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Monday, February 11, 2008

At Metro, Sam tries to force himself on Carly and the two struggle on one of the club's booths. As she resists, a shot rings out and Sam rolls off of Carly onto the floor. He is shot in the shoulder and lays on the ground motionless. As Carly gets up, she is surprised to see Parker at the door holding a shotgun. A stunned Carly looks at Parker who tells his mom that he wasn't going to let Sam hurt her. Carly asks Parker to put the gun down, but Parker refuses until he knows Sam is dead. Carly tells Parker that she believes Sam is dead, so Parker drops the weapon and runs out of Metro. Carly chases after her son, and leaves Sam bleeding on the floor.

Carly catches up to Parker in Old Town and tells him to talk to her, and the two go to the local church. Once there, she asks why he went to Metro. He explains that after talking to her earlier, he knew Sam would hurt her, so he took the gun from the farm and went to Metro. Carly says they need to call Jack, but Parker begs her not to call his father. Parker is concerned that Jack will be angry that he took the gun from the farm and will turn him in. Parker wants his mother to leave town with him and help him get away, like she did when Simon was in trouble with the law. Carly tries to explain to Parker that they need to do the right thing and that she won't ever let go of him. She goes on to tell Parker that she knows he shot Sam to protect her, and that his father will believe it too. She insists that they call Jack and get his help and Parker agrees. They reach Jack and tell him they need to meet with him right away.

As Carly and Parker wait for Jack, she promises Parker that everything will be all right. When Jack arrives, he is concerned with why Parker snuck out of the house and Carly explains that Parker sensed something was wrong and went to find her at Metro. She goes on to tell Jack that Parker stopped Sam from raping her. A concerned Jack says they should get Carly to the hospital and he will get an APB out on Sam right away. Carly then tells Jack that Parker shot Sam with the gun from the farm. Jack is surprised that they didn't call 9-1-1 from Metro and wants to call the station right away, but Carly stops him. Carly is worried that Parker will go to jail and begs Jack not to call the police, but he explains they need to call the authorities immediately to avoid any suspicion. She convinces Jack to check on Sam first and see how badly he is injured before going to the police. Jack agrees and the three return to Metro.

Upon their arrival back at the club, Jack sees Sam on the floor and checks his pulse. He confirms what everyone feared, that Sam is dead. He immediately calls in the shooting to the station and gets ready to take Parker in. Carly tries to persuade Jack not to take Parker in, but he explains that the best thing for them to do is to tell the police how Sam tried to rape Carly and let the authorities work everything out. Jack embraces Parker and encourages his son to be brave.

Henry and Vienna are busy working at Al's Diner and begin to discuss the disastrous love life of Katie and Brad. Henry cautions Vienna to stop meddling before someone gets hurt, but she is convinced that Katie and Brad are destined to be together. He believes Katie is better off away from Brad, but Vienna will not give up. Katie arrives at Al's to pick up a cake and overhears the two talking about her relationship with Brad. Both Henry and Vienna offer their opinions of Katie's love life, but Katie explains that she and Brad have no future. Katie gets the cake and heads to Tom and Margo's for dinner. Henry and Vienna continue their bickering over Katie and Brad, so Henry decides to leave the diner to take a break.

Margo arrives home and is greeted by Tom and Casey. Tom and Margo discuss her day and she explains Gwen and Will's recent trouble with Sophie kidnapping Hallie. Margo encourages Casey to call his friends and check to see how they are doing, but Casey is reluctant to get involved with his old friends since his return from prison. As Margo tries to convince him of the importance of staying in contact with his old friends, Katie arrives for dinner and greets her nephew. She senses she has interrupted something and Casey mentions that his parents are giving him another lecture about returning to life in Oakdale. Katie explains that her friends, Vienna and Henry, both keeping pushing her love life in different directions and she understands how meddling some people can be. As dinner continues, Casey gets a call from a former prison buddy named Matt. He wants to see Casey right away and tells him they have business to discuss. Casey is apprehensive at first, but agrees to meet up with Matt. Right after Casey leaves, Margo gets a call from Jack explaining what has happened at Metro. Jack asks Margo to meet him at the station with Tom to help deal with the situation.

