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Monday, October 27, 2008

Spencer came to the diner for breakfast, but Henry was not at all hospitable. After she ordered, Henry mellowed a bit. Spencer saw a man lurking outside the diner and went outside to talk to him. Henry followed and overheard Spencer telling the man that someone had been dead for nearly a month and asking what was taking so long. The man promised she would get "it" today.

Janet admired her new engagement ring as Jack arrived and called her his fiancée. That thrilled her, and the two of them made plans for a celebratory lunch at the Lakeview. After Jack left, Janet told Katie that she and Brad were such a good example of a loving couple just as Brad rushed out, obviously not speaking to his wife. Katie explained that she and Brad had gotten into a terrible fight at WOAK, and Kim had put their show on hiatus indefinitely. She also reminded her friend that Brad still had a show on air with Spencer McKay. Janet told Katie that she and Brad were perfect for one another, and then showed her Jack's engagement ring. Katie was happy, but then got teary-eyed and dashed out.

Dusty came by the Snyder farm and asked Meg what the doctor had said about her baby. Meg responded that he gave the same advice, to stay as stress-free as possible. Dusty knew that Paul had seen Meg in the hospital, and Meg cautioned him to stay away from her husband for his own sake. She tried to warn Dusty that Paul was desperate to get him, even to the point of trying to hire Derek Coburn to plant drugs on him. Dusty refused to stay away from Meg, and said he needed to live long enough to fulfill his promise to a dying Jennifer that he would raise her son, Johnny, as his own.

Emily dropped in on Paul at Fairwinds and wanted to know how his seeing Meg at the hospital went. Paul said not well, but he had a way to make Dusty and all his problems go away. He took a revolver out of a desk drawer and showed it to Emily. She asked where killing Dusty would leave her, and asserted that Meg would hate Paul because of it. Emily encouraged Paul to use good sense and stay out of jail to help raise the child Meg was carrying. Paul put the gun down, and Emily left. James appeared and asked his son what kind of a man he was. Paul told his father he was not real, but James again accused him of always hiding behind a woman.

At WOAK, Spencer noticed Brad was glum, but he did not want to talk about it. She had bags of Halloween candy to use on a segment of their show, and she further assured him she had anything he could possibly want. Janet walked in and asked to speak to Brad. She showed him her ring and asked for his blessing. Brad congratulated her, and Janet commented that he looked as miserable as Katie. Then she invited him to join her and Jack in their celebration at lunch and promised to have Katie there as well. Brad cancelled a previous lunch date with Spencer to accommodate Janet.

Katie went to the police station to talk with Margo, but her sister was not there. Jack figured out that she was having problems in her marriage, and they talked about the challenges with Spencer. Jack invited Katie to lunch with him and Janet and said he would also include Brad.

Dusty saw Derek Coburn in the coffee shop and paid his bill for him. He asked Derek why he had refused Paul's job to plant drugs on him, and Derek said there were some things he would not do for money. Derek noticed a man in a leather jacket who had come in a couple of times and looked around and left and asked Dusty if it was possible the stranger might be following him. Dusty then offered Derek a job.

Paul was having coffee at the Lakeview and checking the revolver in his pocket when a strange woman approached and told him whatever he was planning to do, not to go through with it. After that, Paul went to Emily's office and asked her to take the gun for safekeeping. Emily was horrified that Paul was walking around with a loaded gun in his pocket and put the gun in her locked desk. Paul saw where she put the key, so she temporarily left the key out on her desk to hide later. He asked her if she thought he was crazy. Dusty walked in and asked why the two of them were spending so much time together, and Paul apologized to Dusty for his bizarre behavior following his father's death and then walked out. Dusty called Paul a "joke" to Emily. She told Dusty she wanted to be friends with him, and Dusty asked if she was hoping he would wake up some morning and be in love with her. Emily said she realized that he still loved Jennifer and all she could hope for was friendship.

Derek went to see Meg and asked if she thought she and Paul would get back together. Meg did not know, so Derek asked if she would mind if he stayed around to make sure nothing bad happened. Meg realized Dusty had hired Derek as her bodyguard.

Janet went to the police station and apologized to Jack for inviting Katie to their lunch, and said she wanted to also include Brad. Jack laughed when he told her he had done basically the same thing. The two of them were already acting like a married couple.

Henry waylaid Katie in the Lakeview lobby and wanted to share his experience with Spencer that morning. Katie wanted to hear none of it until the same man Henry had observed talking with Spencer outside the diner appeared at the desk to leave a package for her. Brad arrived and he and Katie stepped aside for a little private talk. They both apologized and decided over a kiss to wipe the slate clean. Meanwhile, Henry found the package for Spencer unattended at the front desk, so he took it and opened it. Inside was an old music box, which Henry dropped and smashed into many pieces. Katie and Brad heard the commotion and returned, along with a horrified Spencer. She yelled at Katie to ask why she kept doing this to her. Henry explained he was suspicious until Spencer said the man at the diner and with the package was her brother and he was delivering the music box, the only thing she had left from her recently deceased grandmother. Brad assumed Katie was involved even though she denied it. Brad offered to try to repair the box and followed Spencer to her room.

Paul arrived at the farm with an armful of cut flowers. Derek intercepted him and would not allow him to see Meg. Paul said he would respect Meg's wishes, and asked Derek to tell his wife he was getting help for all their sakes, including the baby. Paul went back to Fairwinds, and James greeted him again. This time, Paul assured his father he knew exactly what he was doing.

The strange psychic woman who had earlier approached Paul found a skeptical Dusty at the Lakeview Bar. He told her he did not believe in visions and psychic feelings, but she told him he was on a journey and she should be focusing on his wife. He said his wife was dead, and she replied then so was he.