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Monday, September 27, 2004

Chris calls off the wedding and all hell breaks loose as Alison learns the truth about Chris and Emily. In anger, Alison informs Hal that her sister is still the slut she's always been and Emily prepares to tell Hal the truth. Later, a destroyed Alison runs into Snyder Pond, desperate to drown her wedding dress when Aaron shows up.

Carly shares with Emma her dilemma of whether or not to stop searching for Jack but Emma encourages her to do everything possible. Carly decides to take the sketch to Lucinda, but on route, it blows away. Taking it as a sign, Carly goes to the riverbank and tells imaginary Jack that she must stop searching for him now, but she'll always hope he'll come back to her. Meanwhile, Julia reels from her discovery of Carly, Parker and Sage's picture. She questions Jack on memories of another family, but Jack steadfastly assures her she's his only family, now and forever. Later, Julia makes the decision not to tell Jack about the photo.

Nikki, Jennifer, Mike and Henry go to Metro after the wedding fiasco. Jordan approaches Jennifer but Jennifer gives him a chilly greeting and grabs up Mike to dance. As they dance, Mike and Jennifer have a warm conversation, much to Nikki's disapproval. Later, Nikki tells Jennifer she has dibs on Mike. Meanwhile, Lucinda and Jordan strike up a conversation, leading to Lucinda to offer Jordan a job.

Lucy finds a fighter off the internet and he turns out to be good. Dusty is forced to tell her he needs to find a boxer who Dominic's fighter can beat.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Barbara is seeing her Doctor and explaining to him why a child is always his Mother's first concern. He leaves a nurse in the room as he exits, so that Barbara can take her medication. Barbara disrupts the situation by dropping her pills, causing the nurse to have to bend over to pick them up from the floor. As she does so, Barbara drugs the nurse and she falls to the floor. At the house, Will and Paul are talking. Will thinks that no one will ever forgive him for what he has done. Paul says that it will be all right. He blames Barbara for a lot of things and says that he is through with her. Paul leaves the room for a moment and a knock comes to the door. He opens it to find Barbara, his Mother, standing there. She says, "hello, son." Then she enters the house. He tells her that "he doesn't want to see her again." Paul comes down the stairs to discover that Barbara is in the house. Paul is concerned for Will but tells him that everything is going to be all right. He calls the hospital and tells them to come and pick up Barbara and to bring restraints for her, because she is dangerous. He comforts Will by telling him that they are only going to take Barbara back and not him. Barbara is trying to tell Paul that Will manipulated the whole situation. He was responsible for coming to her the first night she was admitted to the hospital, and also for bringing her a nurse's uniform so that she could make it to Will's room. He also planned for her to be there as Hal, Jennifer and he were visiting. He had a plan for getting out and he used and is using all of them for his own purposes. She tells Paul that "Will is just not confused as he was when he first was admitted, but now he is dangerous." The men arrive from the hospital and Paul instructs them to take her away. For Paul, the message to Barbara is, "stay away from Will or if you try to see him, you will have to see me too."

Hal and Emily talk. Emily tells Hal that she never had an affair with Chris. It was just that she was always left alone. Chris walks into the room and announces to Hal that he is in love with Emily. He walks over to Emily and tells her that he thinks that she is in love with him too. Emily is beside herself. She is saying to Chris that he is all wrong, and that he is making a fool of himself. He needs to stop going on about his feelings. She says that marriage isn't a bed of roses, but, she wants her husband. She looks at Chris and tells him to go and look for Alison, and let her yell and whatever, at him, for causing her so much pain, that it's the least he could do for her. Chris leaves. Emily tries once again to tell Hal how she has been feeling. He was never around for her and was always helping someone else. She got involved in the contest for the keys because she wanted something to do, but, she ended up getting involved. She wants to make it up to Hal but doesn't know how. Hal tells her that he doesn't think she can make it up. He walks out on her once again. She sits and cries. A while later, Hal comes back and wants to talk to Emily. She wishes he would just yell at her or do something, besides just stand there and do and say nothing. He relates the fact that on his cell phone were so many calls from friends and the people at the police station needing him for one thing or another, and he always had time for them. She came to him on numerous occasions and he was always too busy for her. She tried over and over and he just kept shutting her out. He says that he doesn't blame her for what happened. He apologizes to her and embraces her and she him.

