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Monday, December 15, 2008

After Janet and Jack's wedding, Craig spoke to Carly in the Lakeview bar and offered to buy her another drink so they could "catch up." Carly declined, and Craig mentioned he had seen what had happened at the wedding, referring to Carly's getting emotional and leaving. The two of them traded barbs, and Carly called him a bastard. Craig did not deny it, and said he was probably that, but he was also an excellent drinking partner. Carly changed her mind and accepted a drink from him.

Craig apologized for what had happened to Rosanna, and he asked Carly why "the dog had slipped his collar," referring to Jack. Carly said she would rather talk about why Craig was not in jail for blowing up Paul's car. Craig explained that Katie was his alibi for that particular incident, and that made Carly laugh. Craig asked her what she was going to do with the rest of her life, and Carly said she thought she would focus on her children and restarting her career. Craig could not believe that Carly could live without a man. He also claimed he was a changed man and reminded her of the few times they had "set the sheets on fire," themselves. Carly was not interested in revisiting old times, so she got up to leave. Craig remarked that they had a lot in common, but Carly said all they had in common was the bar and the booze. Craig said he came back hoping Dusty would share leads to Johnny, but Dusty had turned him down. Carly found that statement unbelievable, and she sat back down.

At Yo's, Brad asked Katie about Craig, but she did not want to talk about her brother. Dani Andropoulos came in, and Brad expressed interest in asking her some questions about the Spencer McKay investigation. Katie wanted no part of that conversation, so Brad went to speak to Dani alone. Dani told him there was nothing new, and she and Brad began to have some words. Katie came up and hustled her husband out. Dani immediately dialed Craig's cell phone, but he did not pick up.

Paul went home to Fairwinds to find Barbara in his living room. He told her Meg had asked for a divorce, and his mother lit into him for hiring Josie as some sort of reincarnation of Jennifer. Paul claimed he was trying to save his family, and asked Barbara to help him. He was desperate to get Meg and the baby back, and he reminded Barbara that Meg would probably never let her see her grandchild, either. Barbara said there was only one way out of their predicament: Paul had to get Josie to come back and change her story. She needed to say that Paul had tried to call off the subterfuge, but that Josie was so in love with Dusty, she had refused. Paul commented that Josie would never go for it, and Barbara suggested he offer her more money. She said the girl was his only chance to get his life back, and she was willing to set up the meeting with Josie.

Meg called on Dusty at the Lakeview and told him she owed him an apology. Dusty refused her apology, but Meg said she could not believe what Paul had done to him. She asked Dusty's forgiveness, but Dusty did not blame her for Paul's transgressions. Meg said she was divorcing Paul, and Dusty was sorry about that. He regretted that he had not seen through Josie's lies. Meg asked if he loved Josie, but Dusty's wasn't sure. They left to have coffee together.

Brad and Katie arrived home, and Brad pointed out every time they had gotten leads to Spencer, they had handed them over to Dani Andropoulos. He was suspicious of Dani's motives, but Katie thought he was reaching. She told him to be grateful he was out of jail and to leave well enough alone. Katie wanted to take a nap, so Brad said he would enjoy a walk to clear his head, and he left. Katie followed soon afterward. Brad went back to Yo's to talk to the bartender. He asked if Dani was a frequent customer there, but the bartender said she came in only occasionally.

Carly and Craig finished their drinks, and as Carly was preparing to leave, Dani stormed in, furious at Craig. She chewed him out for not answering his phone, and that was amusing to Carly, who was taking it all in. She realized the two of them had some sort of relationship, even though Craig covered it by pretending Dani was like a daughter to him and was having trouble with a boyfriend. Carly did not appear convinced, and after Dani left, Craig excused himself and went after the girl, who accused him of making her wait while he was hitting on one of his "golden oldies." She said she was sick of Craig's telling lies and just plain sick of him. Craig told her she could go when he said she could, and Dani called him a real bastard, his second time to be called that in one day. Craig continued to scold her for acting as she did in front of Carly and told her to watch her sexy little mouth. He tried to unruffle her feathers by caressing her face, something Brad witnessed as he came around a corner. Brad ducked back but was able to overhear Dani's saying that Brad had been asking questions about her, but Craig assured her that as long as Spencer stayed out of sight, Brad could not prove he had been set up.

Paul met with Josie and told her there was something she could do for him. He asked her to talk to Meg and tell her the phony story Barbara had suggested about how Paul had pleaded with Josie to abort the plan, but Josie's love for Dusty made her too fearful. Josie would not believe that Meg would fall for that, and she refused to cooperate. Paul grabbed her by the arm as Dusty and Meg came in. Dusty made Paul release the girl, and he took her out at Meg's insistence. Josie said Barbara had asked to meet with her, but it was Paul who had shown up. She explained what Paul wanted and how he hoped to get Meg back. Dusty suggested Josie leave town, but she said she didn't really know where she belonged because she had no family left. She had been just drifting when she settled in Ohio, so Dusty offered her a loan to make a new start. Josie refused and said she only wanted a place to stay, and to have dinner with him. Dusty accepted the invitation as a friend and offered to pay.

