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Monday, September 3, 2007

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, today's CBS daytime lineup -- The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns and Guiding Light -- was pre-empted.

There will be no "lost" episodes as a result of this scheduling change. The regular broadcast schedule will resume tomorrow, Tuesday, September 4th.

If you still need a soap fix for today, here are some places on the site that you might want to check out.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

At WOAK, Maddie demands to know what is going on between Luke and Noah. Luke tells Maddie that he and Noah were arguing about her. As a nervous Noah glares at him, Luke tells Maddie that he and she were such good friends and now everything is all about Noah. Maddie wasn't buying it. She tells them that whatever happened between them, it was recent. He tells her that he just wants her to be happy. Luke leaves and Maddie asks Noah what's bothering him. He tells Maddie that Luke keeps telling him he is rushing things with her, and that part of him thinks he is right. Maddie told him that she wasn't going anywhere, and that he needs to be honest like that from now on. Noah tells her that he was worried about her changing her mind. She assures him she hasn't. He tells her that he has never had feelings like this for anyone before.

Winston walks in on Noah and Maddie kissing. He tells Noah that he wants them to start enjoying each other as a family. He tells his son that he is very proud of him.

In Old Town, Luke meets up with Holden. He starts to confide in his dad some of his feelings, but knows that something is bothering Holden. He tells Luke that he is very worried about Lily.

At the Oakdale Police Dept, Dusty is released. He realizes that Lily paid his bail when she shows up. He knows that something is wrong, and asks her what it is. Lily brushes him off. Dusty asks about Lily's problems with Holden. Lily tells him that Holden is off limits. She tells Dusty that they must find info about Cheri. Dusty tells her that she can't be involved in this.

Dusty and Lily arrive at the At the Avalon Hotel. He tells her that he can't believe he is letting her go with him. In the bar, Dusty is recognized right away as Cheri's killer by some of the escorts. He tries to convince them that he is innocent and is looking for the real killer. He offers them cash- but they tell him to leave.

At the Lakeview, Dusty and Lily discuss their strategy for finding Cheri's killer. After Lily leaves, Holden confronts Dusty, asking where she was. Dusty told him that he thought she went home.

Back at the Avalon Hotel, Lily joins the escorts in the bar and fits right in with her risqué outfit. She asks some of the girs if they know where Cheri is. They inform her that Cheri is dead. Lily, acts shocked and introduces herself as Lola to the escorts Krista and Jewel. She buys them rounds of drinks, toasting to the late Cheri Love. Lily makes up a story about an unnamed man that she knew Cheri was involved with- Jewel takes the bait and says she knows just who she is talking about.

Outside Emma's, Katie tells Carly that if she loved Jack she will let him go. Carly snarls at Katie, telling her that she will not talk about Jack with her. Carly turns to walk away, Katie grabs her arm telling her not to do this to herself, that she will wind up hurt. Carly tells her "Don't you ever again pretend to care about what happens to me." She yanked her arm away, accidentally making Katie drop the watch that Jack gave to her at the party. Carly immediately starts to apologize and they both bend down to the watch on the ground. Just then Jacks walks outside and wants to know what is happening. Carly asks if it is alright, Katie says it's fine, and tells Jack it was an accident. Jack is annoyed and doesn't buy it. Brad needs a ride into town because he had too much to drink, giving Carly a reason to leave. Katie tells Jack that Carly didn't do anything and blamed herself for instigating the argument. Jack says that he has to go take care of something. Katie knows he is going to go talk with Carly, and tells him that they need to stop taking her bait. Jack tells Katie that Carly made the engagement party all about herself. Katie told Jack that HE did. Jack told her that he can't play nice with Carly anymore. Katie objects to this, but Jack leaves.

Back at Carly's house, Brad tells Carly that she needs to get a grip, and that her stunt with the dress was lame. He told her that she really made things worse, and Carly admitted that he was right. He tells her that she is better than that. After their talk, Brad leaves. A defeated Carly shuts the door and finds Jack standing in the living room. She tries to excuse herself to take off the dress, but Jack tells her he drove all that way to see her in it. Jack relays memories of her in that dress. Carly tries to tell him that she knows she made a mistake, but an angry Jack asks if she remembers how happy they were. She says she does. He tells her that she was trying to make him think about that at the engagement party- which was supposed to be for Katie. She admits again that she made a mistake, but he tells her that she put things in perspective for him. He told her that she was thinking about herself- not him, Katie or their kids, and the real reason she wore the dress was hurt him. He told her that she made him remember everything- including the bad times and he no longer likes her and they are no longer friends. Carly tells him that she has got the message, and admits she just doesn't know when to quit. Jack said for her to quit now, and that he was going home; to his kids and Katie.

Alone, Carly looks at herself in the mirror and dissolves into tears.

At Emma's, Parker and Katie have a heart to and he tells Katie his doubts about Jack and Carly. Brad arrived back at Emma's. She tells Brad that Jack left to go see Carly. Katie says she isn't worried about Jack going back to Carly, but rather how this is affecting everyone, especially the kids.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Lily continues her charade as a call girl and questions Cheri's girls in an attempt to find out who Cheri was afraid of. At first, the girls open up to Lily and tell her about a horrible man who scared Cheri. Lily blows her cover when she claims to not remember the man's name and the girls tell her Cheri would have never mentioned the man's name and they know she is a fake. Lily continues to play her role and ask the girls about Cheri and it seems convinces them that she may just be an old friend of Cheri's. Lily decides to report back to Dusty what she has learned and leaves the girls with her card and money if they change their mind and want to talk.