Aaron and Alison are still in the pond. She blames Aaron now for what happened, because, he knew about Chris and Emily and didn't tell her. She asks Aaron how he could do that to her and then say that he loves her. She accuses Aaron for letting Chris break her heart and wants to know why. He explains that he did try to tell her when he first suspected something, in fact, he went to Chris, and he explained it away. He didn't want to say anything to her because he didn't want to be the one who hurt her. Alison tells him that he hurt her everyday by not saying anything to her. Chris approaches the area calling for Alison. She doesn't want to talk with him and Aaron helps her to hide. He faces Chris instead. Aaron tells him to stay away from her Chris tells him that he tried to do everything to make it work, but he just couldn't. He leaves. Alison appears at Aaron's side, and begins to wonder what is wrong with her. She used to have nightmares about the wedding and it seems that they are coming true. She asks Aaron to not try to protect her, but to be honest and real with her. She thinks that something must be wrong with her that these things keep happening to her. Aaron tells her that she deserves to be treated like the totally amazing person that she is. She rebounds, by grabbing him and kissing him and then running away.

Dusty and Lucy are trying to settle things. She wants to know the truth about what is going on with the fight. He tries to explain it to her by using a ballet dancer and Swan Lake as an example, but to no avail. Lucy just knows that things would be a lot simpler if he would use her money. Does he think that she would love him any less if he used her money?

Tom and Margo are having a heart to heart about what happened. Chris comes in and wants to talk with Tom. Margo lets the two of them talk alone by leaving the room. Tom asks Chris what he is planning to do now. Chris explains that the only thing he knows is that Alison trusted him and he couldn't have hurt her more. Tom tells Chris, that what happened doesn't make him a terrible person, but he did do a terrible thing. He says, "In time people will forget what happened and will forgive him, but it won't be tonight." Tom thanks him and leaves. Margo overhears the last part of the conversation and comes into the room and asks him if it is true that people will forget and forgive. Tom tells her that he thinks it's possible. A cup of coffee is offered but rejected by Tom, who expects that his parents will want to talk with him in the morning. Tom reaches for Margo and plants a kiss on her cheek, smiles and walks out the door. Margo smiles back at him.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Nikki and Jennifer are trying to find the perfect apartment. Henry and Mike are helping them. It seems that Jennifer has told Mike about how Nikki feels, and Mike knows how Henry feels about Nikki. Too bad it doesn't seem to be the right combination for anybody. Mike thinks that he can only think about friendships for now. Since Jennifer and Mike have nothing to do since they pushed Henry and Nikki to each other, they decide to have a cup of coffee and let the other two, figure things out for themselves. Henry tries to make suggestive comments to Nikki, but she tells him in no uncertain terms that they are just friends, which unfortunately, is what Henry says they are also.

Paul and Will go for a bite to eat. Will excuses himself for a minute and Lily enters the room and sees Paul. She walks up to the table. Her feeling is that Will was let out of the hospital too early. She does want Will to get better, however. She just feels that he wasn't treated for a long enough period of time, to be released as of yet. Paul tells Lily that he doesn't feel it is fair that Will be treated like the town pariah either. Will comes back to the table and Lily addresses him. She tries to remain civil and says that he has every right to be back in town, and even though she lost Rose because of him, she will do her best to be cordial to him. She extends her hand to shake his, but Will just stands there, forcing Lily to leave and telling Paul that it seems Will was not touched by her speech. Paul feels it is because Will just hasn't grasped what has happened to him yet, and to please give Will a break. Lily feels like she has just done that. Later Paul tells Will, that he needn't worry so much now. His mother has been locked away and he has just been given a new life for himself.