Meg tried talking to Paul, but eventually she went back to the farm. She began having strong contractions just as Paul arrived. Meg was obviously in pain, so Paul took her to the hospital. He wanted to go into the examining room with his wife, but she refused, and the doctor ran him off. After the appointment, the doctor drove Meg home, reassuring her that the contractions were Braxton Hicks and perfectly normal. Meg went inside and began talking to her baby.

Still at the Lakeview, Carly called Parker, who was having fun at the wedding reception, as Katie walked by. She asked the bartender if he knew where Craig was, and Carly interjected. She told Katie that Craig had just left and told her they had shared a drink. Katie said she wanted to tell her brother to stay away from her and Brad. Carly asked why she had kept the information that she was with Craig the day that Paul's car blew up to herself for so many months. Katie told her to let it go, and Carly's parting remark was to ask what Craig had on Katie.

Paul went home and told his mother that her plan had not worked. He said it was all done; Meg had been with Dusty. Barbara wanted to help, but Paul told her to just leave him alone.

Craig went to his hotel room and was surprised to find Brad waiting for him there. Brad said he was not leaving until Craig told him what he had gotten Katie involved in.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

In the Lakeview bar, Katie spilled everything to Carly concerning how Craig had set up Brad for Spencer's murder in order to get Katie to supply him with an alibi. Carly thought that was diabolical, even for Craig. Katie burst out how much she hated Craig and that she was worried because Brad would not let the Spencer mystery go. He was determined to find out the identity of Katie's online stalker. Carly suggested Katie tell Brad the truth because, after all, he was her husband. Katie said she would prefer to keep it that way, too. She was sure Brad would be furious if he found out what she had kept from him. Carly continued to try to convince Katie to come clean with Brad and then swear him to secrecy. Carly promised not to discuss what Katie had told her, then Katie walked away.

Brad confronted Craig in his hotel room and told him he had seen Craig with Dani, his "little girlfriend." Craig denied he was involved with anyone, but Brad said he not only saw them together, he overheard their conversation. He knew Craig was the one who set him up for the murder. Craig claimed Brad was taking the conversation out of context, as Brad picked up the hotel phone to call Margo. Craig warned him not to do it and pointed out that Brad had a lot more to lose than Craig did. Brad did not believe him until Craig explained that if he went down, Katie would go with him. Craig promised he would then disappear while Katie rotted in jail. Brad refused to back off until Craig got what he deserved, however, and he told Craig that he was a new Brad who played by the rules. With that, Brad left.

Luke came home to find Brian reading in the living room. Luke had chosen not to attend Jack and Janet's wedding, but instead had gone for a long hike in the woods. Brian told him that Lucinda was having a rough night, so they had skipped the wedding, as well. Luke made a caustic remark about Brian's not wanting to be in bed with his wife anyway, but Brian pointed out that the only one suffering there was Luke. He pointed out that Luke had gotten thrown out of school and had started drinking again, even though he knew it was detrimental to his health. Luke also kept pushing his family away, said Brian, and he cited the boy's going for a hike instead of participating in the wedding at his own house as proof. Then Brian surprised Luke by apologizing to him and saying that much of Luke's misery was Brian's fault. He admitted he was attracted to Luke and had kissed him. He confessed that he cared about the boy and took responsibility for hurting him. Luke maintained that Brian needed to tell Lucinda the truth, but Brian said the situation wasn't what Luke thought it was.

Luke continued to beg Brian to "come clean," but Brian said that was not who he was. He claimed he really loved Lucinda and loved being married to her. Luke inquired if the two of them were having sex, but Brian told him it was none of his business. Finally, Brian admitted that he and Lucinda were not having sex because she was not well enough yet. Brian said he did not judge people and asked Luke to do the same. Luke told the man he was gay, whether he admitted it or not. Brian refused to label himself, but Luke felt Brian was still in deep denial, especially since he was so sure he could make his marriage work. Brian asked Luke not to let one mistake ruin an important relationship for him. Luke thought about it and then said he did not want to hurt his grandmother, so he promised to keep Brian's secret safe. The two of them shook hands to seal the deal.

