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Monday, July 12, 2010

In Barbara's suite at the Lakeview, Will and Gwen watched a wild Hallie run around, and both decided their daughter was not about to take a nap. They also talked about Barbara's whereabouts, and Will had a funny feeling about the fact that Paul thought their mother was on a cruise. He decided to talk to Jack about it, so Gwen took Hallie with her and said she would call on her sister, Carly.

At the Worldwide offices, Lily told Craig that Françoise Pacaud's lawyers were drafting the contracts for the sale of the perfume factory in France. Craig reminded Lily that it was imperative that Carly never know that Craig's money was involved, but Lily was still uncomfortable lying to her new partner. They were discussing the deal when Holden walked in and asked what Craig was doing there. Craig advised Holden to relax, and he lied that he was just offering some financial compensation to Lily for taking Gabriel into her home. Craig left, as Holden warned Lily against ever taking money from Craig Montgomery.

Holden and Lily talked about Meg's situation at a care facility near Iva in Washington, D.C. Then Holden said that he needed help involving their kids in his wedding. He was aware that Natalie was away at summer camp with Sage, but Holden wanted Faith and Ethan to participate in the wedding festivities. Lily agreed and told Holden that he deserved to be happy. Holden took her hand and said, "We both do," and he thanked her and left.

Craig returned and noticed that Lily was quite shaky. He said he had "just the thing" to get her back on her feet. His idea was for Lily and Carly to go to New York City together and sign the contracts for the factory, and have a bit of fun, as well. Craig convinced Lily that he would not sabotage his own plan by showing up there, so Lily promised to call Carly.

Jack delivered Sage and Natalie to summer camp and then reported back to Carly. He also wanted to have a conversation with her about where they stood in their personal relationship. They were just making plans for that when an excited Molly burst in, so Jack said he would take a rain check, and he left the cousins to talk. Carly was hopeful that things would work out for her and Jack, and then the conversation switched to Molly's wedding plans. Molly said the nuptials were going to be "big, maybe too big." She felt somewhat guilty being so happy after everything that had happened in the past few weeks, but Carly affirmed that somebody had to have a fairy tale ending.

The doorbell rang, and Carly was ecstatic to see Gwen and Hallie on her porch. Molly left, so Carly and Gwen sat on the couch and caught up, while Hallie played beside them. Carly explained that somehow she and Jack kept "missing the mark" every time they tried to get together. Gwen was supportive, and Carly said she had decided to concentrate on her new fragrance business with Lily and just let romance take its own path.

When Jack returned to the police station, he found Will waiting for him. They hugged, and Will said he was worried that his mom was perhaps missing. Jack listened to the young man and then commented that Will reminded him very much of Hal, who always had good instincts and knew when something felt "off." Jack promised to look into Barbara's absence. Later, Gwen and Will returned to Barbara's suite and talked about his mother. Hallie threw her ball under Barbara's couch, and Gwen got on the floor to retrieve it. She found Barbara's passport there, and she asked Will how his mother could be out of the country without her passport.

Molly returned to the farm and found Holden there with Ethan. He had evidently talked to the boy about participating in the wedding, because Ethan wanted to know if his mother would be at the ceremony. When Holden fudged a bit on the answer, Ethan asked why his dad wasn't marrying his mother again. That question stumped Holden, but he finally answered that he and Lily had decided not to be married any longer. He added that they still loved each other but not in a "marrying kind of way." Molly also spoke up and smoothed things over.

Carly arrived at Worldwide after Lily's call, and she asked what was up. Lily said that the factory contracts would be ready the next day, and she suggested that the two of them go to New York and sign them in person. Carly agreed, and they got excited about having some fun in the "Big Apple." Carly left to make arrangements with Jack, who seemed pleased about the plan. Craig returned to Worldwide and was pleased with himself for masterminding the idea.

In the Lakeview lobby, Katie dropped the bomb on Henry that there had never been a baby for him and Vienna. He didn't understand, so Katie explained that Vienna had never been pregnant since they had lost their baby the year before. She swore that was true, and defended Vienna's actions as her way of hanging on to Henry. That made no sense to Henry until Katie reminded him that he had never seen any of Vienna's prenatal tests, nor had he talked to a doctor about her. Henry finally got it, and he reacted violently. He staggered to the bar, and Katie tried to convince him that Vienna's heart was "in the right place." Henry went ballistic and shouted that Katie should stay "the hell away" from him, and he ran out.

At Memorial, Vienna begged Chris to keep her secret, but he told her that he doubted she knew the meaning of "love." Instead he warned her, "You lit the fuse, and you watch the explosion." Vienna returned to the hotel and cautiously opened the door to her room. Henry was not there, but he soon walked in, pretending that all was the same. Henry said that Vienna should not be walking around because of her miscarriage, and he turned down the bed for her. He sat with her and played along, as Vienna just dug her hole of lies deeper and deeper. Henry stood to tuck her in, and he discovered Vienna's "baby bump" stuffed behind the headboard of the bed. He showed it to Vienna and asked what it was.

