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Monday, April 26, 1999

The police picked up Sergei for vagrancy. An officer phoned Felicia and said Sergei claimed to live with her. She agreed to go to the station to clear up the matter. When she got there, Sergei was trying to tell the officer that he had just been taking a quick nap on a park bench but didn't live there. He asked Felicia to help explain things to the officer. Felicia wasn't too happy with Sergei at that moment but couldn't refuse his pleas for her help. She told the officer that he did, in fact, live with her -- he was her full-time Russian tutor.

Tito spied on Remy and Nick. She was still upset with the prank Tito had pulled, and he overheard her tell Nick that she was glad she had kicked him out. Nick walked Remy home and asked what she thought Tito would do. Remy said she hoped he went back to school, but Nick was skeptical. However, he was just happy having Tito out of their lives, and he could have Remy to himself.

Toni put pressure on Paulina after finding the key to the strongbox at her house. Paulina was obviously distraught with Toni's questions and didn't give answers. Toni asked where Joe was, and Paulina told her that she didn't know.

On the docks, Joe tried without success to revive Freeman, using CPR. A man who had seen everything called Joe a killer and ran off. Joe called for an ambulance but refused to give his name to the dispatch operator. He cleaned up the scene as well as he could and left just before Josie and the paramedics arrived. He left the strongbox behind. Josie recognized Freeman, and the paramedics said he was too far gone to save. Josie found the strongbox beside Freeman.

Paulina became more and more upset, but Toni refused to leave. She was determined to talk to Joe. Toni assured Paulina that she had great respect for Joe, but if he was stealing evidence, she had to know why. Josie called for Toni and reported finding the strongbox and Freeman. Toni left to meet Josie at the station.

Tito went to Paulina's, looking for a place to stay. She told him she'd love to have him there, but it was not a good time, and she thought it would be best for him to return to school immediately. He tried to make her feel guilty, but she said that it was because she loved him that she wanted him to go. She didn't want him involved in what was going on around there. As Joe went inside, Tito asked her exactly what was going on.

Paulina saw Joe and asked if everything was all right. He said yes and switched the topic to Tito. She said he'd be staying for the night. Joe was about to go to bed, but Paulina said she had to talk to him. Joe didn't want to talk in front of Tito, so Paulina called Remy and asked her to let Tito stay there for a few days. Remy tried to say no, but Paulina pleaded with her, and Nick told Remy to go ahead and say yes.

Paulina rushed Tito out. He asked if there was anything he could do to help with whatever had her so upset, but she said the best thing he could do, for her and for himself, was to stay away for a while. Alone with Joe, Paulina asked him where he had been. She told him about Toni's visit -- and said he was in trouble, and they both knew it. She begged him for answers, but Joe just said it was all over, and neither of them was in trouble anymore.

Paulina said she knew about Freeman, but Joe said he hadn't killed Freeman, and there was nothing to connect them. Paulina told him Toni had found the strongbox key on their floor. Josie and Toni met at the station. Josie said it should be obvious that Joe hadn't stolen any evidence. Toni showed her the key she had found at Paulina's and was about to try it on the box when an officer reported to her that only Freeman's fingerprints had been found on the box.

Josie tried to convince Toni that it had to have been Freeman who had stolen it from the evidence room. Toni wondered if he'd done it before and taken Cindy's shoes or Grant's tape out of evidence. Josie said she'd check it out. Toni also wanted to find out who had made the 9-1-1 call and why a healthy young man would drop dead with a heart attack.

Toni then tried the key, and it opened the strongbox. She commented that Joe wasn't making things any easier. Josie tried to convince Toni that the key didn't prove that Joe had done anything wrong. She also suggested that maybe Toni was being hard on Joe so she wouldn't be accused of favoritism. She thought they should focus on proving Freeman had been Cindy's accomplice in Grant's murder. An officer interrupted to give Toni a tape of the 9-1-1 call.

Felicia returned to the Lucky Lady. Etta Mae started giving Sergei a piece of her mind, but Felicia said she just wanted to talk to Sergei, so Etta Mae left them alone. Sergei thought all was well between him and Felicia again, but she let him know that she was still hurt by his deception and wanted nothing to do with him. She suggested he think about returning to Odessa. He refused to leave America. He said he was not going to give up the dreams that had led him to America in the first place.

Felicia warned Sergei that Immigration would catch up with him. Still, he said he couldn't leave America, and he couldn't leave her. Felicia told him women would take him more seriously if he weren't always hitting on them, but he told her his feelings for her and for America were not a joke. He agreed to leave her alone but said he'd rather die than leave America. He left and suddenly was stricken with pain in his side.

Remy questioned Nick's sudden change of heart, but Nick explained that having Tito around would give them the opportunity to learn if he was pressuring Paulina for money. Remy was reluctant to snitch on her friend, but Nick reminded her that Paulina had given her a chance when no one else would, and if Tito was scamming her, she deserved to know the truth. Remy agreed. Tito arrived, and Remy blasted him for making Nick think that they were sleeping together.

Tito tried to pretend he was innocent, but she wouldn't let him off the hook. She made him apologize to Nick in order to be allowed to stay at her place. He gave in, but inside, he was fuming about it. Tito was ready to sleep, so Remy and Nick gave up the couch to him. Tito was surprised when Nick made no move to leave, and Remy told him Nick was going to be living with them, too. Tito was furious.

Paulina told Joe that they needed to be honest with each other. She wanted to know what Joe had done to cover the fact that she had sold her child. He didn't want to talk. He said what was done was done and couldn't be changed. Too much had happened, and there was no turning back.

Joe told Paulina they shouldn't tell each other any more than they already had. He said Toni would be back with more questions, and the less they knew about what the other had done, the better. Meanwhile, Toni and Josie listened to the 9-1-1 tape and instantly recognized the voice that had placed the call as Joe's.