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For the Week of August 13, 2012
A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on B&B during the week of August 13, 2012. Be sure to tune in to B&B every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Ridge and Taylorís thoughts turn tender as their walk down memory lane continues

Katie asks Bill some pointed questions about Deaconís appearance in Italy

Bill insists he has no idea where Deacon is

Katie has a hard time believing that Deaconís appearance was a coincidence

Bill offers to find Deacon and ask him how he found out about the wedding

Steffy learns when Hope and Liam have scheduled their ďdo overĒ wedding

Liam tries to withstand temptation when Steffy and Ramona take him out for a night on the town

Steffy hopes to show Liam exactly what heíll be missing out on if he marries Hope

Liamís night club anxiety is treated with a couple of shots

Steffyís awesome DJ skills bring out the wild man in Liam

Liam has a blast

Steffy hopes she proved her point

A hung over Liam wakes up on a hotel rooftop with Steffy

Liam is unable to remember his bachelor party

Steffy is quite pleased with the results of her escapade

Stephanie has a sudden health scare

Hope stays with Stephanie instead of meeting Liam

Liam makes dinner for Hope as planned

Hopeís failure to arrive convinces Liam that she stood him up again

Liam furiously returns to the club where he had so much fun the night before

Steffy arrives to find Liam in a compromising situation

Liam and Steffy have another wild night together

Steffy advises Liam to dump Hope

The wedding guests assemble for another groom-less wedding

Brooke suspects her dastardly nemesis, Stephanie

Thomas finds himself getting comfortable hanging out with Caroline and Danielle

Caroline and Thomas grow closer

Liamís regrets overwhelm him as he reflects on his latest misbehavior with Steffy

A sneak peek at next week
Thorne observes his familyís abject dysfunction

Liamís new look shocks the Forrester and Spencer families

Hope is enraged by Liamís bachelor party guest list

Steffy is treated to another tirade from her long suffering rival

Hope accuses Steffy of masterminding Liamís makeover

Bill decides to tighten up parental control on his wayward, incompetent son

Hope tells Steffy that theyíre not friends anymore

Liam gets a lecture from his fed up bride

Caroline finds Rickís big brother act admirable

Rick threatens Liam

Thomas is taken aback when Rick suggests that now is a good time to hit on Hope

Thomas remembers the good times with Hope

Rick plots to break up Hope and Liam

Hope digs her heels in and refuses to re-marry Liam

Thomas seizes an opportunity

Taylor leans on Thorne for support as Steffyís antics cause a ruckus

Liam gives Brooke his word

Down the road previews
Steffy embarks on a quest to win Liam for once and all

Liamís attraction to a certain bad girl grows

Steffy manipulates Hopeís life

A new man shakes things up for the ladies of Los Angeles

Brooke hopes that Deacon stays MIA, but Deacon may have other ideas

A pregnancy threatens to topple a surprising relationship

With Amber sidelined, Rickís attractions have the potential to threaten Thomasís relationship with Caroline

Rick continues to purse Caroline

Stephanie and Eric revel in their own new-found happiness as health trouble looms on the horizon

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