Brad and Katie ran into each other in the lobby of the hotel, and Brad told her he had been upstairs having a chat with her amoral brother. He said he knew everything, and Katie had nothing to be sorry about. He told her that he was on his way to tell Margo and started to leave when Katie dashed after him, shouting, "No!" She followed him to Tom and Margo's house and she pleaded with Brad not to tell her sister the truth. She was worried Margo would have to arrest her for lying to the police about Craig's alibi. She was stunned when Brad explained that Dani was also involved in the plot, but she continued to beg her husband to keep quiet. She was fearful that Craig's payback would be horrendous. Margo heard the arguing and came out to see what the fuss was about. She wanted to know why they were shouting on her patio at such a late hour. She let them in and told Brad to state his business. Brad stalled and then came up with a story about how he had gone off on Dani for not doing her job and finding Spencer McKay. Margo said she would look into it in the morning and told them both to go home.

Dani came to Craig's room and said she was willing to forgive him if he joined her in an episode of steamy sex. Craig said he preferred to send her packing, and he was serious. He asked her to leave town immediately and explained that her reckless behavior had jeopardized their plan. Dani protested that their relationship was worth protecting, but Craig said all good things had to come to an end. He gave her a couple of bundles of money from his briefcase and urged her to "run along." Dani was angry, but then changed her tune and offered Craig "one more for the road." Craig did not resist and he allowed Dani to push him onto the bed. She climbed on top of him and pointed her very loaded service revolver straight at his heart. When Craig asked her what she was doing, she replied she was trying to decide whether to leave him or kill him. Craig tried to back-pedal and told Dani she only had to leave for a short while, not forever. Dani explained that she did not take rejection well.

As Carly was paying her bar bill, a room service steward came to the bar and ordered an expensive bottle of champagne for Mr. Montgomery's room. He also mentioned the "young babe" who had actually ordered it. Carly got an idea and went to Craig's room and knocked. Inside, Dani assumed the knock was from room service, and she allowed Craig to get up and answer the door. Carly was standing there, and she asked if it was a bad time. Craig tried to get rid of her, so Carly asked why. Craig said he was either about to be killed or get lucky, but either way, it was goodbye, and he shut the door. He sweet-talked Dani, who promised to make his demise fast and painless. She thought about it and finally put down the gun. Craig gave her more money from his stash, and Dani promised to let him know where she landed. Craig told her not to leave a trail, and pushed her out the door. Carly, who had been skulking in the corridor, again knocked on Craig's door, and when he opened it, she told him he was one sick puppy. Craig let Carly in, just as the champagne arrived. Carly asked why Dani was in such a rush to leave, but Craig was not talking. Carly also mentioned that Katie had told her the nasty scheme he had pulled on Brad by framing him for murder. Carly wanted to know how Craig could live with himself.

Margo was having a busy night as Dani showed up at her door next. She said she needed to resign effective immediately, so Margo began asking questions. Dani said her college roommate was desperately ill and needed her help. Margo suggested Dani take a leave of absence instead, but the girl said that was not fair to the department, and she had to quit. Margo was suspicious and asked for a forwarding address, but Dani thanked her and took off.

Margo went to Brad and Katie's and explained about Dani. She said she had not believed the girl's story for a minute, but it got her wondering if Brad's run-in with her had any connection with her leaving town so suddenly. Brad said he thought Dani quit because she felt guilty for not solving the Spencer McKay case, but Margo disagreed. She thought Dani was hiding something, but Brad said he didn't have a clue about that. Margo left, and, as Brad and Katie were getting ready for bed, Brad said he was disappointed that Katie knew that Craig was behind getting Brad out of jail and she had not told him. He warned her never to let Craig near them again, and Katie swore to it.

Craig poured champagne for Carly and him and reminded her that she had not been able to hang on to Jack, but on the positive side, she would be able to act like the old Carly again without having the morality police watching her every move. Carly said she had moved on from that person, but Craig told her to admit that she admired him, and he offered her a flute of champagne. Carly asked him if he was kidding and told him there was not enough champagne in the world for that, and she walked out.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lily was at the Lakeview and ran into Bonnie McKechnie. They had not seen each other for a while, so Bonnie remarked how happy she was that Lily and Holden had worked out their marital differences. Lily asked if Bonnie was seeing anyone special, just as Derek Coburn walked up and kissed Bonnie. Derek stared at Lily, and said, "It's you!" He acted as if he knew Lily and seemed amazed that she did not remember him. Finally Lily realized that Derek had mistaken her for her twin, Rose. Derek said he knew Rose D'Angelo when they were kids in New Jersey, but he hadn't seen her in twenty years. Lily broke the news that Rose had died and asked how well he had known her. Derek hesitated and then answered that the two of them had been "close." Lily brought out a picture of Jade Taylor and explained to Derek that she was Rose's daughter. Derek said the girl was pretty, just like her mother. Lily hinted that perhaps Derek should have a bit more interest in the girl whose father Rose had never identified. Derek looked again, and then told Lily that just because Jade was biracial, it did not mean he was her father.