Vienna jumped out of bed and said she had been looking everywhere for that. She took it from him and called it a pad for pregnant women to wear in a car to make the ride less bumpy. Henry grabbed it back and began to lose control. He said the pad looked like their baby, and because of that, it deserved a name. He called it "Paddy," and got hysterical, throwing the pad at her and screaming that he knew what Vienna had done. Henry got furious and yelled that he had given up everything for a baby that had not even existed.

Vienna wanted to explain, but Henry said he had chosen Vienna over Barbara because he had felt a strong bond of love between them, but he had obviously misread Vienna completely. What she had done was out of fear and jealousy, not love. Vienna sobbed how sorry she was and begged her new husband to "get through it." Then she tried to blame Barbara for pushing her to use drastic measures, but that angered Henry even more. He called her deception "an insult" to the memory of the real child they had lost, and he said he didn't even know who Vienna was anymore. He yelled at her to shut up, and then he shoved her out and slammed the door.

Katie went home and was glad to see Chris waiting for her. He said he had just refused to help Vienna perpetuate the lie that she had been pregnant, so Katie told Chris that Henry knew everything because she had just revealed the whole scheme. She was afraid that she had lost her best friend, and she felt bad for Vienna, as well. Chris reminded her that Vienna had made her own choices and therefore had to deal with the consequences. Katie felt awful, but she answered her phone when it rang. The caller was Vienna who scolded that Katie had ruined everything. She sobbed that Henry had thrown her out, but her major concern was that Barbara would show up and steal Henry away.

Vienna closed by saying she never wanted Katie's help again, and she hung up. Katie was very worried about Henry, and she was determined to find him. Chris offered to help, but Katie refused. She feared Henry might hurt himself, so she took off immediately to look for him. She first went to his room in the Lakeview and knocked, calling his name. Henry was in the room drinking, but he kept silent. He was still very angry at Katie, and he heard her ask him to call her. Chris showed up then, in spite of Katie's wishes, and Katie began to cry and said she wished she had listened to him in the beginning and taken his advice. Chris hugged her, and Katie wept.

Later, Henry pounded on Barbara's door and called her name. He implored her to open the door, and Vienna heard him shouting and approached him. He yelled at her to go away and called her ways of showing love "horrible and disgusting." Henry also called Vienna "evil" and said that he hated himself for ever loving her. He ran off, leaving a stunned Vienna in the hall. She later soothed herself with a huge ice cream sundae and vowed to get Henry back.

Henry finally called Barbara and left a message telling her that everything had changed, and he loved her.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Liberty and Gabriel sanded a corner table at the Snyder farm, and Faith and a disgusted Parker watched. Janet asked when the piece had been delivered, but Liberty proudly said that Gabriel had built it for her new room in the cabin. Parker could not take any more Gabriel adulation, so he went inside where Jack was talking on the phone to the station about Barbara Ryan. There had been no break in her case, so Jack hung up. He cornered Parker and lectured him about finding a summer job. After Jack left, Parker took a call that perked him up considerably. He agreed to something on the telephone and then walked outside and announced that he had a summer job.

Parker explained that he had been offered a tennis sportswear commercial that would be filming that day. He needed to get his custodial parent's permission and that parent had to attend the shoot, so he left for Carly's house. Faith got a brainstorm, and she disappeared into the house, while Gabriel ragged on Parker, and Liberty tried to defend him. Faith reappeared, dressed far better than before, because she had overheard that Parker's shoot was at the country club, and she intended to go with him. She took off, as Gabriel and Liberty had some harsh words. Finally, Liberty ended up leaving to also watch Parker.

Dusty was in Al's Diner, and he was disgusted that Craig had ordered Johnny's babysitter not to let him anywhere near the boy. Dusty muttered, "Payback," and explained to Janet that Craig was angry that Dusty had set the price too high for him to buy into Worldwide. To make matters worse, Craig had still managed to raise the buy in money, and now he owned a piece of Lucinda's company. Dusty took off, and a short while later, Janet looked out the window and ran outside.

Johnny and his sitter were passing by the diner, and Janet stopped them and hugged the little boy. She asked if he could stay at Al's and have lunch because they had his favorites, chicken nuggets. She said the sitter could pick him up after she had completed her errands. Johnny thought that was a fine idea, and the sitter agreed. Janet took the boy inside and immediately called Dusty, who arrived shortly. He was very grateful that Janet had looked out for his interest, and he sat down to a feast of chicken nuggets with his son.

