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Monday, May 8, 2006

As soon as Henry pronounces Katie and Mike husband and wife, Jack arrests Mike and takes him to the police station. There, Jack tells Mike that they found a cab driver who took Maya to Mike's house on August 29, 1993, where she was met by a dark-haired man, presumably Mike. Jack adds that they found Mike's DNA on a Saint Christopher's medal which was found walled up with the skeleton. Katie rushes to the station in her bridal gown.

Jade kisses Holden just as Luke walks in the door to her room. Holden orders Jade to leave and goes back to the house to meet with Luke. Luke finally gets up the nerve to tell Holden and Lily that he is gay. Jade is still back in her room trying to find a way to fix things to her advantage. She leaves her room hastily.

Barbara has a talk with Meg at the coffee shop. The two women agree that they do not want Emily to continue to use Paul. However, Paul is at the hospital at that moment, discovering that Emily is pregnant with his child. Emily is still unaware of her pregnancy while everyone else is sharing the news in the hall. She tells Hal that she intends to face up to what she has done and will come back to him. Hal leaves, happy for the first time in a long time, and finds Barbara at the coffee shop after Meg has left to meet Paul at home. Emily hears Paul and Susan arguing in the hall outside her hospital room and goes to the door to see what is going on.

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

As Meg waits for Paul at home, he tells Emily she's pregnant, and Barbara reacts to the news from Hal. Barbara blames Susan and her lousy parental example, while Paul urges Emily to have an abortion. Paul points out that Emily is facing prison. If she has the baby, she won't be able to raise it. Emily agrees to have the abortion, as Meg arrives to learn that her rival is pregnant. When Katie hears from Jack that Mike's DNA was found at the crime scene, she accuses Jack of still harboring a grudge over Sage's paternity. Jack denies and, prior to booking, allows Katie to spend some time with Mike. Meanwhile, Nick muses that Jack is out to get Mike because Nick broke up Jack and Carly's marriage. Carly snaps that he most certainly wasn't the cause of the Snyder's separation! Nick tells Carly he intends to help his cousin. Later, Jack thanks Carly for standing up for him at the church. As Luke comes out to his parents, Lily insists that he's just confused. Holden, however, assures Lily their son is telling the truth. Lily suspects Jade put him up to this, but Jade pulls out the big guns and tells Lily she wasn't the only one who know about Luke's deception. Was she, Holden? Holden admits he had his suspicions. Lily demands to know how he could have kept this from her.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

At Java, Will went to look for his back pack. Maddie runs into Will, and tells him about Gwen and Casey going to Chicago. Will is upset because Gwen didn't tell him. Maddie tells him to check his messages. Will says he blew off his final. Maddie guess it's because he's worried about Gwen. At a dinner in Chicago, Gwen and Casey talk about the concert. Gwen wonders why Will hadn't returned any of her calls. Gwen just feels bad about not telling her husband. Casey realizes they missed the last bus. Casey tells her Will loves her and he'll be ok. Casey calls Maddie to tell her about the concert. Gwen and Will talk. Gwen apologizes for leaving without any notice. She tells an unhappy Will she won't be home until the morning because the missed the bus. Will says it's ok, but Gwen knows it isn't.

At Oakdale Memorial, Susan tells Meg about Emily's pregnancy, and Meg storms off.

In Emily's hospital room, Emily tells Paul to leave her alone she's getting rid of the baby. Paul will wait with her until the procedure is done. She wants him to leave, she doesn't want his help. Paul leaves and Emily begins to sob. Susan arrives and Emily tells her she is getting an abortion. Susan tells Emily a long list of why she's doing the right thing. Susan decides to make the arrangements. Henry arrives with flowers and an agenda. He asks Emily for the money. She tells him at the Lake View. He'll need a ticket to get it, but it's in her car; and she doesn't know where her car is. Henry decides to say for a while. Emily tells him she's pregnant and getting an abortion. Henry comforts Emily.

Paul arrives at Meg's room at the Lake View. Meg is visibly upset. She tells Paul she knows about the pregnancy. Paul tells her everything is fine because Emily is getting an abortion. Meg doubts Emily will really have an abortion, but Paul is convinced she will. Meg wants to know how Paul feels. Paul doesn't want to have a child with Emily. He wants to use this time to get to know Meg better.

At the cottage, Katie tells Nick about the evidence against Nick. Margo arrives and tells Nick to stay out of Jack's way. Nick leaves. Margo comforts her sister by tell her Jack will be home tomorrow, and that she has faith in the system.