Holden brought some of Ethan's baby equipment to Meg at the farm, including the baby's favorite, a swing. He realized the swing needed some work, but Meg said the doctor thought she had a few weeks to go before little Eliza would appear, so there was no rush. Holden attempted to persuade his sister to go away with Emma for some needed rest before the baby came, and Meg realized her brother was trying to keep her away from Paul. She reassured him that she was through with Paul for good. Holden was worried that Paul would never give up on Meg and the baby, but Meg said she was finally aware of how damaged her husband really was. She promised she would not change her mind. Holden had no success repairing the swing, so he promised Meg he and Lily would buy her a new one for their niece. He also offered any other help they could provide to make Meg's life easier.

At Fairwinds, Paul was sleeping off a drinking binge, and the maid disturbed him. He told her to get out, and began to swallow a large quantity of pills when suddenly the vision of James knocked the medication from his hands. James called his son a defeatist, and told him to pull himself together. He said he was about to offer Paul some advice that would get Meg back, but Paul had to be prepared to "go for it." On his father's advice, Paul called Barbara and thanked her for always trying to protect him. He told her he loved her and let his voice trail off before hanging up. Barbara became frantic that Paul was about to do something drastic, as the call had sounded like a final farewell. James was pleased with Paul's performance and encouraged him to keep playing those cards. He made some suggestions for Paul's next call, and then suddenly disappeared. Paul grabbed his car keys, and left.

Lily apologized to Derek for suggesting he was Jade's father, but she continued to ask if there were any possibility that could be true. Derek hesitated and then answered that anything was possible. Lily thought it odd that Derek was not more curious about Jade's heritage. Holden arrived, and after Bonnie and Derek left, Lily explained that Derek could be her niece's father.

Barbara arrived quickly at Fairwinds, very concerned about Paul. The maid had no idea where he had gone, but as she was leaving, Barbara spotted an envelope addressed to Meg. She took the envelope and ran out.

Bonnie and Derek went to Metro, where Bonnie had some chores to do before they went shopping in Old Town. Derek was still stunned that Rose was gone, and Bonnie questioned him about whether he thought Jade might be his child. Derek maintained that the girl was not his, because Rose did not keep things to herself, and he was sure she would have told him if he was Jade's father. He vehemently said that he had no interest in being a dad, in the past or in the present. Bonnie was put off by his statement, and Derek seemed unnerved. He declared that no one was going to be better off by having him for a father.

Lily and Holden went home, and Lily mused whether she should call Jade in Miami and let her know her biological father was living in Oakdale. Holden put the brakes on that by pointing out that Lily had no proof whatsoever that Derek was Jade's dad, and he accused her of trying to bring Rose back. He was worried that Lily's life would get off track again as it had when Jade first came to town. Lily was hoping that finding her father would give Jade a sense of connection, but Holden agreed with Derek, who had said Jade should be the one to establish any such connection. He cautioned his wife to be careful, but all Lily could think of was that Jade had been looking for a parent all her life. She suggested they call Jade and just tell her they had met an old friend of her mother's. Lily called Jade's roommate and was disturbed to learn the girl had not seen Jade for several days. She also said the police were looking for Lily's niece. Holden suggested Lily back off, and he left to buy the new baby swing.

Barbara arrived at the Snyder farm and told Meg how despondent Paul had sounded on the phone. She asked Meg where Paul might go if he were at the lowest point of his life. She also gave her daughter-in-law Paul's note and admitted she had already read it. Meg argued that she would not allow Paul to manipulate her any longer. Barbara was frantic to find her son, and just before she left, she asked Meg how she could ever look at her baby daughter without feeling guilty if she let Paul die.

Paul went to the cabin in the woods where Meg had nursed him back to health after a gunshot wound. James was waiting for him and told him he hoped Paul had remembered to pick up more pills. He stressed how important it was for Paul's suicide attempt to fool Meg, who was a nurse. Paul was worried that Meg might not find him in time, but James explained that it was a calculated risk. If Paul wanted his family back, he had to take the risk. Meg had to believe he was in real trouble in order to save him. Paul poured some pills into his hand, but James questioned if it was enough. He accused his son of being afraid and, in fact, of being fearful all his life; he pronounced Paul would lose yet again. Paul doubled the number of pills in his hand and swallowed them.

Meg went to Fairwinds but could not find Paul. She experienced some cramping but willed herself to be calm. She found Paul's original bottle of pills and quickly called the pharmacy to see if Paul had refilled them recently. She learned he had just picked up a refill. She reread Paul's note in which he asked her to tell their daughter that "Daddy" was sorry, and she panicked.

