McKenzie Satterthwaite
Oakdale Presence
At A Glance
McKenzie Satterthwaite joined the cast of As the World Turns in the role of Nikki Munson. The character returned to Oakdale on June 22, 2004 to investigate Dusty's money laundering scheme.

McKenzie has appeared in movies such as Joy Ride with Paul Walker, Ineligible Bachelor, and Lost Angels. In addition to her film roles, she appeared in national Nike ads and was involved in a three-year ad campaign with Power Bar. She appeared on the CBS drama Century City.

Skilled in Shorei-Ryu karate, yoga, and kickboxing, McKenzie has an extensive martial arts background. She is married to a man named Mike and has a son named Talin. In her free time she enjoyes hiking, going to museums, and traveling.
Acting Portfolio
As The World Turns
Nikki Munson
June 22, 2004 to October 12, 2004
Acting Portfolio
Joy Ride
Assistant Salt Lake City Police Desk Clerk
Vital Statistics
DATE OF BIRTH: January 21

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