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Monday, July 28, 2008

Meg woke up in her hospital room and was initially happy to find herself surrounded by flowers. When she saw a rose among one of the bouquets, she remembered how Paul had buried Sofie at Fairwinds and then planted roses to hide her. Meg tossed the rose to the ground as Paul arrived. He realized Meg was remembering Sofie and quickly tried to take his wife's mind off of the past. Paul said he had convinced the doctors she was ready to be discharged and Meg was thrilled. Paul noticed Meg was having trouble walking and asked her if she was all right. Meg explained she was just a little tired, but was no longer seeing Sofie. Paul was shocked by Meg's statement and asked her what she meant. Meg explained she thought she saw Sofie dressed as a bride and standing in the hall on their wedding day. Paul reassured Meg that Sofie was gone and prepared to take his wife home. Before they left, Meg reminded Paul to grab the necklace his mother had let her borrow for the wedding ceremony. Paul put the necklace in his pocket and the happy couple left for Fairwinds.

Once they arrived home, Paul showed Meg that he had the roses that had marked Sofie's makeshift grave removed. He hoped to begin their marriage without any reminders of that terrible time. Meg noticed Paul had the necklace from the hospital in his pocket and asked him to put it on her. Once the necklace was on, Paul picked Meg up and took her into the house.

As the couple got cozy on the couch, Margo arrived and told them that they might be facing charges because they hid Sofie's body. Meg grew agitated very quickly and began yelling at Margo. Suddenly, Meg became lightheaded and Paul insisted she sit down and rest while he spoke with Margo in the study. Alone and recovering, Meg heard a noise outside and got up to investigate. Meg was stunned when she looked out the window and saw the ghostly image of Sofie standing in the spot where she had been buried. Meg was horrified and began to scream at Sofie to leave her and Paul alone. Meg ran into the garden to confront her hallucination. Sofie admonished Meg for happily celebrating her marriage to Paul, while she and her baby rotted away. Meg became overwhelmed with grief and sadness and collapsed, just as Margo and Paul came into the garden. Paul rushed to her side and took Meg inside.

Once Meg had regained consciousness, she told Paul and Margo about her confrontation with Sofie and explained what she saw. Paul was concerned about Meg's well-being and insisted she stay on the couch while he showed Margo out.

Alone at Fairwinds, Meg and Paul sat on the couch and Meg seemed concerned that Sofie would return. Paul tried to comfort his wife that Sofie was gone, but she was still jittery and anxious. Meg explained she felt restricted and asked Paul to take off the necklace. Moments later she laid down to rest in his arms and finally seemed at peace.

At her office, Emily received a gift box with two bottles of perfume in it and instantly noticed one was her mother's favorite fragrance. She believed the package had come from a grateful advertiser and sprayed a little on before she threw both bottles into her purse.

Tom and Margo arrived at the Lakeview for lunch with Casey. Margo hoped the lunch was the beginning of Casey admitting he was wrong about Emily, but Tom thought it was simply lunch. Casey arrived and tried to persuade his parents that he was ready to act like an adult and wanted them to focus on the future and forget the past. As he was explaining his desires, Emily arrived and Casey jumped up to greet her. Emily was surprised that Tom and Margo were at the table and was not excited about eating lunch with Casey's parents. Margo was not thrilled by the idea, either, and turned away in anger, refusing to look at Emily. Emily grabbed Casey and took him to the lobby to ask him what the hell he was thinking. Casey convinced Emily to sit down and at least try to make things better. As Emily sat, Margo jumped up and excused herself. Casey had heard enough and demanded that his mom sit down and get along.

Everyone agreed to stay, but Margo and Emily took little jabs at one another throughout the lunch. Tom and Casey tried to keep the peace, but when Margo insulted Emily one time too many, Emily stormed out. Casey asked his mom to give Emily a break, but Margo was not ready to give up, and left. Tom told his son that he was never going to get anywhere pushing Emily and Margo together and Casey agreed. He left to find Emily and apologize.