Later, Maggie, the sitter, called and said that Craig's plans had changed and it would be fine if Johnny hung out with Janet for the whole day. Dusty was ecstatic, so he and Janet made plans to take the boy to a movie. They sat him in between the two of them, but their hands touched in the popcorn bucket. Afterwards, they started back to Al's, and Dusty invited Janet to dinner at Metro, and she accepted.

Dusty next went to the Worldwide offices, and he told Lucinda that he wanted to talk about Craig. He explained how Craig was keeping him from Johnny, and Lucinda looked smug and said that all she could say was that things usually ended badly for Craig Montgomery, and she felt that would happen again soon.

After Dusty left, Lucinda talked to Francoise Paceau in New York and learned that the contracts were all set for Lily and Carly to sign. Lucinda so wished she could be there when Craig Montgomery began to self-destruct, and she glossed over the fact that Lily would get a terrible shock when she learned that she had bought a non-existent perfume factory. Lucinda thought Lily would never find out who was behind the phony deal, but Francoise could not believe that Lucinda hated Craig that much.

Carly packed for New York and talked with Lily on the phone. The women were excited at the prospect of being international business women with their own fragrance line. After she ended the call, Lily turned to Craig and reported that Carly was one hundred per cent on board for the project. Craig coached Lily on the fine points of the contract, but she assured him that she was experienced in business. Craig was somewhat leery of Francoise, however, but Lily reminded him that her mother would never hurt her intentionally. Lily finished packing and wondered why Carly had not called to say she was leaving for the airport. Lily accused Craig of still being in love with Carly when he defended her, but he dodged the question. He told Lily he was "reinventing" himself.

Jack stopped in at Carly's and was wowed by her sexy outfit. Then he said he thought they had a problem with Parker, who was frustrated with nothing to do all summer. Jack said that Will and Gwen had mentioned that they would love to have Parker with them for the summer in Carbondale, and suddenly Parker burst through the door. He was excited about the impending commercial, and he said he just needed the okay from his folks. Carly said she was sorry, but he couldn't take the job because it was too short notice. She already had plans to be in New York for business.

Parker was upset, so Jack sent him into the kitchen so that he and Carly could talk. They discussed how much the commercial would mean to Parker, and in the end, Carly called Lily to cancel her trip to New York. Lily was disappointed, but she understood that Carly's kids were her priority. She was nervous to tackle New York on her own, so she asked Craig if he would consider going with her. He reminded her that he was "Mr. Invisible," and was supposed to be behind the scenes. Lily said Carly would never know, and she appealed to Craig's ego until he agreed.

Parker was delighted, and he ran to get his tennis racket. Jack offered to drive Carly to the shoot, and she seemed pleased that he was accompanying her. At the country club, Carly read the contract for Parker, and she asked to add a rider in case the ad went national. Parker walked up, and Carly recommended that he wear a different tennis shirt that wasn't so "busy" for the television ad. Jack was impressed by Carly's knowledge of the advertising business.

Faith arrived and greeted Parker, calling him a "star." The director put Parker to work and had him hit some tennis shots. Jack and Carly were very proud of their son, and their hands touched. After the shot, Faith joined Parker and he gave her a rudimentary lesson in tennis. Liberty walked up and saw Faith flirting with Parker, and she said to herself, "How stupid was this!" Jack suggested to Carly that they have a quiet dinner together and talk, and they decided on Metro.

In New York, Francoise was surprised to see Lily and Craig instead of Lily and Carly. Lily introduced Craig as her "financial advisor," and Francoise handed him the contracts. Craig began reading them, as Lily took Francoise aside and asked that she not mention to Carly or Lucinda that Craig had accompanied her. Craig okayed the contracts, so Lily took pen in hand and signed her name. Francoise shook Lily's hand and wished her well. The phone rang, so Francoise answered, giving Craig and Lily the bad news that the baggage handlers at the New York airports had gone on strike, and no flights were leaving. Unfortunately, she said, Craig and Lily's celebration would have to be in New York City.

Lucinda's phone rang, and her caller was Francoise, who reported that the deal was done. Lucinda was sure that Craig would be humiliated and bankrupt in no time, but her French friend told her that Lily had brought Mr. Montgomery with her. She also said that the two of them ere stuck in New York, and appeared "very chummy."

Craig and Lily checked into a crummy hotel at the airport and got the very last room available. They had no idea how long they would be stuck there, and the room had only one bed.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

In their hotel in New York, a stranded Lily and Craig flipped a coin for sleeping rights to the only bed in the room. Lily lost, so Craig claimed the bed and handed Lily one sagging pillow and pointed to the chair. Lily was a good sport, so Craig laughed at her and then got up and surrendered the bed to her. They counted their meager blessings, which included only a small television that got 200 cable channels and a small coffee shop on the main floor. Suddenly all the lights went out, so Craig walked down to the lobby to see what was happening.