Down at the station, Margo takes Parker in for questioning. Tom attends the interrogation as Parker's lawyer, while both Jack and Carly sit in to hear what their son has to say about Sam's shooting. Margo asks Parker if the shooting was an accident and Parker responds that it wasn't. He details for Margo the events leading up to Sam's killing. When Parker explains that he got the gun and then went to Metro, Margo points out to everyone that Parker had the gun before he knew that Sam was attacking Carly. Tom stops the interview and meets with Carly and Jack outside. Tom explains to the two that Margo is proving that Parker went to Metro to kill Sam before he ever knew Carly was in danger. He and Jack realize that a prosecutor could prove Parker acted with premeditation in Sam's killing. Carly tries to explain that Parker has always had perceptive powers and he knew she was in trouble, but Tom and Jack realize that Parker may be in deep trouble. Margo comes out and tells Jack and Carly she needs to hold Parker until they can meet with a judge. Jack and Carly go in to tell Parker he has to stay there for the night. They promise their son they will work together to make sure he is safe and that he won't be in jail long. Margo escorts Parker to lockup, as an emotional Carly breaks down in Jack's arms.

Casey greets his prison buddy in Old Town and learns that the prison guard who helped them get out early wants the rest of his money now. Casey tells his friend, Matt, not to worry and that he will find a way to get the guard what they owe him. Casey arrives at the Lakeview and notices one of the bartenders is very busy. He tells the guy he will watch the bar so he can get some other things done and once the bartender leaves him behind the bar, he eyes the cash register. When the opportunity arises to take the money, Casey grabs it and heads out.

Henry arrives at Yo's Bar and finds Brad sitting at the bar. He isn't happy to see Brad there, but decides to sit at the bar and have a drink nevertheless. Henry explains that he is there because he and Vienna keep fighting over Brad and Katie's relationship. Brad is discouraged to hear that Katie believes they have no future together. He explains that because he is Jack's brother, he really never stood a fair chance with Katie, and that he really loves her. Henry reminds Brad that Katie has had many crazy relationships before he and Jack came along and that if he really loved her he would just let Katie get her life together. Brad reminisces about his memories of Katie, and a frustrated Henry decides to refocus Brad's attention by taking him to a local poker game.

In a room at the Lakeview, Brad and Henry play in a friendly, but high stakes, game of poker. Brad is distracted and drunk, but tries to stay up with the game. Henry wins big, just as Vienna arrives and tells Henry to leave immediately. One of the players, Gray, is obviously taken with Vienna's beauty and greets her enthusiastically. Henry refuses to leave the game because he is winning, but Vienna takes a seat in the room and tells her boyfriend she won't leave without him. Henry explains he has to play at least one more hand, but Vienna and Gray convince Henry to leave. Vienna is grateful for Gray's help, but Gray looks to want more from Vienna than her gratitude. Brad remains behind and the poker players look to win their losses back from a visibly drunk Brad.

Katie sits at Java enjoying some coffee and sees a naked Brad walking through town. She grabs an old tablecloth and runs after him. She asks Brad what he is doing strolling through town without clothes and notices immediately that he is drunk. Brad tries to explain what happened, but has no real explanation. He instead decides to kiss Katie and loses his tablecloth in the moment. A cop sees a naked Brad kissing Katie and asks her if she wants to press charges. At first, Katie tries to explain Brad's behavior to the cop, but later decides a night in jail for indecent exposure might do Brad a little good. Brad begs Katie to help, but she refuses. Bonnie sees what is going on and steps in to help Brad. With Bonnie's help, the cop decides to let Brad go. Katie looks on as Bonnie escorts Brad home.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Henry talks in his sleep about playing poker. Vienna angrily wakes him up and tells him "no more sex" until he quits gambling or even dreaming about gambling. Trying to make it up to her, Henry tells Vienna that his favorite recurring dream is of Vienna playing on the Oakdale University women's basketball team, but Vienna interprets this as Henry dreaming of other women. Henry reminds Vienna that when she fell in love with him, she fell for the "whole package," which included his love of gambling. He then says that Vienna is the woman he always dreamed of as a young man but thought was just a fantasy. His sweet talk works, and they fall down together onto the bed, laughing.

