Celia Ortega
Actor History
Alyssa Diaz
Works in her mother's restaurant
Aspiring singer
Resides At
Marital Status
Single/Never Been Married
Past Marriages
Rafeal Ortega (brother)
Flings & Affairs
Casey Hughes (dated)
Crimes Committed
  • None
Brief Character History

Teenager Celia Ortega showed up in Oakdale in a crate of oranges in early 2005. The younger sister of Rapheal Ortega, Celia, an aspiring singer, left her home country of Montega to fulfill her dream. Believing that her brother, Rapheal, had achieved success in Oakdale as a boxer, Celia was certain that she could make her dream come true. Along the way, she met the kindhearted Casey Hughes and his best friend, the brooding Will Munson. Although Celia was devastated when she failed to secure a singing contract, Casey encouraged her not to give up. Soon, the two started dating. Weeks later, a girl named Gwen Norbeck starting befriending Celia, a situation which made Casey very nervous. At the same time, Celia was growing increasingly annoyed with Will who was pining over the older, unavailable Alison Stewart. Finally, Celia just basically told him to lighten up and get over it. Soon after, Celia began seeing Will in a totally different light, especially when she learned that he secretly purchased her dream prom gown for her. Later, early that summer, Celia became more and more concerned about Gwen who seemed to be bulimic. Soon the truth was discovered--she wasn't bulimic; she was pregnant. Horrified that someone had gotten Gwen pregnant, Celia demanded to know who the father was. Suddenly, Will spoke up and stated that he was. However, Celia soon found out Casey was the real father of Gwen's child, and began dating Will, but when Celia’s mother wrote her to tell her she had opened a restaurant in Montega, Celia decided to return home to help out and after a sad goodbye to Casey, Gwen and Will, Celia returned to her family.

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