Craig soon returned with the news that the lights were out all over the city, and unfortunately, the coffee shop had closed. He had liberated a few supplies, however, and he showed Lily his stash of a bottle of single malt scotch from the bar, a few candles, a bottle of olives, and a flashlight. They opened the whiskey and began drinking, but soon Lily heard scuffling on the floor, and she spied a mouse. Craig hid behind her and shouted an order to kill it, but Lily was able to tempt it out into the hall with an olive. "You know your rodents, lady," Craig said with a chuckle.

The pair continued drinking as the temperature in the room rose with no air conditioning, and Lily talked about how disappointed she was that Holden was marrying Molly. She also felt she could not trust her judgment any longer. She took off her dress to cool off while Craig made another foray to find a vending machine. He returned with an armload of peanut butter crackers, pretzels, and candy. Lily iced her arms and shoulders with the melting ice in a bucket, and she waxed nostalgic about lost romances. Craig asked her why the two of them had never gotten together, and Lily suggested that it could be because he had scarred her sister for life and slept with her mother. "Forget I asked," said Craig. Lily lay on the bed, and Craig removed her shoes and gave her a welcome foot massage.

At Metro, Janet told Dusty that she had no problem having dinner in the place where she used to work. They had a tender moment by the bar, just as Jack and Carly walked in. They all realized what an awkward situation it was, but Dusty asked if Jack and Carly would like to have dinner with them. Carly accepted after a minute's hesitation, and they all sat down and made small talk. Jack excused himself to take a call from his investigator working on Barbara Ryan's disappearance, and Janet went to the rest room. Carly and Dusty chatted until the others returned, and then talk turned to the work on the cabin for Janet and her family.

Carly turned to Jack and, with a scowl, she asked why everyone but her seemed to know about some cabin. Jack filled her in, but it was obvious to them all that Carly was upset about the arrangement. She got very defensive, until Janet accused Carly of being threatened by her proposed proximity to Jack. Then Carly threw a fit, stood up, and walked out. Jack followed close behind, throwing excuses and goodbyes back to the table. Dusty asked Janet to shoot him the next time he suggested dining with those two. Dusty excused himself for a minute, and as Janet sat at the table alone, the man named Anthony Blackthorn whom Craig had met in the diner walked into Metro. Janet took a closer look and then called out, "Blackie! Is that really you?"

Anthony hugged Janet and assured her that he was no longer the bad boy punk that he had been when they were in high school. He claimed he was "legit," and only in town to do some business with Lucinda Walsh. Dusty returned, so Janet introduced him to "Tony Nero," a high school buddy. Anthony handed Dusty his card, which gave his name as Anthony Blackthorn. He said he had to run to a meeting, but he promised to find Janet again before he left town. Janet and Dusty sat at their table again, and Dusty announced that her old friend was "a liar." He said he remembered being in the Worldwide office when Lucinda got Blackthorn's call, and she had refused to take it.

Dusty wanted to check out Blackthorn because he didn't trust him, but that upset Janet. She accused him of thinking that because Blackie was Italian, Dusty had assumed that he was associated with the mob. They argued about Dusty's suspicions, so he brought up the subject of Ralph Manzo and how wrong Janet had been about him. Dusty was sure Blackie was a dangerous punk who had lied about doing business with his boss. Janet scolded him for seeing danger everywhere, and she walked out on him and their dinner.

Jack and Carly went back to her house, and Carly tried to get Jack to leave right away, but he had something to say. He told her how many times he had wanted to tell her about the plans for the cabin, but he had feared that the two of them would lose the momentum they were regaining. Jack apologized, but Carly accused him of having a "burning desire" to be a part of Janet's life. She said Jack's connections to Janet were linked to his guilt about Brad's death. Jack raised his voice and complained that he was doing the best he could, and he said again that he only wanted to be with her. They began kissing, but Carly stopped him and declared they couldn't go any further.

Carly was sorry to stop their lovemaking, but she said they had to go very slowly because she just couldn't take another rejection from him. Jack said he was scared, too, but he thought at some point they had to just take a leap of faith. For the moment, however, one step at a time seemed more prudent. Carly asked Jack to leave, and she kissed him goodnight and closed the door.

Luke and Reid played chess at Lily's house, and Luke urged the doctor to call Bob Hughes and ask for his job back. Reid said he thought the chances were very slim that he could get it back, and they sparred about whether or not they had a "relationship." Reid reminded Luke that even if Bob gave him back the job as head of the new neurosurgery unit, there was still Mona Cross's issue about their so called "relationship." Luke offered to quit the Board of Directors at the hospital, but Reid said, "Like hell you will." He was not pleased that Bob was seriously considering selling Memorial Hospital to "those robots" at Invicta. Reid told Luke to practice his opening chess moves, and he left to find Bob Hughes.