At the hospital, Chris gives Will and Gwen the good news that Hallie is doing well and can go home the next day. He then asks if they would consider being lenient with Sofie. Chris leaves, and Will is confused about Chris's reasons for standing up for Sofie. Gwen thinks Chris is being sympathetic because Sofie reached out to him, but Will thinks the fact that he and Chris are cousins should count for something, too.

At the police station, Aaron tries to persuade Sofie to let him hire a lawyer to defend her, but Sofie wants nothing to do with him. Sofie blames Aaron for telling Gwen and Will where she had taken Hallie. Aaron leaves but runs into Chris on his way out. He asks Chris to try to convince Sofie that she needs an attorney. Chris goes in to talk to Sofie and asks if her doctor ever talked to her about postpartum depression. He tells her it's a real condition that may have affected her ability to make rational decisions. Sofie tells Chris she appreciates his concern, but she doesn't want his help.

Chris returns to the hospital and tells Gwen and Will that he thinks Sofie may have postpartum depression. Chris is worried about what might happen to Sofie if Will and Gwen press charges against her. Chris tells them he thinks Sofie is a good person, and he asks them to consider giving her a break. Chris goes in to check on Hallie, and Gwen suggests that the best way to put all of this behind them might be to do as Chris says and give Sofie a break. Will says he'll do that on one condition: that Sofie never again be allowed anywhere near Hallie.

Matt calls Casey and says he's at Yo's, waiting for the money Casey is supposed to bring. Casey says he's on his way, but then Casey runs into Alison. Alison tells him she's going to the hospital to visit Will, Gwen, and the baby, and she asks if Casey wants to come. Casey says he can't, and Alison gives him a hard time about not being there for his good friends. Casey tells Alison she can't guilt him into going with her, but then he lets her do just that, and they go to the hospital together.

At the hospital, Matt again calls Casey. Casey tells Alison he has to leave. Alison thinks he's being very rude, considering he just got there. As Casey and Alison argue, Matt walks up and introduces himself to Alison. Alison pointedly says she "used to be" a friend of Casey's, and she goes back into Hallie's room. Casey and Matt go back to Yo's, where Casey gives Matt the money he stole from the Lakeview bar. Matt is going to use it to pay off the prison guard who lied for them, which got them released from prison sooner.

Casey goes back to the hospital, where Will and Gwen are telling Alison about their decision to drop the charges against Sofie. Casey says if they're sure they want to do that, he can give them the phone number for the DA, since it used to be his dad's number. He reminds them that once they make that call, they can't change their minds. Will and Gwen decide to make the call, and Alison tells Casey she's proud of him for helping his friends. She invites Casey to join her for dinner, and Will and Gwen leave to tell Sofie about their conversation with the DA.

At the Lakeview, Alison and Casey are eating when Lisa walks up and asks how Hallie is doing. Alison tells Lisa the baby will be fine, and Lisa says she'll let Barbara know, because Barbara feels so bad about what happened. Lisa asks Casey how he likes his new job, and Casey tells her he loves it. Lisa tells Casey she had to fire a bartender the night before, because money was missing from the cash register.

At the police station, a lawyer arrives and tells Sofie he read about her case in the Intruder. The lawyer says he thinks he can help Sofie get her baby back. Later, when Will and Gwen come to see Sofie, the attorney is gone. Will and Gwen tell Sofie that they've spoken with the DA and have had the charges against her reduced, but they tell Sofie she'll need an attorney to handle things. Sofie tells them she has one who has said he can help her. When Will asks what the attorney said he could do for her, Sofie tells him that the lawyer said he would help her get her baby back.

Carly and Jack bring Parker back to Carly's house. They try to convince Parker that everything will be okay, but then Kit arrives, very upset. Kit tells Carly that she got a call from the police saying Sam was dead. Kit thinks Parker killed Sam because he didn't like him, but Carly angrily tells Kit that Sam was trying to rape her when Parker shot him. Kit calls Carly a liar and shouts that Parker's a cold-blooded killer. Kit yells, "I'll make sure they throw the book at you, kid!" as Jack forces Kit to leave.

Tom goes to see Margo at the police station. Margo tells Tom that the DA wants to charge Parker with murder one as an adult, since the killing appears to have been premeditated and Parker meets the criteria for being charged as an adult. Tom can't believe this and tells Margo to use her influence to change the DA's mind. Margo says there's a pattern to Parker's behavior with Sam that can't be ignored, including the fact that he stole Sam's dummy and burned it in Carly's fireplace. Margo tells Tom there's nothing she can do about it, and Tom responds, "Then you'd better know, I'm gonna fight you on this one."

