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For the Week of July 23, 2012
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on B&B during the week of July 23, 2012. Be sure to tune in to B&B every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Dayzee and Marcus’ wedding is attended by two uninvited guests

Marcus takes steps to prevent someone from spoiling his wedding with the truth about his secret

Stephanie and Eric find themselves taken aback

After they’re safely wed, Marcus confesses his secret to Dayzee

The newlywed’s honeymoon comes to a sudden end

Lovelorn Thomas finds himself in a quandary

Rick finds a weak spot in Caroline’s defenses

Donna and Stephanie join forces to support Marcus

Ridge finds the infamous video and is horrified to see his baby girl’s intimate encounter

Ridge worries about the effect of Liam’s wishy washy behavior on his other daughter, Hope

Brooke gives Ridge some surprising advice

Ridge is forced to acknowledge the similarities between Liam’s behavior and his own

Brooke worries that Hope might see the video

Ridge decides to support his daughter Steffy

Brooke and Ridge take steps to shield Hope from further pain

Steffy treats Liam to a surprise visit

Liam mourns his loss when Steffy says good bye

Brooke tries and fails to protect her daughter

Bill learns new information about Steffy and Liam

Hope confronts her husband and his on again, off again paramour

Brooke, Ridge and Taylor anxiously await news about the kids

Hope is devastated by Liam and Steffy’s sexy time video

A sneak peek at next week
Dayzee wonders if she and her new husband still have a future together

Marcus comforts his heartbroken bride

Steffy taunts Brooke

A potentially meaningless apology is tendered

Liam tries and fails to make things right with Hope

Hope rips up her wedding papers

Taylor and Ridge take Bill to task for his manipulations

Brooke explains the concept of giving yourself up to fate to her troubled son-in-law

Taylor asks Brooke for a major concession

Hope offers Liam to Steffy

Steffy’s reply infuriates Hope

Taylor expresses pride in Steffy for putting someone else first

Brooke suspects Steffy of ulterior motives

Hope’s decision about her marriage worries Brooke

Brooke tells Hope that she’s leaving too much wiggle room for Steffy

Down the road previews
Steffy and Hope’s relationship takes a turn for the worse

Dayzee finds herself with a troubling decision to make

Brooke hopes that Deacon stays MIA, but Deacon may have other ideas

A pregnancy threatens to topple a surprising relationship

With Amber sidelined, Rick’s attractions have the potential to threaten Thomas’s relationship with Caroline

Liam is unable to stop dwelling on the road not travelled

Hope and Liam’s happiness wavers

Stephanie and Eric revel in their own new-found happiness as health trouble looms on the horizon

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