Before his scheduled meeting with Mona Cross, Bob sat at the Lakeview bar, and Kim joined him. She was peeved that Ms. Cross appeared to have a crush on Bob, and that was only one of the reasons Kim didn't care for the woman. She said goodbye to Bob so that she wouldn't have to deal with Mona, and she took off. Mona arrived and handed Bob several folders on her leading candidates for the head of neurosurgery. Bob was perusing them when Reid Oliver walked up and asked to speak with him. Bob said he was in the middle of something, but Reid snatched the paperwork from Bob's hands and glanced at it. Dr. Oliver denigrated the candidate, whom he called a "self-aggrandizing, plagiarizing idiot." Luke joined them and simply stated that Dr. Oliver would like his job back.

Mona Cross challenged Dr. Oliver, and Bob asked Luke and Reid to give him a moment alone with her. The young men went into the lobby to wait, while Bob said to Mona that Luke had a point when he said at an earlier meeting that he did not have a relationship or even know Dr. Oliver when he had made his donation to the hospital. Bob also challenged the woman on her attitude about discriminating against them because of their sexual preferences. Finally Bob announced that he was rejecting the offer from Invicta, and Memorial was no longer for sale.

Luke and Reid watched a spitting-mad Mona leave the hotel, and they went back to Bob. He said he had refused to sell the hospital to Invicta, and he added that Reid could have his job back. The young men left to celebrate, and Kim reappeared and sat with Bob. She, too, had seen an unhappy Mona Cross exiting the Lakeview, so Bob gave her the good news. She was delighted, but she reminded her husband that he still needed to find a replacement for himself as chief of staff.

Luke and Reid walked through Old Town, and Reid asked if Luke would like to go to a movie. His phone rang, and Bob asked the doctor to return to the hotel because he had a question for him. Reid did so, and Bob explained that he had to find a new chief of staff, and Dr. Oliver was his first choice. Reid said that he was not nearly as nice to people as Bob was, and his modus operandi was to threaten children and kick pets. Bob asked Reid to take the position and to work on his "people skills." Dr. Oliver left, and Kim once more joined her husband. He told her whom he had chosen for his replacement, and Kim replied, "Oh, dear God, you've lost your mind."

Reid returned to Lily's and told Luke the news. He also asked Luke to help him "be a person."

Thursday, July 15, 2010

In her Worldwide office, Lucinda was talking on the phone to Françoise in New York. She was horrified to learn that Lily had been in a seedy motel near the airport with Craig Montgomery all night. Lucinda yelled at Françoise to go save her daughter, and she hurled down the phone.

Molly and Holden were on an exercise run through Old Town, and they stopped to talk about their wedding. A frazzled Lucinda ran up and asked to speak privately with Holden, but he said that Molly could hear anything Lucinda had to tell him. Lucinda explained that Lily was in New York in a rotten motel near the airport, and she asked Holden to fly on the Worldwide jet to fetch her daughter home. Molly got in a dig by telling Lucinda that they had heard about the baggage handlers' strike and the blackout the previous night just before they had gone to bed. Lucinda was disappointed that Holden thought that Lily could manage to get on a private jet by herself, and she remarked that he obviously had better things to do. Lucinda was disgusted, so she turned and walked off.

Molly and Holden continued to Java and talked about Lucinda. Molly told him that if he wanted to get on that jet to pick up Lily, it was okay with her. Then she realized the time and remembered that she had to meet the caterer soon and still needed to go back to the farm and shower. Holden said she was not to worry about their budget, and he said he had a few errands to run for himself.

Janet worked in Emma's kitchen and satisfied her weird cravings with a breakfast of cottage cheese and pimento. Suddenly a painting of Mona Lisa walked through the door, steered by a contrite Dusty Donovan, who was trying to prove how fond he was of Italians. Janet gave Mona a chair at the table, and she and Dusty spoke about their argument the night before. Dusty said that Lucinda had called Anthony Blackthorn "an operator," and he was worried that Blackthorn was trying to muscle his way into Worldwide. Janet, in turn, apologized for getting so ruffled at Metro, and the pair called a truce.

A deliveryman knocked and handed Janet a package from the Sweet Tooth, a candy store in Janet's hometown. There was a note from "Blackie," the name Janet knew for Anthony Blackthorn. He said in the note that he never forgot a friend, and Janet explained the history of that comment to Dusty. She said that when she was in middle school, she and some other girls sold chocolate turtles as a fundraiser for the school programs. One year, Blackie had stolen a box, so the gift was a kind of act of forgiveness. Dusty refused a chocolate and said he had to go to a meeting, so Janet said goodbye and thanked him for Mona.

Dusty went directly to Worldwide and asked Lucinda about Anthony Blackthorn. She said she barely knew the man, but she kept her distance from him. Dusty explained that Janet had grown up with the guy, and Blackie had sent her some chocolates. "No wonder your knickers are in a twist," commented Lucinda, and then Dusty said that Blackthorn had claimed that he was doing business with Lucinda. Lucinda dodged the question for a while, until Dusty said he wanted to put an investigator on Blackthorn to see what he was up to. Lucinda nixed that, and she cleverly reminded Dusty that Janet did not like it when he manipulated people. She gave him a hug and said he could do whatever he wanted, but Janet wouldn't like it.