Lily called Bonnie to ask a legal favor of her. She wanted to know if Bonnie, who used to live in Miami, still had law contacts down there who might be able to give her some information on Jade. At the very least, she needed to know what kind of trouble the girl was in. Bonnie said she would make some inquiries, but Derek told her whatever it was that Lily wanted, Bonnie should refuse. He apologized to her for over-reacting to Lily's probing, but he said he had to go, and went out the door. Bonnie placed a call to Miami and asked for information on Jade. Lily showed up as Bonnie was talking, and she overheard Bonnie saying that at least they knew what had happened to the girl. Bonnie told Lily that Jade was wanted for questioning as an accomplice in an armed robbery case. Lily was relieved, for she had feared her niece was dead.

Barbara went to the police, but they could do nothing about finding Paul until more time had passed. She bumped into Holden, literally, in Old Town, and she broke down and begged him to talk to Meg. Holden said he could not interfere in a family problem, and he went on his way.

At Lily and Holden's, Jade let herself in the front door. The house had been rebuilt since she had lived there, so she took the time to look around.

Meg went to the cabin and pounded on the door. She knew Paul was there because she had seen his car outside. She walked in and found him non-responsive, slumped in a chair. She shouted at him and realized he was in deep trouble. She tried to move him from the chair, but he fell on the floor and went unconscious. Meg felt for a pulse and then began CPR. She dragged him closer to the door until severe abdominal pains knocked her to the floor, as well.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Still at Metro, Lily told Bonnie she had never really understood Jade; trouble seemed to follow the girl everywhere. Bonnie warned that if Jade were convicted of armed robbery, she could go to prison for life. She suggested Jade probably needed money if she was on the run, so she might approach her family. Lily called Luke and Holden to alert them and to tell them that someone had to convince the girl to turn herself in, but neither one answered.

Jade was inside Lily and Holden's house, snooping, when she heard someone, so she slipped out the front door. Luke came into the living room and spotted Jade standing outside. He threw open the door and gave his cousin a big hug. He asked her what was going on, but Jade said nothing. She finally told him that she was not staying long and had no luggage. She told Luke a sad story about her adoptive parents who desperately needed a few thousand dollars in order to keep their house, and she asked if he could help. Luke said that depended upon whether she was telling the truth. He complained that he was sick to death of people playing him. Jade apologized and said she needed to disappear, perhaps for good.

Dusty saw Josie in Al's, counting her money. He asked if she needed cash, but she told him she had wages coming in. When Dusty looked skeptical, she explained that she had worked for a day at a big box store in Milltown, passing out cheese balls to Christmas shoppers. Dusty offered to find her a job at Worldwide, but Josie declined, saying people knew the two of them had a "thing," and she did not want to hear snickers in the rest room. Dusty suggested she give Barbara another chance, but Josie corrected him by saying it was Barbara who needed to give her another chance. Dusty got a frantic call on his cell from Meg, who begged him for help. She told him about Paul's condition and that they were up at the cabin, but then her own pains prevented her from saying more. Dusty told Josie to find Barbara and tell her to go to Memorial Hospital to meet Paul, who would be arriving by ambulance, and then he asked Josie to stay with her. He left immediately to find Meg.

Barbara badgered a desk clerk at the Lakeview to find out if Paul had taken a room there, but the clerk would not divulge any information. A furious Barbara called Lisa and left a message. Then she called Fairwinds and asked the maid to check the whole house for any signs that Paul might have returned. While Barbara waited for the maid to complete her check, Josie approached her, but Barbara was rude and dismissive to the girl. Josie walked away, but then she heard the frantic note in Barbara's voice as she further questioned the maid, and she came back. She told Barbara that an ambulance was bringing Paul to Memorial, and Barbara asked for reassurance that her son was still alive. Barbara thanked Josie, and then left, but Josie followed her.

Meg talked to her baby and told her it was too early for her to be born, and she tried to calm down. Paul was not responding, and Meg was suffering with terrible cramps. She resumed CPR until Dusty arrived. Her labor intensified, and Meg told Dusty her water had broken and the contractions were about five minutes apart. Dusty urged her to go with him to the hospital because an ambulance was on its way for Paul. Meg was reluctant to leave Paul, so Dusty put the empty pill container next to Paul so the EMTs would know what drug they were dealing with. Then Dusty scooped up Meg and carried her to his car, leaving Paul on the floor.

Jade explained to Luke that she was running from the police, and he demanded that she tell him the true story. Jade said she met a guy named Robby, and then she asked Luke again for money. Luke said if she didn't tell him the truth immediately, he would call the cops himself. Jade claimed she went clubbing with Robby, who got wasted on tequila. He stopped at a convenience store for aspirin, and Jade waited in the car. When Robby came out, he had a pillowcase full of money and a gun. He forced Jade to drive the car, which she did until she got away. Again she asked Luke for money, but instead, Luke offered to accompany her to the police station so they could set everything right. Jade refused because she was afraid of disappointing Lily once again. She picked up her coat and started to leave, but Luke suggested she take a shower and borrow some of his clothes, and then promised to get her the money. Jade went to take advantage of the offer, and Luke called his mother, who told him to stall Jade and not let her leave.

