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Monday, March 19, 2007

At the farm, a frantic Lily demands that Parker and Faith tell her where Ethan is. Lily called the police and Dallas and another policeman came over. The kids explain that Paul had a vision and thought Ethan was in danger. Lily blames Faith for Ethan's disappearance, and later strikes out at Emma who sees that

At the Lakeview Craig asked Meg if she would keep the diamond necklace. Before she was able to answer, her phone rang. It was Paul. He told her he needed her help. Meg told Craig about a vision Paul had and she was waiting for him. Craig thought it was an act and just wanted to get closer to Meg. Paul came in with a crying Ethan. Paul sent Craig off and he told her about the vision. Meg told him he went too far taking the baby. Craig called Lily from around the corner. Craig told her Ethan was there at the Lakeview. Meg checked the baby out and said they needed to go to the emergency room right away. At the hospital Meg informed the doctor about a fever and who he was. Lily rushed in and went into Paul. Craig showed up with her. Meg apologized for Paul.

Maddie tried to slip out of Tom and Margo's, but Casey caught her at the door. He saw her bag and wanted to know what she was doing. Maddie said she was going to see Eve in prison. Casey said Eve would bring her down and to not go. Maddie then threw the conversation back at Casey and all the problems he caused. Casey didn't believe she could be so cruel and confessed his love for her. She went out and slammed the door. He tried to study but thought about his good times with Maddie.

Jade ran into Will on the street. She saw his wad of cash and told him running away wasn't the answer and that Gwen would just drag him down. He told her to mind her business. Jade went over the scenario of Adam's death. Will said she didn't know what she was talking about. Jade told him he would pay for helping Gwen. Will asked how she came to her conclusions. Jade said she figured it out and didn't go to the cops because of how she felt about Will. Will said she didn't owe him anything. Jade said if they were running she was telling Margo. Will asked her to stall if she did still love him. Jade agreed and warned him. She kissed him on the cheek before leaving. Maddie came up with her bag. Will told her that Jade knew what was up. Maddie apologized about the mess to Will. They went to get Gwen.

Gwen heard someone in the cottage and grabbed a bat to check it out. It was Iris. Gwen wanted to know what she wanted. Iris said she just wanted to help her. Iris found her packed bag and asked where she was going. Gwen said it was a vacation. Iris said she knew she was running. Iris tried to convince her to let her help. Iris commented on her gum-ball wedding ring, and Gwen blurted out that it was Iris taunting her all along. Gwen went over the burying of Adam. Iris didn't seem shocked. Gwen accused her of trying to set her up for blackmail, and if she moved Adam's body. Iris said Gwen needed her now. Will and Maddie came in and Iris brought Gwen from around the corner.

Vienna and Henry came in from shopping and wanted to eat. Vienna suggested inviting Maddie over. They called and left a message. Vienna could see the worry in Henry's face. They thought Casey was worrying Maddie. Henry gave Vienna poker lessons. It quickly turned into strip poker-which turned into a game of Marco Polo. Vienna asked Henry to move in with her. He hesitated. Vienna said she was lonely whenever he wasn't around. He agreed.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Jack is at the station when Brad's brought in, handcuffed, and Katie leaves the cameraperson to get the gritty details of Brad's arrest on tape. After questioning Luke's teacher, Katie's learns that the specifics of Brad's attack were related to Mr. Ladue's bigotry toward Luke. Jack is surprised when Katie wants to bail Brad out. Brad thanks Katie, and they halfheartedly vow to continue their feud tomorrow. Emily insists she can take care of herself, but Dusty doesn't buy it and walks out. Susan tells Emily that she came because Daniel called and won't be coming home for spring break and is surprised when Emily thinks that's for the best. Susan, thrown by Emily's cavalier attitude toward Daniel's absence, asks Dusty for help. Gwen lets Maddie and Will in on the fact that Iris is the one who's been harassing her and Maddie – because she wants to own Gwen. Will sends the girls off and has a chat with Iris. Later, Will tells Gwen that he offered Iris his entire trust fund. Will leaves a message for Barbara that he and Gwen are headed to Fort Lauderdale, as they prepare to take off.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

At the hospital, Lily pops another of her diet pills as she worries about Ethan's high fever and illness. Meg and Craig arrive and ask if they can help, just as Bob comes in and promises Lily they will find out what is wrong, but believes the problem may be bacterial from something Ethan ate. Bob asks Lily to bring in everything he ate in the past few days and he later suggests to Lily that Ethan's condition is critical and he may have kidney damage.

