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Monday, April 27, 1998

At The Cory Mansion,
Upstairs, Amanda shows up at Cameron's door in a nightgown. Cameron was on to her and asks her what was it that she wants now. Amanda told him the only way to find out was to ask her in. Amanda enters and closes the door behind her, telling Cameron that he was right about her, she was a spoiled little rich girl who was use to getting her way and right now she wants him. Cameron says well in that case and then grabs her as the two start kissing. Amanda finds herself drawn to Cameron's kisses and then pulls away telling him she only came to talk. Cameron told her to take her act someplace else, so she gets ready to leave. Cameron stops her and asks her why she really came up to his room. Amanda told him that she came up here to find out what Carl was really up to. Cameron told her he doesn't know what Carl was up to. Amanda doesn't believe him and says Carl hired you to watch this house and now you tell me you don't know what he's up to. Cameron told her just because Carl hired him, doesn't mean he was aware of Carl's every move. Amanda told him that he must have an idea what Carl was up to. Cameron told her that he never speculates and for her to just give it up, but Amanda told him no way. Cameron says fine, but don't come up to my room uninvited again. Amanda asks him if his family was as screwed up as this one, but Cameron says he doesn't have a family. Amanda tells him that once upon a time this family was a happy one. Cameron told her everything seems happy when your looking back. Amanda told him it wasn't that way for them. Cameron told her she was very young when Mac died and sometimes when someone dies, you try to make it appear as if all the times you spent when they were alive were all happy times. On that note Amanda leaves to go further feed her suspicions and Cameron was amused by her determination. Once she was gone, Cameron calls Josie and asks her if she can talk. He then says okay listen, I need any information on Wills and any recent changes made to it along with other changes at Cory Publishing. Josie told him she'll get right on it and they hang up.

At Lila's Place,
Grant was telling Lila that he was willing to offer her help in finishing off the job she started on Jake and Vicky. Lila told him that there was no job to finish, because Jake will never go back to Vicky she has seen to that. Grant tells her that Vicky and Jake could be back together within a week. Lila tells him that Jake will never go back to Vicky after what she did, adding that now all Vicky has was a house two dependants and a reputation as a tramp. Grant taps into to Lila's pain and told her that he knows how it was to love somebody so bad that the mere thought of them being with someone else just tears you to pieces. Lila asks Grants why he wants to keep Jake and Vicky apart. Grant told her that he has personal reasons, but Lila guesses that Grant was still carrying a torch for his ex. Grant denies her claim and starts telling Lila how happy Vicky was going to be with Jake and how Lila will be left out in the cold with nothing. Lila doesn't believe him, so Grant tells Lila that his chauffeur was right outside and she can take a trip over there and see for herself.

At Vicky's Place,
Jake wakes up, turns off Kirkland's light and sneaks quietly out of Kirkland's bed and heads downstairs. Once he was downstairs, he encounters Vicky dressed in her maroon nightgown and matching robe standing in front of the fireplace, warming herself by the fire. He comes up upon her and touches her face as the two of them start kissing, they lay down on the pillows in front of the fireplace and Jake told Vicky he loves her. Cut to Jake back in Kirkland's bed with his arms over Kirk, saying I love you Vicky. Jake pops up out of his sleep, turns Kirkland's light off, sneaks out of his bed and heads downstairs to find Vicky standing by the fire dressed in the exact same clothes she had on in his dream. Immediately, Jake has a strange feeling of deja vu. He comes up upon her like he did in the dream and gets ready to kiss her, but then pulls away. They talk and Vicky thanks Jake again for coming over and not letting Kirkland down. Jake was now glad he came, but told Vicky that it still doesn't change anything. Vicky was aware of that and told Jake as much. As Jake tends to the fire, the sprinkler system comes on. Vicky sees that it is watering in the wrong direction and races out of the house to save the model house Steven, Kirkland and Jake worked on for her. As Vicky enters the house drenched from the sprinklers, she warns Jake he had better not laugh at her. Jake starts to laugh, but holds it in for he was touched by her noble gesture in saving the kids model house. They begin to get close again, but Jake resist and told her that he still can't get the image of her and Shane out of his mind. Vicky insists again she didn't sleep with Shane because she realized she only wanted Jake. Jake softens and told Vicky that running out in the sprinkler's because she cared about Kirkland's model house getting ruined, got to him. As they hug, Lila shows up and peaks through the window. As she spots her enemy hugging Jake, she worries that Grant's story might be true after all. Inside, Vicky told Jake she had to save the house because it was from her family. Jake told her that he was not her family any more. Vicky told him that everything he does says otherwise. They go back to Shane and though Vicky says she didn't sleep with Shane, Jake accuses her of lusting after him in her heart. Vicky told Jake that they are meant to be together and no one or nothing can stop it. Vicky told Jake that she wasn't unfaithful to him and she won't break her wedding vows until the day she dies. Jake gets ready to leave and Vicky told Jake that and old boyfriend of hers she was crazy about had one just like it. As Jake rides off, Vicky yells to him that she still is crazy about him.

At The Cory Studio House,
Matt shows up to ask Paulina if she knows what was going on with Carl and Rachel. Paulina suspiciously asks Matt how did he know about what was going on in the house. Matt told her Amanda and Rachel told him. Paulina lights into Matt about his involvement with Alexander Nikos and the troubles him and Amanda have brought to the Rachel and Carl's marriage. As they are arguing, A distraught Paulina gives Joe the lowdown on the latest happenings at the Cory Mansion. Dante begins to cry and Paulina went to tend to him. While she is away, Joe told Matt whatever scheme he and Amanda are cooking up not to involve Paulina in it, because she has been through enough. Paulina returns and continues to blast Matthew for his involvement in trying to destroy Carl. Just then, Amanda shows up to also talk to Paulina who immediately blast her as well for Hadley Prescott scheme. Amanda informs them both that Rachel has decided to leave Bay City with Carl and the twins. Paulina told them that after what they pulled, she would probably leave too and it would serve them right to learn how to fend for themselves. They all start to argue again and Joe told Amanda and Matt to leave before they wake Dante up again.

Back at Lila's Place,
Lila returns to find Grant sitting there waiting for her. Her face told him he was right about Jake and Vicky and Lila admits it. Grant told Lila they only need to convince Jake that Shane and Vicky slept together to keep them apart. When Grant wants Lila to forge another letter about Shane and Vicky, Lila hesitates until Grant agrees to give her the money she wants. Lila then agrees to help Grant convince Jake that Vicky and Shane slept together.