The EMTs arrived to treat Paul and realized he had just refilled his prescription and taken all the anti-anxiety medication. They prepared to transport him to the hospital. Meanwhile, Meg was situated in a room in Memorial, and Dusty was with her. Dr. Schiller came in and asked Meg some questions. She told Meg that since her water had broken and she was fully dilated, her baby was coming, early or not. Meg berated herself for working so hard on reviving Paul and not considering her own condition, but Dusty reassured her that she had done what she had to do. Dr. Schiller's assistant gowned Dusty, and called him "Daddy," and Dusty did not correct her. He began coaching Meg on her breathing, and Meg began pushing.

Jade came out after her shower, and Luke handed her a backpack with a few more clothes and some sandwiches he had packed. He said he only had $40 in the house but suggested they drive to an ATM to get more. He then offered to loan her his car. He stalled her by saying he could not find his car keys, and while he and Jade were looking for them, Lily and Bonnie walked in. Jade wished her aunt a merry Christmas and said she was there for a short visit. Lily told the girl she knew everything, and Jade turned an accusatory eye on Luke. Luke told his mother and Bonnie how Robby had set up Jade, but Bonnie asked if Jade had a previous criminal record. Lily admitted that the girl had been held for a while for attempted murder, but the charges had been dropped. Bonnie suggested that Jade cooperate fully with the police by turning herself in, and she left to go to the Oakdale police to try to smooth the way. Lily hugged her niece and went to call Holden. Luke told Jade he had been kicked out of school for rigging an election, and then Lily returned and they all left for the police station.

Barbara sat by Paul's bed in Memorial and asked Josie what she knew about his condition. Josie said she overheard the EMTs saying Paul was in a cabin and had taken a whole bottle of pills. Barbara thought Meg had been with him, but Josie said she did not know where Meg or Dusty were. Barbara was worried because Paul had not regained consciousness yet, and a nurse came in to prepare him for a stomach pumping. Barbara told her son that she would not allow him to finish what he had started, and she and Josie left. As the nurse was inserting the naso-gastric tube, Paul suddenly came to life, screaming, and fought with her.

Meg was doing screaming of her own, as she gave a final push and delivered baby Eliza. Dusty cut the umbilical cord, and Dr. Schiller whisked the baby out of the room without showing her to Meg. The assistant said they were going to "run some tests," and she followed the doctor. Dusty tried to keep Meg's spirits up, and then he left to see what was happening with the baby. He came back with the news that Eliza was in the neo-natal intensive care unit, and Meg commented sadly that her infant had never even cried. She began blaming herself for being so worried about Paul's influence on the baby, and yet it was she who put the child in danger.

Josie looked into Paul's room as Barbara came back and told her the doctors thought they had removed all the medication from his stomach. She said there was one more test Paul had to pass, as another doctor went into her son's room. She was referring to a psych evaluation, and the doctor began asking Paul questions. Paul said he only took the pills because his father had forced him. The psychiatrist reminded Paul that his father was deceased, but that struck Paul as funny, and he began laughing wildly, and said, "James Stenbeck never dies!" He soon began shouting for his father as the doctor left to order anti-delusional drugs for him. Barbara asked if that medication was necessary, as Paul came running out of his room looking for James. He began shouting his father's name and went berserk. Several attendants had to subdue him.

Dusty comforted Meg and held her as Josie looked through the window. Dusty left again to get more news, and Josie asked him why Meg was there. Dusty said she had delivered the baby, but he asked Josie not to say anything to Barbara yet, because there might be complications. Josie agreed.

Luke, Lily, and Jade arrived at the police station where Bonnie was waiting for them. As soon as Jade identified herself, a police officer slapped handcuffs on her and led her away, despite Bonnie's protests. Bonnie explained that the police could not find Robby, so they arrested Jade in hopes she could lead them to him. She also told them the police were extraditing Jade to Miami, so the question of bail would be addressed there. She promised to talk with her contacts for assistance. Luke was beating up on himself for not helping Jade escape, and he told Lily even when he tried to do the right thing, he screwed it up.