Not long afterwards, Lucinda, in a scarf and dark glasses, sat near the elevator bank in the Lakeview lobby. She intercepted Blackthorn when he walked in, and she urged him to learn to keep his mouth shut. She told him she knew he had told Janet Ciccone that he was doing business with Lucinda, and Blackthorn said he had only made an offhand comment to an old friend. Lucinda warned him that Dusty Donovan was asking questions, but Blackthorn's replay was, "Find a way to distract him."

In the New York motel, Craig snored in a chair until he made enough noise to wake himself. He tried the air conditioning unit, but it was still not working. Then he noticed Lily, who was sleeping on the bed in her black slip. Craig took a good look and muttered, "Mercy!" He tried to cover Lily with a sheet, but it startled her, and she warned him away from her. Lily said she felt the effects of the heat and the scotch they had drunk, and she certainly hoped they didn't have to spend another night in the dumpy motel. Craig called the airport, while Lily marveled at the fact that she had actually had fun with Craig the night before.

Craig learned that the strike had been settled, but all flights were delayed and some were cancelled. He keyed in their flight number for information, while Lily answered a knock on the door. When Craig saw Françoise enter the room, he hung up quickly, as their visitor looked carefully at their disheveled and missing clothing. Françoise pretended to check her messages while Craig and Lily finished dressing, but in reality she was taking photos of them with her cell phone.

Françoise sat at the desk and handed them the deed for the perfume factory, a list of government rules and regulations, and a large notebook of building inspection reports. Lily glanced at the reports, and even with her limited knowledge of French, she was able to figure out that there was a problem with the building's water system. Françoise said that was true, and there were also issues with the sewer system and the electrical wires. A disturbed Lily asked how much that would cost to fix, and Françoise began referring to them as "upgrades," and said it would probably be another 500,000 euros. Lily gasped at the price tag, and Craig, who was also reading the reports, asked what would happen if they held off on the "upgrades," and Françoise explained about stiff government fines.

Craig caught on that the "upgrades" were actually bribes to the inspectors, who were all related to the mayor. Lily took Craig outside and protested loudly that she could not let him throw that much money around, but Craig was anxious and wanted to begin production as soon as possible. Lily refused to give in to the extortion, however, and she went back to Françoise and called off the whole deal. She cited a clause in the contract that called for full disclosure about the condition of the property. Françoise quietly explained that Lily would run into similar "upgrade" problems with any property she bought in that area, so Craig suggested they all step back and look at the bigger picture.

Françoise gathered up her papers and agreed to have the money returned to Lily's account by the close of business, but then Craig stopped her. He took Lily outside and cautioned her not to let the deal fall apart. He was willing to risk his money, and Lily agreed that as her silent partner who was contributing the money, he had the right to make that call. They returned to the room, and Craig accepted the deal as it stood. Lily walked Françoise to the elevator, as Craig took a call on the motel phone. He answered in French and then heard Holden say, "Craig? What are you doing in Lily's room?"

Craig gave some dodgy answers, including the lie that he and Lily had met by chance waiting for a cab. Then he explained about the strike and the blackout, and he told Holden that he and Lily had gotten the last two rooms left in the motel. He was in her room because they were sharing a cab to the airport in a few minutes. Craig heard the door open, so he hung up in a hurry. He told Lily that he had gotten cut off talking to the airline, and the two headed to the airport to catch the first flight home.

Holden called Lily's phone from the farm, but he got no answer. Janet walked in and they had a pleasant conversation. Holden left to meet Molly at the Lakeview for the tasting session, as Janet ate numerous chocolate turtles and tried to figure out how to open a jar of Emma's homegrown pickles. She looked at Mona Lisa and talked to her baby, until a knock interrupted her. Her caller was Anthony Blackthorn, who was glad to see that the turtles had arrived. "Blackie" told Janet that it wasn't necessary for her to tell Dusty everything he said, but Janet said that no one told her that doing business with Worldwide was a secret. Blackie perked up considerably when Janet said that Dusty was not her "boyfriend," and he sat at the table and ate a turtle.

Holden then went to Lily's and found her just arriving home. He mentioned Craig and wondered why he hadn't told Lily about Holden's call that morning. Lily figured out that Holden was doing Lucinda's bidding, so she explained that to her, Craig was like family. She told a lie about running into Craig in midtown, so Holden challenged her. Lily barked that her business was none of his concern, so Holden turned around and walked out.