Tom goes to Carly's house and tells Carly and Jack about the DA's decision to charge Parker as an adult. When Carly asks what that means, Tom says if convicted, Parker could get 20 years to life. Parker overhears and drops a glass, cutting himself in the process.

Back at the station, Margo gets the forensics report and sees something that complicates matters. She goes to Carly's house and tells Carly, Jack, Tom, and Parker that she has a few more questions for Parker and would like to take him to Metro to try to clarify some things. Parker doesn't want to go, but Jack and Tom both think it's best if they cooperate.

After arriving at Metro, Margo asks Parker for his version of what happened, asking him to start at the beginning. Parker says, "I wanted Sam dead." Tom stops him. Parker says they know what he meant, but Jack says Parker has to be careful now about what he says. Tom tells Margo that Parker showed up, saw Sam attacking Carly, and put a bullet in him. Margo corrects him, saying "There are two bullets in Sam." Carly insists that Parker only fired once. Jack asks if the bullets were from the same gun, and Margo says they were. Carly again insists there was only one shot, and she becomes hysterical, screaming at Margo that if Margo had taken Carly's statement first, Margo would have known what happened and wouldn't have taken things this far. Carly shouts, "You cannot do this to my son!" Jack stops Carly and hugs her, telling her she needs to calm down for Parker's sake.

Margo again asks Parker to describe exactly what happened. Parker does, saying that when Sam sat up for a second while attacking Carly, Parker shot him. Parker says he heard Sam hit the floor. When Margo asks how many times Parker fired, Parker, confused, says, "I don't know."

Margo leaves, and Tom tells Carly that Margo will take Carly's statement later. Tom asks why Parker never told anyone about Sam's previous threats. Parker says he did, but no one would listen to him. Tom suggests Parker and his parents go home, and they do. At home, Parker tells his mom and dad that he's worried about going to jail. They try to reassure him and send him upstairs to bed. Jack tells Carly he's just as scared as she is, and he wonders what good it is that he's a cop when he can't even protect his own son. Jack swears that he and Carly won't fail Parker this time, and they embrace.

Back at the station, Tom asks Margo why she didn't tell him about the two bullets. He reminds Margo that this is Hal's son they're talking about, but Margo says Hal would have wanted this case handled "by the book." Tom tells Margo to get Carly's statement on record. Margo tells Tom that she can't change the facts and that there's no way Parker could have known that Sam was raping Carly when Parker went to Metro.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

At Al's Diner, Henry tries to tempt Vienna into betting on a horse he thinks is a sure thing, but Vienna says she doesn't want him to gamble anymore. Henry is obviously bothered that his girlfriend doesn't want him to gamble, but cheers up when Vienna turns on her seductive charms. The two share a kiss, just as Henry's poker buddy, Gray, shows up. Gray is obviously taken with Vienna and keeps staring at her. Vienna is not happy about Gray coming to the diner and doesn't want Henry anywhere near him because she fears that he will talk Henry into a poker game. She decides to take care of Gray on her own and takes his order, but also takes the opportunity to warn Gray against trying to entice Henry to gamble. Gray insists he wouldn't dream of getting Henry to gamble. The two chat about the diner and the menu, and all the while, Gray flirts with a seemingly unaware Vienna. Gray continues to flatter Vienna as Henry listens in on their conversation and begins to get jealous. Henry pulls Vienna away and tells her he doesn't like Gray's tone and that he will take care of him. Vienna is flattered that Henry is protective and watches as Henry tells Gray to leave. Gray asks more about Vienna, but Henry explains that Gray must accept that he and Vienna are committed to one another. As Gray prepares to leave, he tells Henry he is on his way to a poker game and wished he could join him. Henry declines the invitation, but obviously wants to go. Vienna walks up and wants to know what Gray said to Henry, but he makes an excuse and leaves the diner.