Out in the hall Paul discusses his visions about Ethan and the baby food with Meg and tells her he believes the problem may not be just with Ethan's baby food, but with all the jars of food from Lily's company. Meg and Paul begin to dump out all of the baby food that Lily had packaged up as part of the company's giveaway promotion and instructs the hospital staff to get rid of any other jars they find. Meg takes a jar of food to a nurse and asks her to have it tested immediately for contaminants and the nurse agrees to take it to the lab on her behalf. After dealing with the baby food jars, Meg and Paul decide to go to the farm to be with Parker and Faith and explain Ethan's condition.

Soon after Meg and Paul depart, Holden arrives at the hospital and Lily explains Ethan's condition the best she can and tells him about Paul taking Ethan because of another vision. Holden is confused about Ethan's sudden onset and tries to understand why his son is so sick. As Holden leaves to get something to drink another mother rushes in with questions about her sick child who has Ethan's same symptoms. As Lily overhears the woman telling the nurse the only new thing she has given her baby is the food from Lily's company, Lily becomes more upset. Soon afterwards Bob arrives with another mom and informs her and Lily that all of the babies have been diagnosed with e-coli and soon after labs arrive that confirm Lily's new baby food line was tainted with e-coli. The mothers's lash out at Lily and accuse her of poisoning their children. Craig tries to help Lily, but Holden tells him to stay out of it and then tells Lily she needs to look into the distributors of the baby food line.

Back at the farm, Parker and Faith discuss everything that has taken place with baby Ethan and decide to call Lily and find out how he is doing. The two are worried they made a mistake by letting Paul take Ethan. As they try to reach their parents they become convinced that Ethan must be very ill. Once Meg and Paul arrive they explain Ethan's condition and try to reassure the kids that he will be fine. Paul tells them he believes everything will be o.k. and once they get a call from the hospital about Ethan's condition Parker takes Faith for a walk to try to get her mind off her little brother. Left alone, Paul and Meg have time to reconnect and he thanks her for believing in him. Later Paul tells Meg that he believes he has the visions so he can protect her and the people he loves and with that the two share a kiss.

As Susan pleads with Dusty to help her get through to Emily and find out what is going on, Emily arrives dressed provocatively and Susan questions not only the way she is behaving, but why she is dressed that way. After Dusty leaves, Susan and Emily get into a huge fight over Emily's attitude and schedule. Emily resorts to telling Susan the same lie that she had earlier told Dusty; that she is writing a story about the small town sex trade and tells her the reason she didn't tell her was because she didn't want her judgment. Susan immediately barges into Dusty's office and confronts him about why he would let Emily go out on the streets like a common hooker for a story and ad money. Dusty is visible shaken by the Susan's accusations and remains silent as Emily tries to defend her "story" to Susan. In the middle of their fight, Susan is called to the hospital and Dusty tells Emily he wants no part of what she is involved in. He agrees to keep a different schedule from her and tells her he wants nothing more to do with her. Just as they finish their confrontation, a local news team arrives and informs Dusty of the outbreak with the baby food. Faced with questions from the news team Dusty calls Lily and demands she returns to World Wide and deals with the fallout from the baby food fiasco. Torn between staying with Ethan and dealing with the problem, Lily returns with Craig to World Wide after Holden tells her he will stay with Ethan and call her with any changes, but that she needs to find out what caused the problem with the food. When she arrives at World Wide offices, Dusty gives Lily bad news about the women who ran the company she bought and the food violations their co-op had.