Barbara tells her new Doctor, that perhaps her brain tumor is resurfacing again and perhaps she should see the Doctor who treated her before. The new Doctor says that her problem from before is probably not the problem but she is allowed to contact her old Doctor. Walker Daniels comes into Barbara's room. She embraces him. She tries to use the same old story on him. He tells her that he cannot believe that the problems she is having is being caused by someone else. He tells her that she is sick and needs help. Walker assures her that he will help her, by doing what he can to make sure that she stays there and gets the help she needs. He tells her that she needs someone else to tend to her. Walker tells her not to call him anymore, because he won't come. Walker leaves the room. Inside the room, Barbara is calling out, "where are my children?" Outside the room someone is watching Barbara very carefully. The Doctor comes back to check on Barbara. As he leaves, another Doctor walks into the room. Barbara looks up to hear this man say that he "is there to help" her. It is Rick Decker.

Holden watches as Aaron tries to take his anger out on something else. Aaron admits to being angry and not knowing what to do to stop how he is feeling. He tells Holden that he is in love with Alison, no matter what she has done to him. Holden reminds Aaron of some of the things that Alison was involved with, and now he is in love with her. Aaron cannot control how he is feeling. Holden tells him to then go to Alison and tell her how he feels about her. If he loves her, go after her.

Susan answers the door to find Bob and Kim on the other side. They have come to help find a solution to what has happened. No one has seen either Chris or Alison since the ceremony. While the two women are bantering back and forth, Bob receives a phone call from Lisa, stating that Chris is at the Lakeview. Just before they reach Chris' room, Bob and Lisa talk about the doubts that Chris was having before the wedding. They knock on Chris' door and he opens it and lets them in. Bob tells Chris that what he did was absolutely thoughtless. He had no regards for Alison or for what he did to her in front of her friends and family. His Father thinks that Chris has a lot of apologizing to do, especially to Alison, and instead of wallowing in self pity, he should go and take care of things.

Emily walks into the Church and spots Alison there. Alison wonders why Emily let this all happen. Alison tells her that she was her sister and she trusted her more than anyone. She tells Emily that even though Chris was the one who drove a knife into her back, that she (Emily) was the one who twisted it. Emily apologizes. She tells Alison that none of this was Alison's fault. Things just happened. Alison, upset and angry, tells her that she ended up not getting married, not being with Chris. She has no wedding, no husband, no ring and no sister. Alison leaves her and heads for home. Susan tells Alison that the day will come when she feels that special something for someone else again. Susan tells her if she can survive Rick Decker than she certainly can survive Chris Hughes.

At the pond, Aaron meets up with Alison. He wants to talk to his best friend. Alison lets Aaron know that she slept at the Church. Aaron admits to Alison that they could write a book with all that's happened to them. He tells her that he will always be her very best friend.

Holden tells Lily that he is concerned about all the anger that she is keeping inside of her. She must feel better about the future.

Aaron daydreams about Alison.

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Thursday, October 30, 2004

Chris goes to Alison to try to make peace with no luck. Emily arrives on the scene as Alison is throwing Chris out. Emily tells Alison that she and Daniel will be moving in for a while but Alison won't stand for it. Susan arrives home and Alison tells her mother that either Emily goes or she goes!

Compassionate Rick Decker pretends to be Barbara's doctor and Barbara begins spilling her guts to him. However, Dr. Decker turns scary when he pulls out a syringe and threatens to ease her pain. Meanwhile, Will learns Emily and Daniel are leaving home and takes it personally. Hal coaxes him to go fishing and they go to Snyder Pond. At the same time, Holden and Lily are facing off about Lily's attitude about Will. Luke comes into the argument and Holden and Luke arrange to go fishing to the pond, too. Luke is chased from some bully teens and Will saves him from being thrown into the pond. Holden arrives to find teens tormenting Will, and Will standing against them. Holden chases the kids off and Luke tells Holden that Will saved him. Holden then gets the idea that Will could come work on the farm for money. Hal gets Will to consider the job and Will says he'll do it.

Lucy and Dusty encounter Dominic at Metro, and Craig learns Lucy is involved with Dusty in a fight scheme. When he tries to warn her against it, Lucy lets spill that Dusty is planning to sell off his share of the club so the two of them can get away. Craig reels and vows to do something to stop Lucy from leaving.