Henry arrives at a room at the Lakeview and joins Gray and his pals in a game of poker. Henry quickly begins to drink and loses numerous hands of poker, and Gray becomes more arrogant with each hand Henry loses. Henry starts to win and decides to leave the game, but Gray's smug remarks bring him back in the hopes of winning big. Gray and Henry eventually go against one another in a high stakes match that results in Henry losing big. When it is time to pay up, Henry admits he doesn't have the money available to meet his bet. Henry suggests he will give Gray the diner, but Gray offers to forgive Henry's debt if he can spend one night with Vienna. Henry is offended by the suggestion and quickly tells Gray there is no way he would agree to his indecent proposal. Gray reminds Henry how much losing the diner will hurt Vienna and questions if she will be able to forgive him. A flustered Henry leaves to share the bad news with Vienna.

Back at the diner, Vienna senses something is wrong and wonders what Henry could be up to. When Henry arrives back at the diner, Vienna wants to know where he has been and if he has been gambling. Henry denies gambling and claims to have been out looking for treats for their puppy.

Matt, Casey's friend from prison, shows up at Casey's house and tells him he came by for a friendly visit. Casey is not happy to see Matt, but invites him in for a soda. Matt looks around and asks Casey about his family, but seems to know more than he lets on. Casey and Matt head to another room to play video games just as Margo returns home. She hears the boys talking and thinks Matt's voice is that of her other son, Adam. She calls up to the boys, thinking it is Casey and his brother, and is surprised when Casey comes down with Matt. Margo asks who Casey's friend is and Matt tells Margo that he is a friend from Casey's days at Oakdale University. Matt tries to get onto Margo's good side by talking about how Casey should go back to school. Tom arrives home and is introduced to Matt. Casey and Matt head upstairs to finish their game while Margo tells Tom that when she arrived home she thought she heard Adam's voice and was hopeful he had returned home. Tom comforts Margo and they reflect on their missing son. In the meantime, Matt has come back into the room and overheard the entire conversation.

Over lunch, Matt begins to discuss that he wants to be a lawyer, like Tom. He keeps talking about how he would love to return to school, if he only had the money. Casey is dumbfounded by what he hears from Matt, while Tom and Margo are sympathetic to his struggle to return to school. When Matt hints that he doesn't have a place to stay, Margo immediately invites him to stay with them. When Margo and Tom leave Casey and Matt alone, Casey wants to know what Matt is thinking by lying to his parents and staying with them. Matt tells Casey not to worry and that he will be gone before his parents ever figure out that they were in prison together. Matt asks Casey if he would be able to get him more money in hurry like he did the other day.

Lucinda heads into the Lakeview bar and remembers one of her final conversations with Dusty before his murder. As she is recalling Dusty's belief that she had something to do with Memo 21, she expresses her remorse for not controlling Evan when he came to town. Paul arrives and overhears Lucinda talking aloud and asks her if she is all right. Lucinda explains she is sad about Dusty and the madness that her step-grandson Evan caused in Oakdale. She doesn't admit to bringing Evan to town, but explains that she believes she should have been more suspicious of Evan and that she might have saved Dusty. Paul offers his condolences and tells her she shouldn't feel guilty about Evan's murderous rampage. He then congratulates Lucinda on getting her company back from Craig, but Lucinda explains the cost of getting it back was too high. Paul doesn't understand why Lucinda isn't happy about getting her company back, and offers to help her make everything better. Paul explains he has "a plan" that will destroy Craig, and Lucinda is excited at the prospect at finally getting Craig out of Oakdale.

Craig arrives at his office, just as the signs are being taken down and ownership is returning to Lucinda. He goes into Meg's office and sees her throwing out a picture of herself and Paul. He is happy to see that Meg is done with Paul and retrieves the picture from the trash to revel in the demise of Paul and Meg's love affair. Meg is not amused and tells Craig it is none of his business. Craig tells Meg that he believes if she and Paul are over, then he still has a chance with her. Meg explains they have no future, but Craig says he just wants a chance to be with her and have a family. Meg recounts Craig's failures as a father and tells him she doesn't want to have a family with him. He tells her that he isn't giving up on getting Lucy and Johnny back and won't give up on her either. Craig details for Meg his frustration over losing Johnny and Lucy, but Meg condemns Craig's lack of fatherly instincts. Craig reminds Meg that she and Paul aren't perfect and storms out.