After her fight with Dusty and Susan, Emily awaits her newest john at the hotel and when he arrives he tells her he wants to act out a really hot movie he just got. After performing blindfolded for her "date" Emily is shocked and saddened to see her sister Alison on the pornographic video.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Casey tells surprised Henry that Maddie's left town to visit Eve. Casey reveals that Maddie dumped him but Henry's still troubled by the fact that Maddie left town without telling him. Casey breaks into the cottage and searches Will's computer, discovering a map to a remote island in Lake Superior. Concerned about Maddie, he decides to jump bail and go to the rescue. Shaken Emily recognizing her sister Alison in the porn DVD, asks the client if she can keep the DVD. Later, Emily asks if Susan heard from Alison recently. Susan reveals that Alison has broken up with Aaron and moved to L.A. Emily tries to reach Alison and discovers her phone's been disconnected. She studies the DVD for clues. Meg and Paul draw closer over the news that Ethan's better. Paul brings Meg to his cabin, and assures her there's no pressure. They make love, but Meg feels guilty after, and wants to leave. Paul asks her to stay. Craig calms a panicking Lily who feels responsible for the e-coli poisonings. Craig persuades Lily to delay calling Lucinda and sends her back to the hospital with a promise that he'll handle everything. She gives him access codes and passwords. He calls his banker – and gets access to the money. Craig calls Lily assuring her he's handled the lawsuit crisis by finding money to make a settlement, and a grateful Lily accepts his help. It's clear that Craig has a secret agenda as he settles into the boardroom, savoring his newfound power.

Friday, March 23, 2007

At Worldwide, Emily finds an empty office and asks the secretary to make sure she's not disturbed. She then begins to play the DVD of Alison's porn movie, looking for clues as to where it might have been shot. Dusty walks in, unannounced, and demands to know why she's looking at that kind of stuff at Worldwide. Emily says she thinks she knows the girl and that the girl looks like she's in trouble and doesn't really want to be doing this. He tells her what the girl is doing isn't much different from what Emily's been doing. Emily wonders how she could track down the girl and asks Dusty where this type of movie is filmed. Dusty tells her usually in basements somewhere but that most of it comes from Los Angeles, but there are too many distributors of this type of movie for Emily to be able to track this particular one down. Emily agrees and asks how the baby food crisis at Worldwide is going and what she can do to help. Later, Emily goes to meet Cheri, telling her she needs to take a few days off. Cheri tells her if she leaves now, she's gone for good. Emily says, "Okay," but Cheri says Emily would miss it too much, all the men lining up for her and all the money she's making. Emily says she's probably right but asks what Cheri would do if she found out her sister or her daughter was hooking; Cheri says, "I'd get her out, whatever it took." Emily says she's somebody's daughter and somebody's sister, and she needs to get herself out now, so she's quitting. She then calls Susan and leaves her a message, saying because of a story she's working on, she has to leave town for a couple of days.

At Paul's cabin, Meg wakes up in bed with Paul, and they make love again. Afterwards, he makes coffee for her, and she says she's the one who brought him that coffee pot, from Emma's place; Paul tells her she can't have it back but he'll lease it to her up there at the cabin. Meg asks why he came back to the cabin, and he says it's because he was healed there once, and he was trying to find some peace. When he asks Meg how she feels about him, she says she feels good but wants to take things one day at a time; he asks her to let him know what kind of day today is. She leaves, and soon after that, there's a knock on the door; it's Faith, bearing a plate of cookies to thank Paul for saving Ethan's life. He makes sure she has permission to be up there visiting him, and she says Luke said it was okay. She says her mom and dad are with Ethan at Emma's, and that her mom is responsible for all the sick babies. Paul tells her to give her mom a break because Lily's probably already feeling guilty enough about the baby food incident without Faith saying things to make her feel worse. Faith says sometimes she says things before she even knows she's going to say them, and Paul says he does the same thing, but the people who love you forgive you anyway.

