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Monday, June 4, 2007

Craig arrives, having invited Holden and Lily to witness his marriage proposal to Meg. Lucinda arrives, and fills Lily in about the plan for Meg to marry Craig and get WorldWide back. Holden tries to get to the bottom of things with Meg. He is upset after Lily explains why Meg is considering marrying Craig and accuses Lucinda of making her a sacrificial lamb. Lucinda tries to waylay Paul who's looking for Meg. Paul storms over to Craig as he proposes to Meg, saying she can't marry Craig. Jack talks to Parker about running off and defends Carly. Parker wonders if Jack's still in love with her, but Jack says his relationship with Carly was settled long ago. Parker insists that he doesn't want to be around Carly, and Jack agrees to respect his wishes. Carly accuses Katie of wanting to replace her. Carly tells Jack to make it clear she's the kids' only mother and she's here to stay. Jack tells Carly their plan for her sleepover was premature. JJ accuses Parker of pushing Carly away and trying to keep them from being a family again. Henry encourages Brad to consider there's life after Katie. Henry coaches Brad to talk to the next pretty woman who enters, as Carly walks in. Carly "thanks" Brad for telling her about Katie and Jack. Brad offers Carly a drink and flirts, asking her to get a room with him.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Paul pleads for Meg not to marry Craig. While Lucinda and Craig crash over Worldwide, Meg asks Paul to say he'll wait for her. After Meg tells Craig she has explained things to Paul, she agrees to marry Craig. Carly shoves Brad away, and asks what he thinks he's doing. Carly tells Brad why she came back, and they talk about how they've changed. After Brad says she can't get her old life back, Carly kicks him out. Katie and Jack are both alone, thinking of the other. Jack shows up at the studio, where Katie is, and they discuss the difficulties presented by Carly's return. Jack and Katie try to define their relationship, and begin to make love. Brad walks and witnesses all.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Dusty find Alison reading a book about sobriety after one of her meetings and gives her the good news that Lance, her porn producing ex-boyfriend, has checked out of the Lakeview and is on his way out of town. The news comes as a great relief to Alison, who informs Emily once she arrives on the scene that Lance was in town and Dusty sent him packing. Emily is frustrated that the two never told her that Lance was in Oakdale or that he was threatening Ali. The two apologize for leaving Emily out of the loop. While Emily and Dusty are alone, she tells him that she won't need anymore of his help with Alison. Dusty takes Emily's statement as a signal that she is feeling rejected by his earlier admission that he didn't want a relationship with a former hooker and he apologizes for hurting her feelings. Emily informs Dusty that she is fine and she will take care of her sister from now on. The two Stewart girls meet up at the Lakeview for coffee and Alison questions Emily about her feelings for Dusty. She tells her sister that her past has made a future with Dusty impossible. Alison opens up about her break-up with Aaron and we learn that they broke up because he didn't want her to become an actress.

Unbeknownst to everyone, Lance is stuck at the Lakeview waiting for a limo and has missed his flight back to Las Vegas. He rebooks on a later flight and as he waits for the limo to arrive he hits on a woman who quickly shoots him down. The local madam and Emily's old boss, Cheri, looks on and approaches Lance with a proposition. Cheri learns about Lance's run-in with Dusty and becomes intrigued. Later Cheri finds Dusty and the two have a battle of words that end with Cheri telling him she has figured out a way to get even with him for destroying her business. Still at the Lakeview, Lance overhears Emily and Alison and interrupts their good time. When Emily steps up to defend her sister, Lance interrupts and tells Alison that she doesn't have a clue who Emily is and what she has done.

