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For the Week of October 15, 2012
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on B&B during the week of October 15, 2012. Be sure to tune in to B&B every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Brooke tells Rick and Hope why Ridge didn’t come home

Brooke begs Ridge for another chance

Thomas taunts his subordinates with his power at Forrester

Eric steps in when he realizes that Thomas is foundering

Thomas worries that he’s in danger of losing the job

Eric warns Thomas to knock it off or Eric will take over

Eric is thrilled to be back at work

Donna realizes that Thomas is really scared to death of failing

Thomas is taken aback by Donna’s advice

Caroline spurns Thomas

Bill asks Taylor for a pretty big favor

Katie tries desperately to bond with baby Will

Bill worries when Katie begins to think she die before being a good mom

Brooke advises Bill to ask Taylor for help

Katie worries that Bill will be a terrible single parent

Taylor meets with Katie and Bill and offers to counsel Katie

Katie discusses her fear of failing her baby, and her lack of faith in her husband

Brooke and Taylor are surprised by Thomas’s new attitude

Steffy and Liam are outed as a couple

Rick’s guilty feelings about Liam and Hope send him down a new path

Brooke gets a reality check from Stephanie

Stephanie is forced to make a choice

A sneak peek at next week
Stephanie begins the arduous task of telling friends and family about her diagnosis

A grand party is planned

Stephanie sets out to live what’s left of her life to the fullest

Thorne is devastated by Stephanie’s terminal diagnosis

Steffy seeks Liam’s support

Invitations are given to the special people in Stephanie’s life

One by one, Stephanie delivers her bad news and invites all to her party

Donna refuses to cede ground to her rival

Brooke struggles to help Katie connect with Baby Will

Katie remembers Taylor’s advice

Bill is shocked when Katie speaks her mind

Dr. Meade and Taylor try to convince Katie that her worries are groundless

Ridge sends Brooke a devastating email

Thorne resents Eric’s decision to take control of Forrester

Rick tells an unnerved Caroline the truth about what he did to Hope and Liam

Caroline continues to spurn an increasingly angry Thomas

Stephanie is touched by Dayzee and Marcus’s support

Down the road previews
Taylor’s confidence is shaken by an unpredictable outcome

Tragedy brings Brooke and Taylor together in support of a mutual loved one

Stephanie remembers Ann and Sally

Pam falls apart

Stephanie’s blow out party becomes a must attend event with celebrity entertainment

Kristen and Felicia come home

Everyone wonders if Ridge will come home for his mother’s farewell

Stephanie hides her fear of the unknown

A medical issue worries Brooke

Brooke keeps her condition secret

A new man opens up intriguing possibilities for Brooke

A pregnancy threatens to topple a surprising relationship

Ridge returns to a landscape that has changed dramatically while he was away

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