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For the Week of December 10, 2012
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on B&B during the week of December 10, 2012. Be sure to tune in to B&B every weekday to see how everything plays out.
The Forresters gather for a meeting

Eric plays the DVD Stephanie made for the family

Stephanie’s shocking final wishes are revealed

The Forresters are stunned by Stephanie’s post-mortem about face

In the DVD, Stephanie admits that giving Thomas her shares was just a manipulative ploy

Stephanie reveals that in reality, she left her shares to Eric

Eric is pleased and touched

Rick is thrilled to have control swept away from Thomas

Thomas seeks a lawyer to protect his interests

CEO Eric decides a fashion show showdown will decide who should run Forrester in a healthy way

Brooke believes she, Rick, and Hope will win

Taylor fervently supports Thomas and Steffy

Eric asks for each team to develop an entire line with a business and promotion plan

The winner will be named president of Forrester Creations

Caroline tells the wrong person the truth

Thomas loses his temper after catching Rick and Caroline in a private moment

Eric and Brooke share memories of Stephanie

Thomas vows to win

Taylor overhears a secret that could crush Bill’s hopes for a peaceful future

Bill watches his suddenly healthy wife with trepidation

Katie insists that she’s feeling great

Bill’s tension rises as Katie’s giddiness and his guilt weigh on him

Brooke and Bill pretend everything’s fine in front of Katie

Bill hopes Brooke will keep their kiss a secret

Katie startles Brooke and Bill when she tells them she pushed them together

Rick and Thomas duke it out via their designs

Taylor tells Katie that Brooke and Bill kissed

Katie wonders what Taylor’s motivation really is

Taylor advises Bill to stay away from Katie and her fragile emotions

Bill gets suspicious about Taylor

Liam tells Hope that it’s too late… he’s moved on

Steffy is caught off guard by Hope’s feelings for Liam

A sneak peek at next week
Brooke’s guilt drives her to tell Katie the truth about the kiss

Bill expresses his anger at Taylor for insinuating that he and Brooke had an affair

Taylor and Brooke’s feud comes to a boil

Brooke hold Taylor accountable for meddling

Katie forgives Bill

Thomas and Rick wonder who won the fashion show down

Hope’s heartbreak makes Rick feel guilty

Rick tells Brooke that he intends to come clean to Hope

Hope tells Liam about Rick’s lies and apologizes for her failure to trust

Steffy smugly looks forward to a happy future with Liam

Caroline lectures Steffy

Steffy responds with a threat

Bill worries about who Caroline might talk to next

Katie overhears Bill’s conversation with Caroline

Bill’s attitude upsets Katie

Down the road previews
Hope learns the truth about how far Bill went to keep her and Liam apart

Steffy and Hope fight for Liam’s heart

Hope vows to make things right again for her and Liam

Maya, an acquaintance from Dayzee’s past in the shelter turns up with a new life

Dayzee is unhappy to see Maya

Meanwhile, Marcus’s adoptive brother arrives in Los Angeles

A young Latina executive shakes things up on the business front

Brooke fights her attraction to Bill out of respect for her sister

Katie and Bill’s marriage hits another rough patch

Taylor and Brooke battle one another for their children’s happiness

Eric finds himself the target of feminine attention

Ridge returns to a landscape that has changed dramatically while he was away

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