Joe Carlino
Actor History
Joseph Barbara (10 February 1995 - 25 June 1999)
Also Known As
Joseph Anthony Carlino (full name)
Joey (familial nickname)
Owner of Carlino's restaurant
Bay City Police Captain
Private Investigator
New York City Police Officer
Resides At
Bay City
Marital Status
Married (Paulina Cory)
Past Marriages
Eddie Carlino (father)
Rose Carlino (mother) [deceased]
Sofia Carlino (sister)
Anthony 'Tony' Carlino (cousin)
Giuseppe Carlino (grandfather)
Numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins
Dante Carlino (son; with Paulina)
Flings & Affairs
Nancy McGowan
Crimes Committed
Brief Character History

Joe grew up in Bay City with his father, mother, and father. The rest of his family lived in Italy. When Joe first appeared on the scene, Joe opened up a detective agency with Frankie Frame. Joe investigated Jake's death for Paulina, his bride-to-be. Joe fell in love with Paulina and eventually asked her to be his wife. She accepted. However, Jake returned to Bay City to claim his wife, but Paulina chose Joe.

However when that venture did not pan out, Joe became a detective at the Bay City Police Department. Joe and Paulina conceived a child and were married later. Joe became the police captain after the current one, Gabe, was killed. Joe's marriage to Paulina took a blow when Paulina felt inadequate about her weight. Joe was furious with Paulina when she was addicted to diet pills and alcohol. Currently, Joe is separated from Paulina because he believes that Paulina started the fire that burned down his childhood house. However, after Cindy helped Joe prove that Paulina wasn't responsible, Joe and Paulina have rekindled their marriage.

Joe went undercover to expose the commissioner who shot Gabe. Joe killed the commissioner when he took Paulina and Rachel hostaged. Joe has only been shot once and that was by Denny Beck.

When Paulina took in orphan Remy off the streets, Joe was less than welcoming. He was even less so when she announced that Tito, 'Timothy', was her son. After Grant was shot, Joe began acting really oddly. He was keeping things from Josie, Toni and even Paulina. DA Reiner excused Joe from the case. Joe admitted to killing Grant, but only to cover for Paulina, who he believed really did it. Joe later proved that Tito was not Paulina's child, causing her to point out the real killer -- Tito. Joe reunited Paulina with Remy, and became a happy family. After Cass and Lila's wedding, Joe and Paulina spoke of having another child.

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