Paul calls Emily to meet him at Java and says that he needs her help. After hearing Paul's "plan" she calls Craig and asks him to meet her at Yo's. Craig is initially hostile to Emily, but agrees to meet her after she tells him he will be very interested in what she has to say.

Craig meets Emily and she explains that she can help him find his children, Lucy and Johnny. Craig is excited and annoyed that Emily has news about his kids and wants to know how she came about this information. She tells him that she heard Lucinda talking to Lucy and that if he follows Lucinda he will be able to get information about where Lucy has taken Johnny.

Later in the afternoon, Craig tracks Lucinda's limo through town hoping to find out where his children have gone. Lucinda sees Craig following her and decides this is a good place to let him overhear a fake conversation with Lucy. It becomes clear that she, Paul, and Emily have set Craig up. When Lucinda gets out of the car to talk to Lucy, Craig strains to hear their conversation. Lucinda explains to Lucy that with Dusty dead, the only living parent Johnny has left is Craig. She stresses to Lucy that it is more important than ever that she stay away from Oakdale and Craig. Lucinda makes sure to mention that Lucy and Johnny are in Barbados. She gets back into her limo confident that she has fooled Craig. Craig immediately heads to the airport in search of his children.

Paul arrives at Meg's office and shares with her the big news that he is the new owner of Worldwide. Meg is shocked that Lucinda turned the company over to Paul, but he explains that Lucinda's recent brush with death has made her want to focus on her personal life. He tells her that Lucinda is still on the board of directors for the company, but he is the CEO. Meg wishes Paul good luck with the company and he tells her that she is always welcome at the company. He reminds her that she got involved with the business to make a difference in the world, but Meg thinks Paul is just using his new job as a way to get her back. Paul assures Meg that he wants her back, but understands she is ready to move on and will focus on a business relationship with her if that is what she wants. Meg doesn't believe that Paul wants her around for her business skills, but he keeps trying to persuade her to stay with the company. Meg turns down the offer and leaves Paul alone to stew in his disappointment.

Lucinda, Emily, and Paul meet up at the Lakeview bar and Lucinda reveals that she has succeeded in "the plan" by sending Craig off on a wild goose chase in search of Lucy and Johnny. She guarantees that she can keep him on his search for a long time. Paul and Emily are excited at the prospect of getting Craig out of town and ask Lucinda to keep them posted about Craig's whereabouts. Paul thanks Emily for her help and asks her to let him know what he owes her. She tells him she will get back to him and leaves him alone at the bar. Paul looks at the picture of him and Meg that he took out of her trash and thinks back on the last time they made love. Emily returns looking for something and sees Paul looking at the picture. She tells Paul to get over it because Meg will never forgive him, but Paul reminds her that nothing is impossible. At the farm, Meg goes through her belongings from the office and also recalls her last night with Paul.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

On this special Valentine's Day episode, five couples wonder how different their lives would be if they had never made a love connection.

Lily and Holden are at the farm and relive through flashbacks their times as teenagers, crises in their lives, and the birth of Luke. As they count their blessings, they wonder what their lives would be like if fate had taken a different turn. What would have happened if Evan Walsh had injected Lily with the deadly poison? The fantasy opens with Holden struggling to keep his household together, helping with homework, making brownies for a bake sale, and feeding Baby Evan. Lily appears to him as a spirit and makes things go more smoothly, and then she appears to Faith with news about a wonderful boy who will be her husband some day. Holden goes outside and Lily reappears. They agree they are soul mates and may be separated physically but can still communicate. Holden tells Lily how much he misses her, and the fantasy ends with a real kiss between them.

Luke and Noah muse about what would have happened if Noah had enlisted in the armed forces as his father wanted. In their fantasy, Noah is a Navy sailor on a 24-hour leave in New York City, and Luke is a Columbia University student. They bump into one another, literally, and some of Luke's papers scatter. Noah retrieves them and goes after Luke to return them. The two strike up a conversation, and Luke offers to show the city to Noah. They visit Times Square and Greenwich Village, and take a water taxi to the Statue of Liberty. Luke reveals that he is gay, and Noah confesses that he is, as well. They hug and promise to wait for one another until Noah comes back from his tour of duty.

