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Monday, May 26, 2008

Bob called Meg and asked her to come to Memorial right away. Meg arrived a short time later and learned that someone on the hospital's board was pushing for her to be reinstated. Meg explained to Bob that she hadn't asked for anyone to argue on her behalf, but was pleased to hear the hospital was reconsidering hiring her back as a nurse. Bob offered Meg her old job back, but before Meg accepted she wanted to know who had spoken up for her. Bob refused to tell Meg who had lobbied on her behalf. Meg figured it must have been Barbara who had defended her, so she didn't press Bob any further, but happily decided to return to nursing at Memorial.

At Barbara's suite at the Lakeview, Paul tended to his mother after her latest treatment. Barbara and Paul discussed Paul's relationship with Meg, and Barbara encouraged her son to keep trying to win Meg back. A phone call from Sofie interrupted their conversation. Barbara had lied to Sofie and told her she was in New York on business, and Sofie was feeling overwhelmed by her new jewelry line and had called Barbara to find out when she would be returning. Barbara told Sofie she was busy and hung-up, but was worried about Sofie's progress, and asked Paul to check in on Sofie. Barbara warned her son to be careful of Sofie's feelings for him. She worried that any encouragement from Paul could make Sofie's affection grow. Paul reassured his mom that he could handle Sofie and asked Barbara to focus on taking care of herself.

Aaron found Alison sitting at Java and noticed she looked depressed. He asked Alison what was wrong and she told him that Chris thought she was crazy. Alison said she wanted to be in a relationship with Chris, but with all the pressure of the nursing program, she was feeling overwhelmed. Alison explained how she had jumped away from Chris when he tried to touch her while they studied and how she felt uncomfortable whenever he got too close. Alison worried that without Chris tutoring her, she wouldn't be able to pass her exams. Aaron saw Meg walk into Java and asked his aunt if she would be willing to tutor Alison. Meg told them she just got her job back at the hospital, but could help in her spare time. Alison was happy to hear that Meg would lend a hand and agreed to meet her at the farm.

At Memorial, Chris searched the halls looking for Alison and learned from one of the nurses that Alison was in class all week. Bob noticed Chris looking frustrated and asked his son what was wrong. Chris told his dad that he had not been able to reach Alison since he had told her to get therapy. Bob laughed at Chris's latest relationship mistake and suggested that his connection with Alison might just be suffering from bad timing. Chris said he really wanted to help Alison, so Bob encouraged his son to apologize again.

Alison went to the hospital to pick up her books and ran into Chris. He tried to ask for her forgiveness, but Alison was reluctant to listen. Alison finally gave Chris the chance to say sorry and listened as he agreed to be patient with her. Alison was happy to hear everything Chris had to say and said she would give their relationship another chance. She told him she had a new tutor and was glad they would be able to keep their work and personal lives separate.

Meg went to Barbara's room and shared her good news about getting her job back. Meg knew Barbara was behind her rehiring and thanked her. As Barbara got up to get them coffee, she had to grab the couch for support and Meg realized that Barbara was not feeling well. Meg demanded that Barbara lie down and let Meg care for her. Meg warned Barbara that she needed to take better care of herself and that she was in desperate need of some rest. Meg decided to wait around to make sure Barbara took a nap.

Paul arrived at Sofie's studio to check in on her. He looked over the pieces in the jewelry line and the two discussed a special necklace she named "Midnight Secret." Paul thought naming each item would be great for marketing and asked Sofie to tell him the story behind the necklace. Paul helped Sofie put the necklace on and then, in an obvious attempt to flirt with him, she quickly grabbed his hand and put it over the pendant as she told him the tale she had created. Paul advised Sofie that if she came up with a story for each piece she would easily sell her line out in no time. Sofie was excited by Paul's support and decided to take Paul's suggestion and create scrolls for every item in the collection. Paul explained he had to go take care of some other work, and Sofie was annoyed that Paul was not staying with her. Sofie kept working on all the stories and began to fantasize that Paul had returned to the office to seduce her. She was quickly jolted back to reality and realized she was alone.

Paul arrived at Barbara's suite to check on his mother and found Meg asleep on the couch. He woke her by gently brushing her hair away from her check and then told her he was happy to find her there. Meg filled Paul in on why she was there and the two shared an easy reunion. Paul saw Barbara was sound asleep and offered to drive Meg home.

Alison arrived at the farm to study with Meg and found that Aaron had set up the kitchen with her favorite treats to keep her motivated. Meg arrived a short time later with Paul and before he left he thanked her for taking care of Barbara. Meg said it was just her job, but Paul told her it was a reflection of the good person she really was. Meg couldn't help but smile at Paul's compliment and the two said good-bye.

Casey brought Emily some paperwork in her office and the two had an awkward encounter because Casey was unable to stop staring longingly at Emily. She tried to get Casey to focus on work, but he kept pursuing Emily. Casey told Emily that he couldn't get her and the night they spent together out of his head. Emily reminded Casey that they had agreed to be professional and handed him his paycheck in the hope of getting his mind back on his job. When Casey saw the check and the taxes that had been taken out, he remarked that it wasn't enough money. Casey told Emily he needed to pay money back he had taken from the Lakeview. He explained that he only stole the money to repay a debt from prison and that he wanted to make things right at the Lakeview and with the guy who had been fired for taking the money. Emily said she would give Casey a loan to pay Lisa back, but only if he agreed to tell Lisa the truth. Casey did not want to tell his grandmother everything, but Emily told him he needed to come clean to clear his conscience. Casey thought Emily was trying to get him sent back to jail, but she said she wanted to see him be a good man and didn't think Lisa would send her grandson back to jail. Casey agreed with everything Emily said, took the money, and left to see Lisa.

Casey found Lisa in the Lakeview's bar and handed her the envelope with the money in it. He told his grandmother about stealing the money, and Lisa wanted to know how he was able to pay it back. Casey explained that Emily had loaned him the money. Lisa told him that the money did not wipe the slate clean, and she was upset to learn what Casey had done. Lisa said that Casey needed to tell his mom and dad the truth, but Casey begged her to keep his thievery between them. Lisa said she didn't want to lie to Tom and Margo and she would have to think about it.

Casey returned to Emily's office and told her that he believed Lisa was planning to talk to his parents about his taking the money. Emily reassured Casey he had done the right thing by telling Lisa and he agreed that he needed to face the consequences. Emily saw Casey was worried about going back to jail and comforted him with a hug.

Alone in the bar, Lisa considered her options in dealing with Casey and decided she had to tell Tom and Margo. She phoned Tom and asked him to meet her right away to talk about Casey.