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For the Week of December 31, 2012
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on B&B during the week of December 31, 2012. Be sure to tune in to B&B every weekday to see how everything plays out.
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Caroline tries to assure Bill that she kept his secret

A drunken Bill loses his temper when Caroline admits that Hope probably knows the truth

Bill breaks Caroline’s heart with cruel, hurtful words

An accident puts Caroline in the hospital

Bill is suspected of foul play

Dani and Karen look for answers

An unconscious Caroline is unable to bring clarity to the situation

Brooke and Katie worry about Bill’s drunken raging

Katie concludes that Bill has a drinking problem

Bill tries to establish his innocence

Hope tells Bill that he’ll make it through this

Allison helps Bill chill out by adding booze to his coffee

Katie’s suspicions are confirmed when she sees Allison’s little pick me up

Bill insists that he doesn’t have a problem and Katie is just hyper sensitive

Katie, Taylor, Dani, Karen and Brooke confront Bill about his drinking

Bill accuses Katie of changing the ground rules about something he’s always done

Rick accuses Bill of hurting Caroline

Liam has it out with Rick about the lie that changed his life

An angry, hurt Caroline wakes up

Caroline’s emotions run amok

Hope makes a New Year’s Resolution to make things right with Liam

A panicked Steffy begs Liam to stay with her

Hope asks Liam for his answer

Liam makes a choice on New Year’s Eve

Rick gets punched

A heart is broken

Steffy improves her tactics

A sneak peek at next week
Bill’s mistakes come home to roost

The Spencers and Logans gather to confront Bill

Hope looks for a way to get even

Bill tries to explain himself to Hope

Hope spurns Bill’s explanation

Steffy grills Liam about the state of their relationship

Hope tells Liam what Bill did to ruin their Italian wedding

Liam is dismayed

Bill realizes that Liam will be angry with him

Dayzee and Hope discuss Marcus

Hope tells Bill what she thinks of him

Bill promises to stop interfering with Liam’s life

Secret schemes occupy Bill’s thoughts

Hope decides to take advantage of Steffy’s trip abroad

Rick and Thomas battle for the big chair at Forrester

Taylor and Brooke’s motherly pride influences their opinions

Eric gains support from a feminine admirer

Down the road previews
Hope and Steffy fight for Liam’s heart

Steffy is outraged by her rival’s new and improved tactics

Maya, an acquaintance from Dayzee’s past in the shelter turns up with a new life

Dayzee is unhappy to see Maya

Meanwhile, Marcus’s adoptive brother arrives in Los Angeles

Dayzee and Marcus’s marriage is tested by the complications Maya brings

Brooke fights her attraction to Bill out of respect for her sister

Bill is tormented by temptation

Katie and Bill’s marriage hits another rough patch

Brooke sees Bill as a seductive, strong man

Katie perceives her husband’s potential to rise above his base impulses

Bill considers the path he must take

Rick and Thomas fight for Eric’s approval and support

Brooke and Taylor battle one another for their children’s happiness

Taylor regains her assertiveness and builds a position of power in the family

Brooke takes a stand for her children and their dreams

Taylor reacts to the hurt she felt when Stephanie chose Brooke in the end

Caroline is caught between Rick and Thomas

Eric finds himself the target of feminine attention from Donna and Pam

Donna and Pam find themselves with unexpected rivals

Ridge returns to a landscape that has changed dramatically while he was away

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