Cindy Harrison
Actor History
Kim Rhodes (August 1996 - June 1999)
Also Known As
Cynthia Brooke (birth name)
Mayor's wife
Former board member of Grant Harrison's scholarship fund
Resides At
Grant Harrison's Suite
Marital Status
Married (Grant Harrison)
Past Marriages
Sarah Brooke McNamara (sister) (dead)
Sam McNamara (nephew) (dead)
None (infertile)
Flings & Affairs
Gabe McNamara
Crimes Committed
Did not help her sister and nephew when they were caught in the fire.
Helped in the attempt to kill Vicky Hudson and Bobby Reno.
Injured Lorna Devon in a fire attempt at The Harbor Club.
Switched Kirkland's paternity tests.
Helped Paulina get addicted to drugs.
Stole the fertility god from Donna Love.
The Silver Rose Thief
Broke into Lila's apartment
Brief Character History

Cindy was born in Boston to a family that loved their other daughter, Sarah, more. Cindy was totally jealous of this relationship Sarah had with her parents. Later on, Cindy will take her revenge on Sarah too far. Cindy dated a police officer named Gabe McNamara. Cindy dreamed of a life with Gabe. However, Gabe wanted to be with her sister, Sarah. Cindy sat on the sidelines throughout the marriage of Gabe and Sarah. However, one fateful night, all things came crashing down. In an attempt to get Gabe for herself, Cindy indirectly started a fire and watched Sarah and her nephew, Sam, die in a fire. After that incident, Cindy needed psychiatric help. Gabe and Cindy went their separate ways after the fire.

However, when Cindy found out that Gabe and Lorna were going to be married, Cindy came to Bay City as the head nurse at Bay City University Hospital. Cindy tried everything to be with Gabe. However, Cindy's motives were found out by Grant Harrison. Grant blackmailed Cindy into helping him kill Vicky Hudson and Bobby Reno. Cindy did Grant's deeds for him and wanted out. However, Grant would not let her and tried to kill her.

Cindy tried to stop Lorna Devon, Gabe's new fiance. She knocked Lorna out cold and started a fire in the ladies room at The Harbor Club. Lorna was seriously injured and Cindy wanted to finish the job. However, in the chapel of the hospital, Cindy confessed everything to Gabe about his wife's death and Vicky's death. However, Gabe was shot at Center Street by the police commissioner. Cindy lost everything, including her sanity.

Cindy was placed in the mental hospital, where Grant joined her. Cindy feared for her life, but Grant was harmless because he was really losing his mind. Cindy nursed Grant back to health and the two fell in love. They were married about a month later. Cindy really loved Grant, but at the time Grant only wanted Cindy not to tesify against him in court. Cindy eventually overpowered Grant with the fertility god. The fertility god helped Grant love Cindy. Eventually, Cindy and Grant did not need the fertility god to help their love.

Cindy befriended Paulina and eventually got her hooked to diet pills. Cindy felt guilty when Grant ordered her to give Paulina harmful drugs. In order to get Grant all to herself, Cindy doctored Kirkland's paternity tests showing that Grant was not Kirkland's true father. Grant was horrified, but later made Cindy changed the records. In one last attempt to get Kirkland, Grant ordered Cindy to caused Paulina to have a relapse. Cindy did lie about the night that Paulina's house burned down.

Cindy is now currently the mayor's wife and enjoying every moment. Cindy is infertile. However, Cindy and Grant are currently separated because she found out that he is still in love with Victoria Hudson. Also, Grant, her husband, found out that Cindy indeed switched Grant's blood records. Cindy has aligned herself with Gary Sinclair to bring down her husband and send him to jail.

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