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Monday, July 20, 2009

Geneva's wig flew off at Kim's press conference in the Lakeview lobby, and everyone, including Vienna, recognized Henry. Kim was speechless and furious, and she asked Henry if he was out of his mind. Vienna was horrified, and Henry tried to talk with her, but she ran off. Kim made Henry explain himself to the press and his fans, and he said that he had done nothing with malice. He explained that his message as Geneva was to raise daytime programming to a higher degree of decency.

Kim pulled Henry off camera and lit into him. She suddenly realized that the whole thing had begun with Vienna's "wardrobe malfunction," and Henry admitted that, as Katie and Brad walked up. Kim went to appease the press, and Katie inadvertently spilled the news that she had known about Henry's masquerade all along, and Brad did not take that well. Henry defended Katie until Kim returned and scolded Henry for putting her in an untenable position with her board of directors, the viewing public, and the FCC. Henry's "sorry" didn't cut it with Kim.

Kim said she wanted only two things from Henry: first, that Henry would never, ever, help her again; and second, if he ever came near WOAK, he was "toast." Then she popped him hard on the arm and said, "Ooops." Henry collapsed on a couch where Floyd, Geneva's biggest fan, found him. Floyd assured Geneva that he was still there for her. He even followed Henry up to his room and talked about continuing their "relationship." Henry got rid of Floyd and found Vienna sulking on the bed, but she wouldn't let him touch her.

Jack went home from work very early because he could not focus. He was worried that Carly's rehab would adversely affect the children. He was thankful that J.J. was in London for the summer, and Sage was at Camp Idlewild. Jack wanted Janet to consider going away with him for a couple of days to a cabin not far away. He mentioned the younger kids' plans, and reminded his wife that Parker was away at a tennis tournament for several days, and that Liberty had started her internship. Janet thought she could get the time off, and they agreed to go.

Craig took bags of groceries into Carly's house, much to Rosanna's dismay. He talked about all sorts of domestic subjects, including taking Parker to a Cubs/Reds game for a day. Rosanna was not happy that Craig was acting as if nothing had changed in their lives. She told him that with Carly away, he could no longer be there either. Craig argued that he didn't think that Carly would approve of kicking him out, so Rosanna mentioned that when Carly left rehab, perhaps booze would not be the only thing she would be giving up. Craig threw a parting shot and went out the door as Jack and Janet arrived.

The Snyders went in and asked Rosanna if she could "hold down the fort" for a couple of days while they snuck away. Rosanna was pleased to oblige them and sent the happy couple away to pack. She then took a call from Camp Idlewild telling her that Sage was not feeling well and had asked to go home. Rosanna said that she was on her way and left immediately. She stopped first at the diner, hoping that Parker had not yet left, but he was already gone. She called Jack for the second or third time, but she got no answer and was forced to leave a message.

Craig walked in the diner and overheard part of the message. Rosanna was in a difficult spot because she hadn't had a valid driver's license since returning to the US, and there was no way she could drive to Sage's camp legally. Craig offered the solution, much as Rosanna was reluctant to accept his help. She told him that she was hesitant to ride with someone who had tried to kill her with a car, but she really had no other choice. She climbed in Craig's car and they took off.

Rosanna and Craig arrived at camp, and Sage was waiting. She wanted to know why her parents had not picked her up, so Rosanna explained that Jack and Janet were having a mini-break at a cabin. Rosanna stumbled, however, when Sage asked about Carly's whereabouts, so Craig stepped in. He told the girl that her mother had not been herself lately, and Sage interrupted by saying that she knew it was because of the drinking. Craig would not say where Carly had gone, but he remarked that she was getting better and would be home soon.

Sage immediately accused Craig of making her mother sick. She was upset and rude, and she finally took off running. Craig caught her and they struggled, as Sage screamed. Rosanna took over and promised that all would be well. She said that if Sage went home with her, she would take care of the girl until her father returned. Rosanna gave Sage the choice of staying at camp or going home with her, and Sage chose to go with her aunt.

Jack and Janet arrived at the cabin, and Jack had great plans for catching their dinner in a nearby stream. Janet said she would work on her tan lines in the sun, and Jack forgot about fishing. He took out his phone, but Janet would not let him look at it. They kissed, began disrobing, and ended up on the bed. After making love, Janet was hungry and began scouring the cabin for food. Jack's phone beeped, and he saw that he had several messages. He was unhappy to learn that Sage was ill, so he called the camp right away.

The counselor informed Jack that Sage had gone home with her aunt and Mr. Montgomery. Jack was distraught because he had not wanted Sage to find out that Carly was gone so soon. Janet said that the girl had to learn sometime, but Jack felt that it was his job to explain it to Sage. He wanted to go back immediately, so they packed up and left.

Vienna and Henry had an unpleasant discussion, and Vienna accused him of not wanting to share her with anyone else. Vienna said that she had liked her job and the attention it had brought her, but Henry had taken that from her. She said Henry loved Geneva Swift more that he loved her, and she asked him to leave. Henry agreed to go down to the bar while Vienna cooled off, and he made a hasty exit.

Brad was still upset that Henry, and Katie by her not telling, had hurt so many people. He was also concerned about his job with WOAK and how Kim would feel about him. Brad walked out on Katie and went to the Lakeview bar where Henry was. Henry feared for his life when he saw Brad, but Brad only berated him for coming on to him as Geneva Swift. Henry argued that the persona of Geneva had taken on a life of its own, but he was very worried about Vienna. The bartender never showed up, so Brad suggested that they both leave and tend to their business at home.

Rosanna, Craig, and Sage got home to Carly's house, and the girl went immediately to her room. Jack and Janet arrived, and Sage was glad to see her father. Janet took her outside while Jack chewed out Craig for taking Sage from camp without his permission. Rosanna explained how Craig had helped out by driving, and something she said made Jack realize that his daughter knew that Carly was at rehab. He offered to "lay out Craig" on the spot, and said he would take Sage to the farm with him, at least that night, and perhaps permanently, and Parker as well, when he returned. Jack asked Sage what she wanted, and she said that she only wanted her mother home.

Sage asked if she could see or talk with Carly, but Jack told her it was not possible, and he chose to take her to the farm. They drove home, and Jack was still furious that Craig had told his daughter about Carly.

Brad went home and made up with Katie. Henry, however, was not so fortunate. He found that Vienna had packed her bags and booked herself on a night flight to Sweden. She said she wanted the comfort of a real woman: her mother.

Rosanna found Craig in the Lakeview bar, and she told him that while she thanked him for his help that day with Sage, he needed to stay away from Carly's kids.