Holden confronts Dusty at the Lakeview and tries to find out where Lily has gone. Dusty tells Holden he has no idea where Lily went and thought she was heading home. Aaron sees the two and attempts to find out what is happening between his father and Dusty. In the midst of their conversation, Alison arrives to talk to Dusty, but sees Aaron and runs out with Aaron giving chase. As Holden continues to demand to know about Lily, Dusty receives a call from Lily who tells him she needs to meet with him immediately. He lets her know that he is with Holden so the two arrange to meet at Al's. Dusty leaves Holden to meet up with Lily, but before he goes he warns him not to be so angry at him that he doesn't worry about Lily.

Lily meets up with Dusty who is shocked by her appearance and the fact that she returned to the Avalon alone to talk to Cheri's girls. Lily tells him she knows who killed Cheri, but doesn't know his name or anything about him. Dusty thanks her, but warns Lily that Holden is very upset. Lily tells Dusty that Holden's anger has nothing to do with him, but is directed at her. She also tells him she is closer to finding out who killed Cheri than anyone else and knows that if they go back to the Lakeview and search Cheri's room they may find the name of the man who killed her. They get into Cheri's room and begin to look around and Lily finds a box filled with a ring, pictures and baby hair. They discover that Cheri was married with a child, who would now be in his late teens, and feel that Cheri left her life behind to avoid some danger that finally caught up with her and lead to her death.

In the meantime, Aaron has tracked down Alison and asks why she ran out. Alison explains to Aaron that the video and everything that has happened is just as much her fault as Dusty's. She goes on to explain that she didn't return his calls because she was trying to help out Gwen and Will. Aaron comforts Alison and tells her not to beat herself up over her past mistakes. He makes Alison promise to call him back from now on. The idea that Aaron is going to call her again makes Alison smile. Aaron leaves to go back to work, but tells Alison to take care of herself.

Will and Gwen wait for a fertility doctor to find out what their chances are for future conception. Susan arrives and talks to the two and warns them about trying so soon after Gwen's miscarriage. She advises them to take things slow and recover from their loss. Susan explains that Gwen needs to be in good mental and physical health to help guarantee a safe pregnancy for her and the baby. Susan leaves the two to wait for the doctor and they discuss what Susan has just told them. When the doctor arrives he tells them the chances of Gwen getting pregnant are very slim and her best chance of getting pregnant is with an egg donor. He cautions them not to be too excited about the prospects of becoming pregnant right away because the process can take a long time.

Will and Gwen return home and get a visit from Paul who expresses his condolences over their loss. Paul and Will leave to talk, while Gwen goes off to bed. After Will leaves Alison arrives with groceries for Will and Gwen and is invited in by Gwen. Alison learns from Gwen about the fertility specialist and their need for an egg donor and she offers to help the couple out and be their donor. At the same time, Will tells Paul about what has happened and Paul promises to be a better brother and offers to pay for the procedure to help the two have a baby. Will admits he hopes the process takes a while so Gwen can recover and avoid future pain.

Craig and Meg have dinner at Al's Diner and when their meal is over Craig's card is declined. Just as he and Meg are getting the news from the waitress Paul walks in with a wad of cash and offers to help out. Craig declines Paul's offer and hands all of his credit cards to the waitress. Paul makes a snide comment to Meg that sends her away from the table to check on the waitress and leaves Craig to question Paul's appearance at their meal. Paul explains he is there to watch Craig's financial demise and gloats about seeing all of Craig's credit cards being denied. Meg returns with all of Craig's cards and tells him they have been declined and asks how Paul knew. He explains that Rosanna is in Detroit and has set about ruining him financially. Meg criticizes Craig for not telling her and for letting it happen.

Meg and Craig return to the Lakeview to discuss the downfall of his fortune, where they are confronted by the hotel manager who tells them Craig's credit card has been declined and they need to leave the hotel. As they are getting ready to leave, Craig gets a call from his lawyer who informs him that Rosanna has frozen all of his assets and that he is broke. Meg runs into Holden and tells him that she and Craig are moving out to the farm. The two head out to the farm where Craig promises to fix everything soon and points out how arrogant Paul was in exacting his revenge tonight.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Gwen tells Will she wants Alison to be their surrogate. Will disagrees but Gwen tries to convince Will. Gwen insists that she really wants to be a mother, and they tell Alison they want her to be their surrogate. Maddie realizes Col. Mayer knows all about her family history and calls Henry. Noah sees Luke with another guy, and Luke calls Noah on his jealousy. Maddie confides in Henry that Col. Mayer seems too invested in her and Noah, and Henry calls him. Henry wonders if it's too soon for the kids to move in, but Col. Mayer disagrees. Later, Luke informs Noah that when their internship is over, he won't see Noah again. Carly finds the photos of Katie's wedding dresses and breaks down in Brad's arms. Carly blames Brad for Jack and Katie being together. When they see Jack and Katie at the Lakeview, Brad chases them off and Carly feels the loss of Jack. Meanwhile, Henry is in charge of Jack and Katie's shower. When Jack assures Katie that Carly knows they're over, the two plan to go house-hunting. Katie brings up the idea of her and Jack having kids, and he tells Katie he doesn't want to have any more kids.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, today's CBS daytime lineup -- The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns and Guiding Light -- was pre-empted.

There will be no "lost" episodes as a result of this scheduling change. The regular broadcast schedule will resume Monday, September 10th.

If you still need a soap fix for today, here are some places on the site that you might want to check out.

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