Cleo cleans up around Gwen and Will's house and compliments Will on his appearance. Will wishes Cleo good luck, but tells her to be out by the time he gets home. As she picks up around the house Cleo stumbles on Gwen's demo and starts lip synching to the music as a horrified Gwen returns home and catches her. Gwen turns the music off and tells Cleo not to play the demo. Cleo compliments Gwen on her singing voice and tells her that she should be on the radio. She asks her if she can stay one more night and Gwen agrees. Gwen leaves to go to work leaving Cleo alone at the house. Will arrives home to change and Cleo tells him about her staying an additional night. Will says one more night is fine and Cleo rushes into his room to thank him and catches him shirtless again. She apologizes for bursting in and after regaining her composure asks Will why the demo makes Gwen so sad. Will explains that they just couldn't make it work, but Cleo won't let it go and tells Will he should do whatever he can to make Gwen's dreams come true. He tells Cleo to let it go and not listen to the CD anymore. When Will leaves to return to the bookstore Cleo writes in her diary about her day with the two and how she has a plan to make everyone happy and get Gwen's music career back on track.

Holden confronts Meg in the farm house kitchen about her impending marriage to Craig. When he asks if she really plans on marrying Craig, Meg replies that she does. This infuriates Holden and he informs her that she needs to back out of the engagement immediately. He tells her he knows that she is just going through with it to save Lucinda from going to jail for poisoning Craig and to get the company back. She tells her brother she has many reasons for marrying Craig and just as he questions what they are Emma walks in and sees the tension between the two siblings. She asks them "what she has missed" and when they tell her about Meg's wedding plans, Emma warns her that she better "love him or nothing good will come of it". Meg informs her momma that her reasons for marrying Craig are complicated. This frustrates Emma who tells her daughter that when she can figure out her reasons to come find her. Once alone, Holden asks Meg if she is ready to wake up every morning next to Craig as his wife and when her face reveals that she isn't too keen on the idea, Holden tells her he won't pretend to support their marriage. With Meg gone Holden asks Emma why she didn't put a stop to the marriage. Emma tells him that she is done criticizing Meg and that from now on they need to let her make her own decisions.

Craig locates Margo at the police station and tells her about his impending marriage to Meg. Margo quickly lets Craig know his declaration is not news and wonders whether or not he will be "bribing Meg all the way down the aisle". Craig informs Margo that his recent near death experience has made him want to heal his family and redeem himself. When she questions his ability to make a change, he reminds her that he should hope people can change or her sons, Casey and Adam, may face a tough future. Craig reminds Margo of the man he used to be and begs her to try to have faith that he can be a good guy again. She admits to Craig that one of her concerns is that Meg is just marrying him to get World Wide back and once she does she will leave Craig and he will go after her with another vendetta. In the end Margo wishes her brother luck and in turn Craig asks his sister to be his "best person". He pleads with his sister to give him the benefit of doubt and she agrees and the two share a hug.

Margo and Craig head off to Al's Diner where they find a worn out Meg. Craig tells Meg about Margo standing up with them at their wedding for all of Oakdale to see. The thought of a big, elaborate wedding sends Meg even more over the edge. She snaps at Craig for planning such a gigantic affair and he questions her not wanting everyone to share in their happiness. Meg rushes out of Al's with Craig hot on her heels. He asks if she is having second thoughts and she says no, but she wants input into her own wedding before he starts making public announcements. Once Meg recovers from Craig's announcement she tells him that she just wants a part in planning the ceremony and he accepts her explanation.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Alison defends her sister when Lance accuses Emily of being a whore. Alison looks to Emily to refute the accusations, but Emily admits that she was a prostitute. Emily tries to explain, but Ali's furious and walks out. Alison is headed out with her suitcase when Susan arrives home and tries to stop her. Lance intervenes and Ali leaves with him, but not before letting Susan know that Emily is turning tricks. Emily arrives home, and Susan asks if it's true. Jack arrives at Carly's and finds beer bottles everywhere and Carly passed out on the couch. Carly finally admits she got drunk because she's so unhappy about losing Parker. Jack is sympathetic, until Carly takes a jab at Katie. Jack is furious and points out that Katie stepped up when the kids needed mothering. Kim reprimands Katie about her after hours tryst in the office. When Brad needles Katie, she realizes that he filed an anonymous complaint against her. Katie tells Brad to butt out, and shoves his face in a pie. Katie runs out to get another pie, as Jack comes in looking for Katie and gets into it with Brad. Carly spots Katie heading to the bakery and tries to make peace, but Katie isn't buying. Brad wonders why Jack cares what he does with Carly – unless he's not over her. Faith arrives and offers Parker some support. Parker's appreciative, and Faith misinterprets, wondering if they're a couple? Parker likes Faith as a friend, but he's not ready to have a girlfriend. Faith covers, saying she was just kidding. She asks him to go to the movies with her and her dad, but Parker says he has to help Emma. Later, Faith is hurt when he sees Parker with Morgan.