Paul was back in bed, sedated, but still protesting that it was James who had appeared to him and pushed him towards the suicide attempt. He asked about Meg and began to cry. The sedation took hold, and Barbara talked with Josie, telling her she was going to make arrangements through Bob Hughes to have Paul committed, at least for a 72-hour observation period. Dusty spoke with Josie and thanked her for helping Barbara. A doctor wheeled an Isolette to Dusty and asked if he would like to meet his perfect daughter. Dusty wheeled the baby in for Meg to see, and she got to hold Eliza for the first time. Josie looked in and saw the threesome, and it made her sad. She went into Paul's room, where he awakened and held her hand-and mistook her for his dead sister, Jennifer.

Friday, December 19, 2008

At Oakdale Memorial Hospital, Paul continued to think that Josie was his dead sister, Jennifer. When Barbara came in, Josie told her that she hadn't known what to say to Paul. Barbara took Josie out in the hallway and admonished her for going in and making Paul worse.

Dusty admired Meg's baby, Eliza. Holden came in, and Meg introduced him to his new niece. Meg explained that Dusty had brought her to the hospital just in time, and Holden thanked Dusty. Dusty left the room, to give Holden some time alone with Meg. Meg told Holden about Paul's attempted suicide. Holden said he was sorry, but he reminded Meg that her whole family would be around to help her with her new baby. Meg asked about her mother, and Holden explained that Emma was out of town with a church group.

Josie ran into Dusty in the hallway between Meg's room and Paul's room and told him that she had overheard him telling the doctors that he was Meg's husband. Dusty said he had done what he needed to do to be able to keep an eye on Meg. Josie replied that at some point, someone would have to tell Paul that he was a father, but Dusty insisted Paul wasn't ready for that kind of news. Josie thought that if Paul saw his baby, he might snap back to reality. Dusty asked what Josie meant, and she told him that Paul thought she was Jennifer, come back to life. Dusty warned Josie to stay away from Paul, because he dragged down the people close to him. Josie questioned Dusty's role in protecting Meg from Paul, but Dusty said he would do whatever it took to protect both Meg and her baby.

As Josie and Dusty were talking, Barbara came out of Paul's room with his doctor, Dr. Combs. Barbara explained that Paul's sister was actually dead and that his father, whom Paul said had convinced him to take the overdose of pills, was also dead. She told Dr. Combs that she had talked to Bob Hughes, and Bob had told her she could have Paul committed for 72 hours while they figured out what to do from there. Dr. Combs agreed to find a room for Paul immediately.

Josie asked Dusty what happened when someone was committed, but Dusty told her not to worry about it. Barbara approached and told Josie that Paul was asking for Jennifer, and Dr. Combs felt they should go along with Paul's misperception in order to keep him calm. Dusty insisted that Josie should have no part in Paul's situation, but Barbara told Dusty it wasn't any of his business. Josie asked what Barbara expected her to do, and Barbara said she didn't have to pretend to be Jennifer, but she could just listen to what Paul had to say.

As they spoke, a nurse wheeled Eliza out of Meg's hospital room, taking her for a hepatitis test. Dusty jumped up and asked the nurse if Eliza was okay. Barbara saw what was going on and realized that the baby in the bassinet was her new granddaughter. Dusty cautioned Barbara not to tell Paul about Eliza, saying Paul was obviously not ready mentally to deal with his new fatherhood. Barbara agreed, somewhat reluctantly, and asked Josie to go back into Paul's room to keep him company. Dusty warned Josie not to say a word about the baby. Barbara picked Eliza up and told her, "I'm your Nana." Barbara reminded Dusty that Johnny had called her "Nana," and Dusty said he remembered. Barbara gently told Dusty not to use Eliza as a substitute for Johnny, but Dusty said he wouldn't do that.

Josie went back into Paul's room. They both heard Eliza crying, and Paul asked if that was Josie's baby. Josie told him no. Paul told "Jennifer" that he and Meg were expecting a baby girl soon. Josie simply nodded.

Meg asked Holden where Lily was, and Holden told Meg he'd had several messages from Lily that he had to deal with. Meg told Holden not to worry about her, saying Dusty was there to take care of her, and Holden could leave to help Lily. Holden went into the hallway and thanked Dusty again for his help, but he made sure to tell Dusty that Meg's family could handle things in the future.

After Holden left, Dusty returned to Meg's room. Meg asked him to go to the second floor of the hospital to find her pediatrician, Dr. Baker, so he could check Eliza. Dusty left, but ran into Josie. He told her he thought she needed to stay with Paul, to make sure Paul didn't find out that Meg was in the hospital, too. Disgruntled, Josie went back into Paul's room. They heard Eliza crying again, and Paul insisted it sounded like the same baby to him. Still referring to Josie as Jennifer, Paul asked if Meg had delivered her baby, and when Josie didn't answer, Paul said he thought the crying baby was Eliza, and he asked Josie to take him to see her.

