor find themselves in an increasingly oppositional struggle

Taylor promises to win this war for the sake of her children

Bill backs Brooke to the hilt

Brooke refuses to back down

Katie watches Bill and Brooke with complicated emotions

Liam is more conflicted than ever when it comes to making a decision about his love life

Hope and Steffy express their confidence in Liam’s final choice

Taylor and Brooke do whatever they can to improve the odds

The meddling moms add more complications than solutions

The unexpected end result shocks everyone

Maya continues to press Dayzee for answers about her missing baby

Dayzee tries to hide her problems from Marcus

Maya’s tactics leave Dayzee stressed and anxious

Marcus and Carter try to figure out what Dayzee is hiding

Circumstances force Dayzee to tell the truth

Maya overcomes tragedy with the help of unexpected love

Rick hopes to find a way to get rid of Thomas

Thomas’s unhappiness at his situation at work and in the family grows

Rick and Thomas find themselves unable to agree on anything

Thomas and Taylor work together to protect their interests

Romance blooms between Taylor and Eric

Eric and Taylor find their path to happiness together is full of obstacles

Taylor gains power at Forrester through Eric’s feelings for her

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