Margo and Tom are celebrating Valentine's Day and Tom facetiously remarks that he wonders what Margo would have done if she had failed the Police Academy. That's easy, says Margo, she would have been an attorney like Tom! Suddenly the scene is black and white and Margo, sounding very much like Katharine Hepburn, is tickling "Adam's Rib," although the rib seems to be Tom's. Margo is defending Emily Stewart whom Tom is prosecuting. Paul Ryan is his first witness, and declares Emily to be "certifiable." Margo accuses Paul of toying with Emily's affections and asserts that Emily was justified in shooting Paul after he dumped her before their wedding. Outside of court, the lawyers trade massages and clever barbs. Back in court, Emily testifies that she was horrified to see Paul kissing Meg Snyder and therefore she shot him with her newly purchased revolver. After a stinging redirect questioning by Margo, the judge dismisses the case. Back at home, Tom says he cannot live with the humiliation of being beaten in court by his wife, and he pulls a water pistol on Margo who thinks the gun is real. She realizes nothing so unimportant justifies shooting another person, a contradiction to her closing argument in court. It all ends in a kiss.

Will and Gwen discuss the convolutions of their getting together, and Will remarks that he wishes the two of them had gotten together sooner-without the complication of Gwen's relationship with Casey. In their fantasy, Will arrives just in time and pulls Casey off Gwen, thereby preventing the conception of Baby Billy. Gwen is performing in a seedy bar as a soloist, and Will is captivated by her and her voice. He pursues her and eventually wins her over as they each share stories about their psycho mothers. They share a Valentine's kiss.

Jack and Carly are watching an old movie on television and Carly suggests a different ending. In their fantasy, Carly is dressed for her wedding to an extraordinarily rich man whom she is marrying for security for her family. Sage tries to talk her out of marrying anyone but her daddy, Jack. Brad and Katie show up as photographers and Jack is hovering in the background. Jack goes to a bar to drown his sorrows, and Katie finds him and they commiserate together. Brad tries to talk Carly out of the wedding and kisses her. Jack barges in and punches out Brad who is down for the count. Katie revives Brad with a kiss. Carly realizes she cannot marry rich Mr. Potter, and Jack steps up and offers to marry her himself. Brad and Katie also step up and actually do get married. Carly, Jack, and Sage come home and everyone is happy as Carly and Jack share a kiss.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

At the courthouse, Sofie asks Chris Hughes to testify on her behalf at the custody hearing. She wants Chris to say that she had postpartum depression and was incapable of making a rational decision to give up her baby for adoption. Chris reminds Sofie that he is Will's cousin, but Sofie says Hallie is the only family she has. Chris agrees to testify, and Sofie's lawyer, David Graham, takes Chris aside to discuss the case with him.

Will and Gwen go to the courthouse; there, they run into Sofie. Sofie tells them she'll get her baby back and that Hallie is young enough that Sofie will be the only mother she remembers.

At WOAK, Brad is hung-over from the previous night's escapades. He tells Katie he can't believe she didn't rescue him when he was about to be arrested, but Katie tells him they are no longer anything but coworkers. Brad tries to convince Katie to join him for breakfast but realizes he doesn't have his wallet. Bonnie walks up, holding up Brad's wallet and his Valentine-themed boxer shorts. Bonnie assures Katie it's not what it looks like and tells Brad that the police gave them to her after they found the items the night before.

Brad begins flirting with Bonnie and tells her he'd like to accompany her to the courthouse and watch her in action. Bonnie tells Brad the case she has is a closed hearing about an adoption issue, but Brad says he'll go anyway and just wait for her to finish. They leave together, and after arriving at the courthouse, Bonnie tells Brad she assumes he's accomplished his goal of making Katie jealous.

Bonnie finds Will and Gwen and assures them that they have a good case against Sofie. Barbara walks up, and Will asks her to leave, but Gwen informs him that she invited Barbara to come to the hearing, to help present a family image to the judge. They enter the courtroom together and are shocked when the first person Sofie's lawyer calls to the witness stand is Chris. Chris talks about postpartum depression and how it may have affected Sofie's mental state and decision-making ability.

Sofie's lawyer then tells the judge that Sofie's ex-boyfriend, who happens to be Gwen Munson's brother, and his mother, who is also Gwen's mother, tried to pressure Sofie into giving up their baby for adoption. The lawyer mentions that Barbara was also involved, and Barbara has to take the stand. Barbara admits that Iris and Cole told her that Sofie wanted to place the baby for adoption, but when the lawyer asks whether Barbara paid them money for this adoption, she denies it. Sofie stands and accuses her of lying.