Oakdale PD, Mike tells Jack he's worried about Katie. Jack tells Mike the case against him stinks. Nick shows up at the station, and Jack tells him to stay away from Mike because he's in custody.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hal tells Jennifer and Dusty, who've brought Johnny over for a visit, that Emily is pregnant with Paul's child. Dusty promises Jennifer that he'll go easy on Emily, but once Jen is gone, Dusty accuses Hal of letting Emily off the hook. At the hospital, Emily apologizes to Jen and Johnny. Jen confides that when she first got pregnant, all she wanted was to abort Craig's baby and forget about it. But she didn't and now she can't imagine not having him. Emily asks if Jen thinks Emily shouldn't have an abortion. Jen says she hates the idea of Emily being the mother of her niece or nephew, but abortion is Emily's choice. Meanwhile, Paul romantically asks Meg to move in with him, and she agrees. Paul stops by the hospital to check on Emily, and she says she's decided to keep their baby. Maddie is convinced that Casey slept with Gwen the other night, and Will isn't too confident about his wife's fidelity, either. Both assure their significant others that nothing happened...skipping over the brief moment of heat when they woke up. Later, Maddie meets up with Will to tutor him and jokes about Casey falling asleep on Gwen's shoulder. Since she didn't mention that part, either, Will is bugged. Henry goes to pick up his briefcase of ill-gotten time to see a cop walk off with it. He goes to Hal who says it is part of the case against Emily. Henry is forced to say the money isn't his, and slink away.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Holden and Lily discuss Luke's revelation that he's gay and their reactions to this news. Luke walks in just as Lily wonders what she's done wrong. He tells them again that this is not something he's unsure about and that they need to accept this as the truth, saying that if they can't do that, he can't stay with them because it would be living a different lie. After he walks out, Lily realizes her reactions have been less than supportive and worries that he might actually leave home. Holden assures her that's not likely and says they just have to rely on the fact that they've raised Luke to be a good person and trust him to choose the right path for himself in life.

Carly goes to the police station to get Hal's house key so she can pick Parker up from school and take him home to Hal's. She sees Jack and tells him she's also there for "moral support," but when he assumes she means she's there for Mike and Katie, she says she's there for him. Mike, Katie, and Jessica come out to go to the arraignment, but an officer approaches Jack and quietly tells him that the St. Christopher's medallion has gone missing from the evidence room. Nick arrives and finds out about the missing evidence and insists that Jack let Mike go. Jack is forced to admit that he can't hold Mike without the evidence, so he tells Mike he is free to go home. Jack then accuses Nick of having taken the evidence to help his cousin, and later, Carly insists she can't believe that Nick would do such a thing. However, when Carly picks up Parker and takes him to Hal's house, they run into Nick, who wants to talk to Hal before Jack can tell Hal his suspicions about Nick. Parker's kite becomes stuck in a tree, and Nick offers to go climb the tree and get it for him; while he's out doing that, Carly looks through the pockets of his jacket and finds the medallion.

Mike carries Katie over the threshold at their house, and Katie sets up a camera to take pictures of their "wedding reception."

At the hospital, Emily tells Paul she has decided to keep the baby. He tries to talk her out of it, but she says the fact that the pregnancy didn't end when she fell off the cliff proves that this life wasn't meant to end yet. She also tells Paul that this baby represents hope and salvation for her, and that he never has to see either Emily or the baby again. Susan comes in to take Emily down the hall for her abortion, but Emily tells her she's changed her mind. Susan blames Paul, but Paul says he had nothing to do with it and wishes Susan luck in talking some sense into Emily. He leaves, and Emily tells Susan that she really wants to have the baby, asking her if she'll take care of it while Emily is in prison. Susan asks if Emily is sure about this and then agrees to take care of the baby for her if it comes to that.

Meg is packing her things up to move in with Paul when Jennifer arrives at the Lakeview. She tells Jennifer about her moving plans, and Jennifer is not happy to hear about it. Jennifer then lays into Meg about Paul and her trying to convince Emily to have an abortion so that there won't be any obstacles in the path of their romance, but Meg says she hasn't even seen Emily and that by the time Paul saw her, Emily had already made up her mind to have the abortion. Jennifer says she spoke to Emily at the hospital and told her how much Johnny has meant in her life. Meg tells Jennifer that she and Paul have both changed and are trying to make up for the bad things they've done. Jennifer tells Meg that she won't waste any time or energy hating her or Paul, but Meg shouldn't expect to be forgiven, either.

Paul returns to Meg's place at the Lakeview, and she tells him about her encounter with Jennifer. After Meg reassures him that she still thinks they belong together, Paul tells Meg that Emily changed her mind and has decided to keep the baby. Although Paul assures Meg that Emily and Susan don't want him anywhere near the baby, Meg insists he won't be able to stay away, and she tells him, "It's over."

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