As Meg held her baby, the door to her room opened. It was Paul, who told Meg he had come to see their little girl. Paul asked how Eliza was doing, and Meg assured him the baby was fine. Paul said he felt like they had been given an incredible gift, and Meg said she felt the same way. Meg told Eliza that she wanted her to meet her daddy, and Paul walked over to Meg's bed to see his daughter. Paul told Eliza that no one would ever make her sad or try to hurt her, and he asked Meg if he could hold Eliza.

Meg asked Paul how he was doing, because people had told her that Paul wasn't himself. He said he was indeed someone different, a father. Holding Eliza, Paul said everything would be fine, because he was with his "two best girls." Meg reminded Paul that he had tried to kill himself, but he told her James had made him do it. Meg pointed out that James was dead, but Paul said that hadn't stopped James. Paul then excitedly told Meg that somehow, Jennifer wasn't dead, either.

Meg tried to correct him, but Dusty burst in, followed by Barbara and Josie. Dusty told Paul to get away from Meg and the baby. Paul told Dusty it was time they buried the hatchet, because Dusty could be with Jennifer, and Paul could be with Meg and Eliza. Josie told Paul that Barbara was worried about him, but Paul said that was because Barbara hadn't met her granddaughter yet. He carried Eliza over to Barbara, who congratulated Paul and told him Eliza was beautiful. Barbara told Paul he needed to get back to his own room. Paul put Eliza back in Meg's arms and left with Barbara and Josie, telling Meg that he wanted to see her and Eliza again very soon.

When Paul had gone, Meg asked Dusty what would happen to Paul. Dusty told Meg it wasn't her problem. Meanwhile, Paul asked his mother where James was. Paul said they needed to keep James away from Eliza, in case James tried to take Eliza from them. Barbara tried to tell Paul he didn't need to worry about that, but Paul became extremely agitated, and Barbara had to call for help. Some nurses came into Paul's room, and he was given a shot to calm him down.

Dusty went back into the hallway after he and Meg heard Paul shouting for Meg. Dusty saw Josie and asked her how she could have let Paul go see his baby. Josie said that Paul had seemed to become rational when he had heard the baby crying, and she had felt sorry for him. Dusty said he would never make the mistake of trusting Josie again. Barbara came out of Paul's room and told Josie that Paul was being transferred to the psychiatric ward. Barbara asked Josie to leave with her, saying she didn't want to be alone. Paul was wheeled out of his room on a gurney and asked where Meg was. Barbara tried to assure her son that everything would be okay.

Lily went to the police station and found Bonnie, who told Lily that Jade had been taken in for booking. Bonnie explained that the Florida police wanted to find Jade's boyfriend, Robby Sanchez, for multiple crimes, and if the cops couldn't find him, Jade might end up with a lengthy prison sentence. Bonnie suggested that Derek might be able to help, because of connections he had in Florida. Lily asked Bonnie to speak to Derek, because Jade might be his daughter. Bonnie told Lily that the possibility that Jade might be Derek's daughter was the one thing that might stop Derek from trying to help Jade. Lily begged Bonnie to see what she could do to convince Derek to help.

Jade was brought out into the lobby of the police station, where she and Lily were able to talk. Lily assured Jade that Bonnie was doing everything possible to help Jade.

Bonnie went to the Lakeview and told Derek about Jade's troubles. Derek was unsympathetic and told Bonnie he didn't want to get involved. Bonnie went back to the police station and gave Lily the bad news. Lily told Bonnie to let her deal with Derek, and Lily went to the Lakeview. There, she asked Derek why he wouldn't help Jade, for Rose's sake. Lily said that whether or not Jade was Derek's daughter, Jade was all either of them had left of Rose. She asked Derek what he thought Rose would say to him if she were sitting there instead of Lily. Derek told Lily she owed him a dinner, and the two went to the police station.

Holden went to the police station and was there when Lily and Derek arrived. Derek told Bonnie that he would help her and Lily with Jade's case, provided no one told Jade about Derek's relationship with Rose or the possibility, however remote, that Derek might be Jade's father. Lily agreed, and Bonnie took Derek into the interrogation room to meet Jade. Bonnie told Jade that Derek was an investigator she had hired to try to find Robby, but Jade soon sensed that Derek's questions were not very detached. He was obviously upset to hear that Jade had met Robby in a club and had taken him back to her motel. Derek asked Jade if she knew any places where Robby was likely to hang out, and Jade remembered that Robby had wanted to take her to a casino in Coconut Creek. Derek said he might have some contacts there.

Derek, Bonnie, and Jade went back into the central area from the interrogation room. Holden told Jade how sorry he was to hear about the trouble she was in. Bonnie thanked Derek for his help and asked him how soon he could go to Florida to try to find Robby Sanchez. Derek said he would do his best, but with the holidays coming up, he didn't think Jade should expect to be home for Christmas.

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