Will then speaks up, saying that after he and Gwen found out about what Cole and Iris had done, they tried to help Sofie have the baby and keep the baby herself. Bonnie says that she was present when the adoption papers were given to Sofie and that she personally explained them to Sofie. Chris states that Sofie was "under duress" when she signed the adoption papers, and Will asks, "How could you say that?" The judge, sensing the tension in the courtroom, declares a short recess.

Will tells Chris that he will never forget this betrayal. Chris says he's sorry Will feels that way, and then he wishes Will and Gwen good luck and leaves.

When the judge reconvenes the hearing, Bonnie says that her clients acted in good faith when they entered into the adoption. She says that Sofie has no direction in life and points out that Sofie "recklessly endangered Hallie's life." When Mr. Graham says Bonnie represented both sides in the adoption issue, Bonnie insists she explained the adoption paperwork to Sofie thoroughly. She reminds Sofie that she reviewed the terms of the adoption with her carefully and pointed out that Sofie had a certain number of days to change her mind. Bonnie tells the judge that the day after that time period expired, Sofie kidnapped Hallie.

Mr. Graham gives his closing arguments, and Bonnie then asks the judge for the right to present more testimony later. The judge tells her she has until the close of business. Will and Gwen ask Bonnie why she requested more time, and she tells them she didn't want the judge to make his decision yet. Bonnie says they need to find someone who can testify as to Sofie's state of mind and her determination to give her baby away. Will says Aaron could do that, and Bonnie tells him to ask Aaron to testify for them.

Carly, Jack, and Parker are all dressed nicely for an appearance at the Oakdale police station, where Parker is to be interviewed by a court-appointed psychiatrist. When they arrive, Tom accompanies Parker to the interview with the psychiatrist. The doctor questions Parker about his feelings regarding Sam. Parker freely admits that he didn't like Sam and was afraid Sam would do something to hurt his mother.

The psychiatrist says Parker couldn't have known his mother was in danger when he got the gun and went to Metro. Parker responds, "I did know! I knew all along that Sam was after my mom! That's why I brought the gun, because I couldn't let that happen!" The doctor points out that this means Parker's actions were premeditated.

Katie comes to the police station looking for Margo and instead sees Jack and Carly. Jack tells her about Parker's predicament. Katie asks Jack if Brad knows what happened, and when Jack says no, Katie offers to fill him in. Katie is confused about how this could have happened, saying it obviously couldn't be Parker's fault. Carly assumes Katie means it must somehow have been Carly's fault, and Carly says Katie has no idea what happened.

Carly yells at Katie to leave and stay away from her family. When Katie lingers, Carly shouts, "What's the problem, Katie? Can't tear yourself away from Jack?" Parker comes out of the interrogation room and asks his mom what's wrong, saying they could hear her shouting. Carly reassures him that it has nothing to do with him, and Parker goes back into the interrogation room after exchanging hellos with Katie.

Back in the psychiatric interview, the doctor asks Parker if he has "issues" with his mother. Parker admits that Carly sometimes does things that make him mad, and the doctor asks if Parker gets angry enough to kill someone. Parker says that when he got to the club and saw Sam hurting his mother, he had to stop Sam, and that he would kill Sam again if he had the chance.

Katie leaves, and Jack tells Carly she needs to calm down for Parker's sake. Carly apologizes, but Jack tells her it's not her fault and that they can't make this about them. Meanwhile, Katie goes to the courthouse and finds Brad. She tells him what's happening with Parker, and he leaves for the police station to check on things. When Brad finds Jack and Carly, he tells them how sorry he is and offers his support, then leaves. He finds Katie waiting for him, and they return to WOAK.

Parker and Tom exit the interview room, and Parker tells his parents that it went badly in there. Tom tells Jack and Carly that it wasn't as bad as Parker made it sound, but they could all use some really good luck now. Parker, Jack, and Carly return home. They sit down to eat lunch, and Jack says he thinks it would be a good time to pray. Jack gives thanks for his family, because they can be counted on in times of need, and he asks God to watch over them. Carly adds her own prayer, "Protect this family."

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