Friday, June 8, 2007

At Old Town, Faith spots Parker talking to Morgan and her friends; Morgan asks if he's walking to a certain street, and when he says he is, she says that's the way she's going, too, so they leave together. Faith sits down and unwraps a candy bar and eats it. Holden walks up, and Faith hides the wrapper; when Holden asks where the snacks are that she was supposed to be buying, Faith says she saw some friends who were hungry and gave them to them. Holden says it's time for the movie, but Faith says she doesn't want to go anymore; Holden says he doesn't really want to go, either, and Faith asks him what's wrong. He tells her he's worried about Meg because she is going to marry Craig Montgomery; Faith is surprised to hear this since she's pretty sure Paul still loves Meg. Holden says he's confused by it, too, and worried, and Faith says, "Sorry, Dad." He thanks her and suggests they go to the bookstore and then head for Al's to meet Lily, but Faith says they have some time before they have to be there, and she'd like to go to a dance class. She tells Holden she'll call him after her class, and he leaves.

Carly gets home, and JJ walks in, having been next door at a friend's house. He tells Carly he wishes they could all see her more often, but Parker has ruined that for them. Carly asks JJ to remember back when he didn't like Carly very much either, and she asks him to try to understand how hard this has all been on Parker, especially in light of Jennifer's death and Hal's death. Just then, the doorbell rings, and it's Lily; she and Carly are terrifically excited to see one another, so JJ goes upstairs to look through his old baseball cards. Carly tells Lily that although she's glad to be back with her kids, she misses Simon so much, she can't stand it; but she also can't stand the idea of Jack and Katie. Lily tells Carly to let it go and move on; Carly says she was just thinking about moving on, and maybe redecorating the house, but she needs a job. Lily suggests she start her own design business, but Carly says no one would back her. Lily says she would back Carly, and when Carly wonders why she'd want to trust someone like her, Lily fills her in on her experience with the diet pills and the baby food company and signing over Worldwide Enterprises to Craig. Carly is stunned but says at least Lily didn't leave her children; Lily responds that there's more than one way to leave a child behind, citing Faith as an example. Lily tells Carly to forgive herself and set her priorities; when Carly asks about Lily's priorities, she says her family, but that her therapist told her she can't be everything to them and that she should consider getting back to work. Lily thinks theirs is a match made in heaven, and Carly ends up agreeing; they shake on their business deal, and Lily leaves. JJ comes back downstairs with some baseball cards; when Carly asks, he tells her Parker doesn't like baseball cards anymore and thinks everything is stupid, but then he's afraid she'll be mad at him. Carly reassures him that she's only mad at the situation they're all in, and nothing JJ says can change how Parker feels. She offers to drive him back to the farm, and JJ says he hopes Parker won't be there.

Lily meets Holden at Al's and tells him about her offer to Carly. Holden isn't sure it's such a great idea, but after Lily tells him why she thinks it's good for both her and Carly, Holden says it's so crazy, it just might work.

At WOAK, Brad tells Jack he seems overly concerned about who Carly's seeing for someone who claims not to be in love with her anymore. Katie walks up and overhears part of the conversation and tells Brad to back off. She then tells Jack that Brad reported to Kim about having seen them at the studio together in a passionate situation, and Jack accuses Brad of stalking them. Brad says he was having trouble unwinding and had decided to come get some work done, but that proved impossible, and he reminds Jack that he's not the one whose behavior was inappropriate. Brad storms off, and Katie says she did wonder whether what Brad said about Jack caring too much about who Carly was with might be true. Jack says he has a bad history concerning Brad and Carly and that they both know how to push his buttons. Katie tells him about Carly apologizing to her in Old Town and trying to get information from her about the kids, and Jack says that type of behavior is why he doesn't want Brad and Carly "joining forces." Katie says she wishes they could just ignore Brad and Carly; they kiss, but then Jack gets a call from Emma asking him to come home to the farm because of a problem with Parker. He kisses Katie again, then sees Brad watching and says, "Don't tell mom on us!" Katie is quite amused and tells Brad that every time he tries to mess things up between her and Jack, he actually ends up making things better between them.