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Friday, October 1, 2004

Henry and Mike talk. Henry tells Nikki that he has something to do, but, they should stay and enjoy the evening. Henry walks away, and Nikki hopes that she hasn't hurt good old Henry's feelings, but she just isn't interested in him. Mike tells her that he will get over it. Nikki and Mike continue to talk at the table. Mike says that he is not seeing anyone, and is not interested in pursuing a relationship at this time. He just wants to be friends and she says that is all she wants too. In the meantime, they set up a non-date to help put together the plans for her apartment. Later, Mike meets up with Jennifer. When Mike tells her that he will be seeing Nikki for dinner the following night, Jennifer looks at him strangely. Mike says that's it's okay, as they have both agreed to be just friends. Jennifer tells him that women don't always say what they mean and he needs to be aware of that.

Rosanna tells Holden that she doesn't want Will around the farm, let alone give him a job. Holden tells Rosanna that Will is a good kid and he is trying to help him. Rosanna wonders, knowing that he is going against the feelings of his wife. She tells him that the reason for not wanting him there is because of Paul. It will give Paul the opportunity to make a nuisance of himself. Holden tells her that he can keep Paul away while she's staying there. She tells Holden that she will never forgive Paul.

Paul and Jennifer meet. He tells her that they need to dissolve BRO to keep Will apart from his Mother. It will be safer for everyone. Jennifer wants to know what happened. Paul tells her that Barbara came to the house the other night to see Will and take him back to the hospital with her. She's back in the hospital now but they will need to find another way to provide for Will. She tells Paul that she wants to keep the company. She's decided that she likes what she is doing and has even designed a few things herself. Paul offers to help her with the business anyway he can. She might even have her own line.

Will sits and thinks about what people have said about him. Rosanna walks down by the pond and sees something white in the water. She looks at it and tries to reach it when she is tapped on the shoulder. It turns out to be Will. She talks to him, ever so slightly. He helps her with the dress and she picks apples from the tree. He tells her how he feels and how comfortable it is down by the pond and on the farm. She sees that he likes it, and says that it will be all right for him to work there, if he wants. He mentions Paul, and thanks her for helping him when they thought that Paul was the one guilty of murdering Rose. He tells Rosanna that Paul is really a good guy. Paul happens to come up behind them and says hello.

Inside Barbara's room, Dr. Decker is talking with Barbara. He is about to give her a shot of something when the orderlies burst in along with the Doctor. Barbara wants to know what is going on. They put restraints on Dr. Decker and lead him off. Barbara is told that he used to be a Doctor, but now he is a patient. Barbara is able to sneak out of her room again, and this time she heads for Dr. Decker's room to return the call he made on her. He tells her about the abyss that he is able to see in people that no one can. Barbara tells him that she knows all about it, that she has lived within it for quite some time. Dr. Decker tells her that he just wanted to end their suffering. Barbara makes an excuse to leave the room by saying that she wanted some water. Outside, she says that he is completely insane....... hmm- that could be useful. She goes back later, and tells them that they could be very good friends.

Alison stands in the living room, telling Emily that she messed around with her fiance, ruined her wedding, and now she wants to stay in the same house with her. Susan says, "We're Stewart women, and we're gonna be there for each other. Don't throw us away because we're all you have." Alison has stormed out of the house, and Emily thanks her for standing by her. Susan says that with her past, how could she, a now put together Mom, fall for someone who turned out to be a psycho who almost killed her daughters.

Aaron is at the club, feeling quite good because the two girls that he ran into at the pond have come to see him. Holden comes up to him and wants to know how he is doing? He says, just fine. Holden, sees how he is responding to the girls, and asks about Alison. Aaron tells him that Alison is fine and he is too. "So, all your feelings for Alison have vanished then?" asks Holden. Aaron is about to get off work and the girls are about to leave. Aaron promises to call Holden and excuses himself. As he is arm in arm with the girls, Alison walks in. She tells him that she needs to talk with him. As usual, Aaron tells the girls to go on; they will do this some other time and tends to Alison's needs. He says that she's ruined his night with the girls, so what can he do. She says that she needs a place to stay.

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