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Monday, May 10, 2010

In the hospital, Craig and Parker learned that Gabriel was undergoing emergency surgery. Craig stopped a nurse and asked about the boy, and the nurse said that Gabriel had suffered a collapsed lung. Parker asked why Craig was so worried about Gabriel, but Craig answered that he would be a "monster" if he were not concerned about a "kid" who worked for him. Craig then questioned Parker about why he was so worried about Gabriel, and Parker replied that he didn't personally trust the boy, but Liberty seemed to care about him.

Parker then accused Craig of starting the Monte Carlo fire, and he stated that Craig's angst was not so much "concern" as about "guilt" for wanting Gabriel dead. Craig vehemently denied that, but Parker said no one would believe him, especially Jack. Parker decided to go home, so he left Craig to wait for more news.

At Carly's house, Jack did not believe she was serious about asking him to move out of the house, but Carly rationalized that it was because Janet was having his baby, and Jack needed to be close by, not across town. She stressed that it was only until the baby arrived, and then Jack was welcome back. Carly begged him not to make the situation harder, but Jack was not convinced and asked what Carly's real reason was for throwing him out. Carly looked at a framed photo of Jack and Parker and said she was only trying to "do the right thing."

Jack was doubtful, and he finally announced he knew exactly why Carly was asking him to move out: she was "mad as hell." That did anger Carly, who shouted at Jack and asked him if she had to get pregnant or have a child with a life-threatening disease in order to get his attention. Jack called that "unfair," but Carly explained that they could not be a couple until she was the only woman in Jack's life. They argued loudly, but Carly insisted that Jack could not live with her while he was worrying about Janet.

Jack asked if Carly was throwing him out of just her house or her entire life, but she described it as giving a fighting chance to what they already had. Carly said that after everything was "settled," Jack could return. Jack called that a "monumentally bad idea," but Carly declared it not up for discussion. Jack went upstairs to pack his bags.

Parker returned home and told Carly that Gabriel was undergoing surgery for a collapsed lung. He said the lung problem was a result of the fire, not the blow to the head, but it was still serious. Carly was upset, and she wanted to know why Craig was hanging around the hospital and waiting for news of the boy. Jack walked downstairs with his bags and told Parker that he was moving out while Janet was pregnant, but Parker was skeptical and worried about how Sage would take the news. Jack left reluctantly, and Carly said that waiting around for news would drive them nuts, so she suggested they take in a movie or go get something to eat.

Parker could not believe that his mother had forced Jack to leave the house, and he didn't believe the reasons she had given. He said he knew that Carly was afraid that Parker would "blow it" in front of Jack about his involvement with Gabriel if they were both in the same house. Parker declared himself just as guilty as Craig of putting Gabriel in the hospital, and he stormed out the door to go confess to his dad. Carly stopped the boy and said they both needed to keep their distance from Jack until the police had the case against Craig nailed down.

Tom went home and found Margo doing paperwork on Craig's case on their kitchen table. Margo admitted that her brother was facing some very serious charges, such as grand theft, arson, and attempted murder. Tom asked who was going to represent Craig's defense, and Margo began some persuasive coercion. Tom declared that no way would he be representing Craig Montgomery, but Margo urged her husband to at least talk to Craig and get his side of the story. Tom said he had to trust a client he represented, and he could not believe a word out of Craig's mouth. Then he asked if Craig even wanted Tom to represent him, and he suspected that it was more Margo's idea.

Margo left and drove to Memorial, where she walked up on Craig's instructing a nurse to keep him posted on the condition of Gabriel Caras. Margo asked her brother if he was rooting for or against the boy's recovery, and she wondered if Gabriel would tell the same story as Craig once he regained consciousness. Craig got emotional then, and he blurted out, "There is no way I would murder my own -," and he stopped. He quickly filled in the blank with "employee," when Margo pushed him. Tom joined the two of them and announced that it was time to get Craig as far away from Gabriel Caras as possible.