Craig visits Lily and Ethan at Emma's house. He tells her he checked at the hospital and there are no more new sick babies, but that a couple of the babies there are in critical condition. He tells her the families are all threatening to sue Worldwide, but he's going to put his personal funds into Worldwide to take care of all the hospital bills and settle the problem out of court, and he tells her the settlements will include a gag order on the families, so that the only thing they can say is that Worldwide dealt with this crisis promptly and compassionately. Lily wants to call Lucinda to discuss it with her, but Craig convinces her that they don't have time for that and that Lucinda would want Lily to take steps now to save Worldwide. Lily asks for a pen to sign the papers Craig has brought to her concerning his funding of Worldwide. Craig says Lily should probably look them over first, but Lily says she trusts him, and she signs the paperwork. He says he'll take it to his lawyer for filing, and then Meg walks in. Craig greets her and says he tried to reach her the night before and wondered where she was. She notes that he didn't leave her a message, and he says he's trying to give her some distance, per her request. Lily tells Meg that Craig has come to save her and Worldwide; Craig leaves, and Lily tells Meg that Craig is putting his own money into the company to make the problem go away and ensure her mistakes don't have terrible consequences for her or for Worldwide. Meg later runs into Craig in the lobby of the Lakeview, where he and his lawyer are wrapping things up. She tells him that Lily told him what he did, and she's impressed. He tells her, "That will change --- it always does!" She says he may want everyone to think he's an evil man, but he's really not, and she likes him, very much. Back at Worldwide, Lily walks into Dusty's office and tells him not to worry about the threatened lawsuits because a very special friend of hers is going to handle it; when he asks who that might be, she tells him, "Craig Montgomery."

At a dirty cabin in Michigan's upper peninsula, Gwen, Will, and Maddie are trying to clean up and get warm. There's a knock on the door, and it's the local sheriff, but he has come just to collect his rent on the cabin, which he owns. When he asks them who they are, they give him phony names and tell him they're from the University of Wisconsin and that they're film majors who are scouting locations for their next film project. He asks what kind of movie they're making, and Maddie says a "Blair Witch" type of thing, but with some dark comedy in it. He then asks where their camera is, and they freeze until Maddie pulls out her cell phone and flips it open, saying it films enough video for them to upload to their computers. The sheriff leaves after warning them to keep the door locked because of wild critters, both animal and human, that might wander through. After he leaves, Maddie goes outside, and Will and Gwen realize how close they came to being found out just because they hadn't thought about bringing a camera when they came up with their cover story. Gwen thinks this is too much for Will to deal with, and she tries to convince him to go back to Oakdale, but he says he can't leave her and Maddie alone. He also tells her that if he'd been there when Adam went after Gwen, Adam would probably still be dead, but it would be because Will killed him. They kiss, and Maddie sees them; she walks away and comes back again, knocking this time. Will goes outside to get some firewood, and Maddie tells Gwen how much she misses Casey and how much she loves him. She tells Gwen that she and Casey never did actually make love, and now she'll never have that experience with someone she really loves and wants to be with. Gwen assures her that she will, but Maddie doesn't think it's possible anymore. Will comes back in with the firewood, and Gwen suggests they all go into town and get some breakfast. Maddie asks them just to bring some back for her, because she wants to stay and get the cabin cleaner and warmer. They try to get her to change her mind, but when she insists on staying, they leave. A moment later, Maddie hears someone at the door, and it bursts open; it's Casey, who says he tracked them down by hacking into Will's computer. Casey demands that Maddie stop lying to him and tell him what she's running from; he says he'll love her no matter what, but he needs to know the truth. Maddie tells him she killed Adam, and she explains how. Casey is very upset, particularly that Gwen and Maddie then buried Adam and left him there in the woods without telling anyone what had happened. He tells Maddie that Adam would have come to help him out of the trouble he was in, but Maddie tells him Adam was skipping town when Gwen found him. Will and Gwen return to the cabin and see Casey, and he angrily tells Will he can't believe their brother's dead and Will didn't even bother to tell him. Will says it couldn't be helped, and Maddie cries out to Casey that he said he'd love her no matter what; he responds that he still loves her, but he wishes he didn't, and then he storms out of the cabin. Maddie wants to go find him, but Will and Gwen say they have to leave right away, before Casey goes back and tells Margo what's happened and sends the local cops after them. Maddie doesn't think Casey would turn them in, but Will says he'd do it just to stand up for Adam.

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