Back at the farm, Jack finds Parker outside shooting a BB gun at some cans. Jack asks Parker what he's doing with the gun when he knows Emma keeps it locked up and that Parker knows the rule is that he needs adult supervision to use the gun. Parker says he ran into his mom in Old Town and wanted to take his frustrations out on something; Jack says he understands that, but Parker needs to follow the rules and put the gun back. Parker defiantly tells Jack to put the gun away himself, and an angry Jack shouts, "What am I supposed to do when you talk to me like that?" just as Carly and JJ walk up onto the porch. Parker suggests that Jack and Carly both just leave him alone; Jack says he could make that happen, and when Parker asks what he means, Jack says he could send him somewhere to straighten him out.

At Susan's house, Susan questions Emily about Lance and Alison, and she asks whether it's true that Emily was turning tricks at the Lakeview, like Lance said. She thinks back on some of the nights when Emily didn't come home, and the time she was beaten by that man, and she realizes that it's true. Emily tearfully tries to explain to Susan that after her tragic experiences with Paul, Craig, Daniel's kidnapping, and the death of her baby daughter, she felt like she'd lost herself, and she tells her about being picked up by the stranger at the bar who left her $1,000 thinking she was a hooker. Susan asks why she stayed with it, and Emily says because she was in denial and it made her feel in control of her life and desired. She tells Susan she quit hooking and is more concerned with finding Alison. Susan asks why Alison would leave with this man, and Emily says maybe Alison couldn't take finding out her sister was a hooker, but Susan doesn't think so. When Emily says maybe Ali has her own problems, Susan presses her for more information, saying she's sure Emily knows more than she's saying. Emily ultimately breaks down and admits to Susan that Alison had been in Las Vegas making pornographic movies and using crystal meth. Susan is shocked, and she's particularly angry that Emily never thought to come to her for help, since she's both Ali's mom and a doctor. Susan wonders aloud how her daughters could be such strangers to her, and she thinks Emily blames her for this. Emily swears she doesn't blame her mom one bit, saying everything she did, she accepts responsibility for herself.

Meanwhile, at the Lakeview, Dusty gets the number of Lance's limo driver from the desk clerk and calls him; he's told they almost didn't make the flight because they stopped to pick up Lance's girlfriend. Dusty then runs into Cheri in the lobby and asks her what she's done; she ends up admitting that she told someone from Las Vegas that Emily worked as a hooker for her, in an effort to get back at Dusty for shutting down her operation at the other hotel. When Dusty asks what makes her think he'd even care what she told anyone about Emily, she says she was just taking a shot, and from the look on his face, she hit the jackpot.

Dusty goes to Susan's, looking for Emily, and when he walks in, Susan is angry with him, too, saying he knew about all of this and should have told her what was going on. Dusty says he didn't think it was his place. Susan tells Dusty she doesn't want him doing anything else to try to help their family, but Emily steps up and says if it weren't for Dusty, Alison would still be in Vegas, hooked on drugs, so Dusty is staying. Susan says, "Then the hell with both of you!" and storms out. Emily tells Dusty what happened with Alison and Lance, and she bursts into tears as Dusty tries to comfort her. Emily is worried about Susan, saying she's mad on the outside but devastated on the inside. Dusty tells her to take care of her mom, and he'll go find Alison and bring her back again. Emily wants to know how, but Dusty says he'll just do it. Emily thanks him tearfully, and they embrace again.

Lance and Alison arrive back in Vegas, where Ali thanks Lance for sticking with her and not letting her push him away. She goes to shower, and Lance calls someone and tells them he brought Ali back. He then says Alison has no idea what's going on because he hasn't told her about it yet.

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