Holden found Molly sampling entrees in the Lakeveiw lounge, and he tried to catch up. Molly recognized that something was bugging him, so she asked him to tell her. Holden said he had called Lily's room in New York, and Craig had answered. He also said that Craig and Lily had told different stories about meeting in New York, but Molly said that Lily was way too smart to get involved with Craig Montgomery. She also mentioned that it sounded as if Lily didn't need to be "saved" again, either. Holden agreed with Molly's choices, and he apologized, as they tasted wedding cakes together.

When Anthony Blackthorn left the farm, he went to see Craig at the Lakeview. Craig said he was just back from New York, and he thought he had run across an opportunity they needed to jump on. He said their involvement would take about 500,000 euros, and he needed it in his account by the end of the day. Blackthorn said their partnership was starting to get expensive, but he was still in.

Françoise called Lucinda and caught her in her limo. She said she had sent Lucinda a photo on her phone, so Lucinda downloaded it. She was appalled to see pictures of Craig and Lily, partially dressed. "How did this happen?" wailed Lucinda. Then she called someone and said, "Darling, it is time to come home."

Lily visited Craig at the hotel and asked if he had something to tell her. He was stumped, so Lily said she meant Holden's call to the motel in New York. Craig said he had forgotten at first, but then he had never found the right time to tell her. He apologized, but Lily said she had had enough. She was uncomfortable with the whole "silent partner" thing, and she was going to tell everyone that Craig was bankrolling Carlisle Fragrances. Craig said there would be consequences, including Carly's quitting and Lily's having to undergo Lucinda's second-guessing her for the rest of her life. Lily reconsidered, at least until the company was off the ground.

Dusty talked on the phone to a private investigator, and he asked for everything the man could find on Anthony Blackthorn.

Friday, July 16, 2010

As Katie pounded on Henry's door, Vienna arrived. She implored Katie to help her make Henry understand why they'd lied, but Katie exclaimed that there was no excuse for it. Vienna tried her keycard in the door, but when it didn't work, Katie deduced that Henry had gotten it deactivated. "Henry doesn't want you in his life anymore, and neither do I," Katie stated. Just then, Henry opened the door and asked to speak to his wife.

Alone with Henry in his room, Vienna plied him with kisses, but he asserted that he wanted an annulment. She said that it would mean that the marriage had never existed. "Kind of like the baby," Henry quipped. She suggested that they pretend until things returned to the way they'd once been, but he wondered how many heartaches she thought she could erase.

Vienna swore that she'd acted out of love, but Henry retorted that she needed to check the definition. Vienna whimpered on about how she'd make it up to him, but he called her delusional. When she refused to give him up on him, he said that she'd either agree to the annulment, or he'd drag her to court. He promised her that it wouldn't be pretty.

Vienna accused Henry of wanting Barbara all along. Vienna said he'd married her with one eye on the door, because he'd hoped that Barbara would stop the wedding. To Vienna, Barbara's inaction proved that she didn't love Henry as much as Vienna did. She figured that once Henry calmed down, he'd see reason, but it might be too late. He claimed that he'd risk it, and Vienna yelled at him to go be with Barbara--if he could find her.

Henry went to the front desk and learned that Barbara hadn't picked up her messages in days. He encountered Katie at the bar, and she inquired about what had happened with Vienna. He announced that he was annulling the marriage. "And if I could, I'd annul our friendship, too," he quipped. Katie beseeched him to let her have it, because she deserved it. He retorted that it wouldn't be worth it and walked off. Katie grimaced, but then she heard a wounded Henry utter that she'd been his best friend.

Katie turned to find him behind her, and he wondered how she could have betrayed him that way. He begged her to explain how she could have teamed up with Vienna to inflict such devastation upon him. He confided that he'd fantasized about their children growing up together. Katie's eyes welled with tears, and she said that he and Vienna were meant to be.

Henry wondered how she'd drawn that conclusion, and Katie admitted that she'd had dreams of her own. She'd dreamed that she and Brad, and Vienna and Henry, would raise their kids together. She'd figured that if he and Vienna made it, then the past wouldn't be utterly lost. Not buying it, Henry accused her of just being miserable because someone had actually loved him for a change. He exclaimed that he'd lost Barbara because of her. "I lost Brad because of you, but I forgave you!" Katie shouted back. Henry guessed that she was just a better person than he was, and he stalked off.

At Fairwinds, Paul prodded Gwen to admit her shock that he and Emily weren't devouring their young. Gwen conveyed her surprise that they had a normal family, and Emily hoped that Barbara would remain gone, so it would stay that way. Gwen, however, doubted that Barbara was vacationing on a cruise, since Gwen and Will had discovered her discarded passport in her room. Gwen said that Will had gone to the police station to launch an investigation.

Will arrived to say that Margo had officially listed Barbara as a missing person. Paul guessed that someone had sent him the postcard to deter him from searching for Barbara. Emily suggested that Barbara might have sent it herself just to get attention, because she was distraught about Henry. Emily insisted that it was classic Barbara. Suspicious of Emily, Will cited that she'd already admitted she didn't care if she ever saw Barbara again.