Alison and Susan met at Java for their morning coffee and Susan noticed right away that Alison was looking tired. Susan wanted to know if Alison was taking care of herself, but Alison explained she was fine and was just working hard in nursing school. Susan insisted that Alison let her do an examination and make sure Alison had not picked up a nasty bug at the hospital. Alison finally gave in and the two left for Memorial.

Susan checked Alison out and told her she was medically fine, but was most likely overstressed by school. Alison insisted she needed to work hard to prove she could get through nursing school on her own. She then told her mom she had become superstitious about wearing the new bracelet her father sent her. She explained she was doing well until the clasp broke on the bracelet and was happy she would be getting her new good luck charm back that day. After Susan looked her over, Alison went to the jeweler to retrieve her bracelet before returning to Memorial for her classes.

After her disastrous lunch with Casey and his parents, Emily stopped by the hospital to drop off a bottle of the new perfume for her mother. Susan was happy to get the gift, but noticed Emily was not looking well. Emily recounted the horrible lunch date and Susan reminded Emily that dating Casey might not be a great choice. Emily was quickly angered and told her mother to leave her alone. Susan left to check on a patient as Emily stewed over her mother's criticism.

Moments after Susan walked away, Casey arrived and found Emily. She immediately lashed out at Casey and told him his lunch idea was immature and stupid. Casey pulled Emily into a private room and Emily began screaming at him. Alison heard the two fighting and asked Emily what was wrong. Emily said she did not know what was going on, but she felt agitated, but was also dizzy and nauseous. Emily excused herself to go to the restroom. Alison was confused by Emily's behavior, but congratulated Casey on trying to get his family and Emily to make peace. Alison admitted she was shocked when she heard Casey was dating her sister, but she wished the couple well and gave Casey a hug.

Emily stumbled to the restroom and splashed some water on her face. She wanted to refresh herself before heading back, so she spritzed herself with more of the new perfume. Emily returned to find Casey and Alison hugging. Emily grabbed her sister by the arm and told her to let go of Casey. Emily continued her rant and called Alison a tramp. Casey and Alison tried to calm Emily down, but she would not stop yelling. Finally, Casey took hold of Emily by the arm and led her out of the hospital. Alison stood in the hall, stunned by her sister's odd behavior.

Casey took Emily back to her office and Emily explained she did not know where her anger had come from. She apologized for her behavior, but Casey said he felt responsible because he tricked her into having lunch with his parents. Emily said she could not justify her actions and worried she would lose Casey. Casey reassured Emily they would be fine.

Chris and Bob took the day off together to play a little golf. Bob tried to give Chris a little advice about his game, but it was obvious that Chris was rapidly becoming agitated by his father's suggestions. As they continued their game, Chris almost collapsed on the course. Bob helped him to his feet and noticed Chris looked sick. Bob observed that Chris's eyes were glassy and Chris laughingly remarked that he had said the same thing to Alison when they met up at Java. Bob checked Chris's pulse and said it was racing. Bob then saw the new watch on his son's wrist. Chris said the watch was a gift from Kim, and Bob was surprised by the news that his wife had bought Chris such a nice present without telling him. Bob then insisted that Chris go with him to the hospital to get checked out.

At Memorial, Bob sent Chris's blood work to the lab, but noticed his son was sweating and looking worse than before. Chris told his father he was fine and probably just had a virus. Once Bob left the room, Chris sat back down and frantically began to rip his clothes off and, in the middle of his strip down, finally took off the watch.

Alison went into the on-call room to put her things away and found Chris naked and shaking. She told him to put his clothes on and pull himself together. She left him alone and Chris seemed to wake up and realize he was not acting right. Alison waited for Chris to dress and returned to ask him if he was all right. Chris tried to explain what had happened, but Alison thought he was there for a romantic rendezvous with another woman. As they spoke, Alison realized Chris was really sick and told him to take care of himself. She noticed he had left his watch behind and handed it to him before he left.