Tom also said he was thinking about taking Craig's case, so Margo spoke up and said that as Craig's sister, not as a cop, she strongly advised him to tell Tom everything. The men adjourned to the Lakeview where they went over Gabriel's medical file. Craig said he had not hurt the boy, but Tom reminded him that the fact that Gabriel was blackmailing him made Craig's denial suspect. Craig realized he was looking at a murder one charge, but he wanted to talk about the boy's head injury. Tom explained that according to the forensic report, Gabriel was in some type of fight before he was knocked out. Craig said he never hurt Gabriel and was willing to take a lie detector test.

Meanwhile, Liberty sat in Java with her laptop and searched for Gabriel on "Friendbook." She found him, but his site had no personal information whatsoever. She closed her computer and said out loud, "Come on, Gabriel, who are you?" She got an idea, and she walked to the Lakeview. She caught Dusty waiting for an elevator, so she approached him. Liberty said that Gabriel was having surgery in the hospital, but he had no one to support or help him. She hoped there was some information in his room that might lead them to his family or at least some contact in town, but she had no way to get access to the boy's room.

Dusty suggested the two of them go to Gabriel's room, so they got into the elevator. They got inside the room with Dusty's help, but they found nothing that would point to Gabriel's family or background. The only thing of interest was the strand of pearls that Gabriel said had belonged to his dead mother. Liberty wondered if it might help the boy awaken if she put the pearls in his hands, and Dusty said it couldn't hurt. Liberty thanked Dusty and remarked that her mother was crazy if she let him slip away. They went to Memorial, but Gabriel's room was still empty. Dusty said he would check on her later, and he walked out.

Dusty went to Janet's new apartment across town, and Janet arrived almost at the same time. She was very surprised to see him, but Dusty said he just wanted to check on her new neighborhood. Janet reminded him that she had asked for some breathing room, just as a deliveryman wheeled a new washer and dryer up the walk. He asked Dusty to sign for them, but Janet jumped in and said that Dusty was not the landlord, and she gave him directions to the landlord's apartment. Janet promised to invite Dusty to her new place as soon as she was settled, and she walked inside.

The deliveryman returned, having had no success in finding the landlord. Dusty slipped him some money and said he would sign, and then he instructed the man to do a top-notch job of installing the new appliances. He also said he would appreciate it if the man kept his mouth shut about who had ordered the items.

Janet soon went to the police station and spoke with Jack. She said she had moved into her apartment, and then she noticed Jack's suitcases piled next to his desk. Jack said he was staying at the station at night, and he blamed it on his concentration on Craig's case, but Janet figured out immediately that Carly had thrown him out because of his concern about her. Janet offered Jack the extra room in her new apartment, but Jack just laughed, and they both decided that was a lousy idea. Janet walked out just as Jack took a call from her brother, Eddie Ciccone,

Jack was surprised to hear from Eddie, and he mentioned how nice the "inheritance" was that Eddie and his siblings had received from Rocco's estate. When Eddie said he had no idea what Jack was talking about, Jack was perplexed, so he told Eddie he would look into it and call him back. It didn't take Jack long to figure it out, and he took off walking towards Old Town. He got lucky and ran into Dusty, just the man he was looking for.

Jack told Dusty about the call from Eddie and said how odd it was that only Janet had received a check. According to Eddie, Rocco died $15,000 in debt. Dusty said he had done what he had to do, and he cautioned Jack to "leave it alone." Jack thought about it for a while, and then he agreed to keep quiet, and the two men shook hands.

Liberty continued to wait for news about Gabriel, and Janet walked by. She explained to her mother what was happening with her friend, and Janet asked about the pearls. She also noticed that her daughter was pale, and urged her to eat and take care of herself. She took Liberty by the arm and steered her to the cafeteria, just as Dusty returned to check on Liberty.

At the police station, Margo talked with Tom about Craig's case. Jack walked in and listened to their conversation, as Tom told his wife that he thought the cops were looking in the wrong direction. He explained that Gabriel had been in a fight before he was knocked out, and whoever did it left the boy in the Monte Carlo offices before the fire started.

Parker continued to agonize about lying to his dad, and he informed Carly that what they were doing really stank. He walked out, saying that he had to think, but he promised that he would not go running to Jack. Carly quickly called for an AA meeting schedule, as Craig walked in on her and announced that they needed to have a long talk about Parker.