Paul defended his wife, and Emily said that fighting was just something that she and Barbara did. Gwen still thought that Barbara would never allow any man to stand between her and spending time with Hallie. Paul agreed and wondered how they'd proceed. "Emily, what do you think?" Will pointedly asked. As the foursome fell into bickering about the predicament, Emily deflected the suspicion away from herself and onto Vienna, who'd been battling Barbara for Henry. Gwen and Will left to seek Vienna out for some answers.

After Alison and Casey picked up Hallie later, Emily expressed her gratitude to Paul for defending her to Will. "Just between the two of us, did you do something to my mother?" Paul asked. An angry Emily stormed off. When she returned to the room, he apologized and worried about his mother. "I know she's a complete monster, but she's my monster," he said. Emily understood that, and it was the reason that she'd never hurt Barbara. Emily had accepted that loving Paul included suffering Barbara. They hugged, and he wished that his mother would call.

Later, Will and Gwen saw Henry in the Lakeview lobby and expressed their concerns about the missing Barbara. Henry, who'd assumed that Barbara had gone to see Hallie, began to worry. Katie approached, and Will and Gwen informed them about the passport and fake postcard. Sensing that Barbara was in trouble, Henry rushed off, and Katie trailed behind him.

Upstairs, Henry banged on Barbara's door, and Katie tried to calm him down. He fretted about where Barbara could be, and Katie admitted that Barbara never would have missed the wedding, because she'd known about the fake pregnancy. Katie divulged that, on the day of the wedding, Barbara had given Vienna an ultimatum about it. Henry accused Katie and Vienna of having something to do with Barbara's disappearance. Katie swore that she didn't know where Barbara was, and Henry stated that he really wanted to believe it.

Katie asserted that she'd never hurt Barbara, because she knew how much Barbara meant to Henry. Grabbing his arm, Katie tried to assuage his fears about Barbara, but a frazzled Henry refused to calm down. He ordered her to let him go, and then he rushed off.

On a massage table later, Vienna relaxed as someone entered the room. A pair of hands massaged her neck, and Vienna referred to the knot that he worked on as "Barbara Ryan." Suddenly, the hands choked Vienna, and Henry's face loomed close to hers. He demanded to know what she'd done with Barbara.

Back at the Lakeview, a service attendant handed Will and Gwen a cell phone that had been found in the stairwell. Will identified it as Barbara's, and they noted that it had 39 messages on it. Gwen wrapped it in tissue to preserve any possible evidence. The couple took the phone to Margo, who was interested to know about the last call that Barbara had made. Katie entered and said that she had the answer, because she'd been there when the call had been received.

At the warehouse, Chuckles yelled for the dozing Barbara to wake up. He slapped her, and she awakened, shocked that he'd hit her. Figuring that she'd dreamed it, she wondered how long she'd been there. She offended Chuckles by calling him an inanimate object, but apologized when he refused to offer advice about her next move. The forgiving Chuckles gave her a pep talk, and she managed to wiggle out of her restraints.

Barbara cited that she'd broken into a cold sweat, and Chuckles diagnosed her with a fever. For warmth, she donned a period costume and proclaimed herself Elizabeth, Queen of England. Chuckles, however, decided that she was Anne Boleyn. With a spark, the screen yellowed, and Chuckles suddenly became Henry, dressed as King Henry VIII. He asked to hear one good reason that he shouldn't chop off her head.

Barbara figured that she was hallucinating, but the king reasoned that she could be his queen, or he could order her beheading. Barbara claimed that she loved him, but Emily appeared in period clothing to challenge Barbara's sincerity and to denounce her for meddling in her son's affairs. Paul, Gwen, and Will also appeared to accuse her of being a bad mother. Barbara claimed that she'd already been banished to the "dungeon" to suffer from sickness, hunger, and loneliness. The costume-wearing Katie appeared to urge them to protect the king from Barbara.

Barbara accused Katie of being disloyal and conspiring with Henry's enemies. Vienna appeared, touting that she was the queen. "Which means that thing doesn't count," she said, pointing at Barbara. Desiring to have both women, Henry pondered starting his own religion. "Off with her head!" Vienna declared, and everyone chanted the phrase.

Pleading on her own behalf, Barbara admitted that she wasn't the best mother, and she'd failed Henry by not immediately informing him of Vienna's betrayal. Barbara pleaded guilty to loving Henry and claimed that she'd fight for what she believed in with her dying breath. She said that if they were both courageous, they could have what they wanted. Henry pronounced Barbara as his real queen, and they kissed.

Barbara snapped out of her dream and realized that she was holding onto Chuckles. She figured that no one was riding to her rescue, so if she wanted to get out of there, she had to do it on her own.

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