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For the Week of December 24, 2012
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on B&B during the week of December 24, 2012. Be sure to tune in to B&B every weekday to see how everything plays out.
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The Forresters gather to celebrate Christmas

Kristen and Tony arrive for the holiday

Eric’s absence raises questions

Pam tries to reassure everyone

Eric takes a private box at the theater and enjoys a special performance

Memories comfort Eric

The family thinks about how much Eric is hurting as they remember Stephanie

Eric settles in for a lonely, grief stricken holiday

A spirit reaches out to bring peace to Pam

The Forresters' Christmas does not go as planned

The Logans come together to make a special meal

Brooke worries about Ridge possible coming home for Christmas

Thorne shocks Brooke with unexpected news

Brooke and Taylor continue to bicker about their girls

Hope grows confident that Liam will choose her

Steffy learns about Rick’s confession

Hope stands up for herself when Steffy tells her to back off

An argument ensues

Hope grows more determined than ever to win Liam back

Brooke sets up a private meeting with Bill

Bill confronts Caroline about her betrayal

Caroline is threatened

Katie witnesses Bill’s meltdown and wonders if alcohol is a factor

Hope asks Liam if they can be together again

Katie worries about her husband

A sneak peek at next week
An accident puts Caroline in the hospital

Bill is suspected of foul play

Dani and Karen look for answers

Brooke and Katie worry about Bill’s drunken raging

Bill tries to establish his innocence

Hope tells Bill that he’ll make it through this

Allison helps Bill out with a little pick me up

Rick accuses Bill of hurting Caroline

Liam has it out with Rick about the lie that changed his life

Hope makes a New Year’s Resolution to make things right with Liam

Steffy begs Liam to stay with her

Hope asks Liam for his answer

Liam makes a decision

A heart is broken

Steffy improves her tactics

Down the road previews
Liam makes a choice on New Year’s Eve

Dani and Karen return

Steffy and Hope fight for Liam’s heart

Hope vows to make things right again for her and Liam

Steffy is outraged by her rival’s new and improved tactics

Maya, an acquaintance from Dayzee’s past in the shelter turns up with a new life

Dayzee is unhappy to see Maya

Meanwhile, Marcus’s adoptive brother arrives in Los Angeles

Dayzee and Marcus’s marriage is tested by the complications Maya brings

Brooke fights her attraction to Bill out of respect for her sister

Bill is tormented by temptation

Katie and Bill’s marriage hits another rough patch

Brooke sees Bill as a seductive, strong man

Katie perceives her husband’s potential to rise above his base impulses

Bill considers the path he must take

Rick and Thomas fight for Eric’s approval and support

Brooke and Taylor battle one another for their children’s happiness

Taylor regains her assertiveness and builds a position of power in the family

Brooke takes a stand for her children and their dreams

Taylor reacts to the hurt she felt when Stephanie chose Brooke in the end

Caroline is caught between Rick and Thomas

Eric finds himself the target of feminine attention from Donna and Pam

Donna and Pam find themselves with unexpected rivals

Ridge returns to a landscape that has changed dramatically while he was away

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