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Monday, August 9, 2004

Aaron walks down the street in Old Town and sees Chris and Emily kissing. They are aware that someone saw them, but they have no idea that it was someone they knew. Aghast at what they have done, Emily rushes off, begging Chris top remember that he and Alison were meant for each other, and to forget about the kiss. Aaron goes on to meet Alison at the paper delivery spot, where they intend to get a head start on their search for the next key. He fumblingly starts to tell Alison what he saw, but Alison impatiently interrupts him, thinking that he is just against her marriage to Chris. Alison continues to try to call Emily on her mobile phone, but finally Chris walks up. Chris starts to tell Alison about the kiss, but he loses his nerve, apologizes for their fight, and makes up with Alison, although his heart is not in it. Aaron returns and sees the tender reconciliation, and obviously has a hard time keeping quiet. Meanwhile Emily goes to see Hal at the police station. At first Hal is cold, but soon he opens up and allows Emily to comfort him.

Craig and Lily tell Lucy that her stepfather, Alan, was working with the kidnappers, Wade Larson and Don Creel, and that Alan tried to kill Craig before Craig killed him. Dusty insists on telling Lucy that Craig was behind the kidnapping. Lily argues that Craig was a hero and recounts what she saw, and goes on to describe how Craig pulled her through the window with a bullet in his arm. Dusty tries to explain that Lily came in the middle of everything, and that she was mistaken. Lucinda bursts into the room at that moment with the exciting news that Alan is alive, but is in critical condition. According to Nikki Munson, Alan is not in condition to be questioned yet. When everyone arrives at the hospital, Lucy tells Dusty that she will not listen to him speak against her father again. Alan starts to awaken and sees Craig standing in the room.

Molly arrives as Carly stands on the bridge, grieving for Jack. Carly stonily tells Molly, "I lost my husband...because of your selfishness." Molly dejectedly walks away. Carly gets into her car, but is crying so hard that she cannot drive. Mike appears at the car window, and takes Carly for a ride in the Corvette, fulfilling a dream Carly and Jack had to drive very fast while listening to Bruce Springsteen. Molly goes back to her place, where Holden arrives with some things Molly had left at his and Lily's house. Holden breaks down in tears, and Molly holds his hand and tells him that she will help him get through this hard time. Remembering himself, Holden jerks his hand away and leaves. Molly takes a shower, and Holden returns with a book, surprising Molly so that she drops her towel. Shaken, Holden leaves again.

Jack awakens in St. Genevieve's Hospital to see a nurse who resembles his ex-wife Julia, wearing a name tag saying, "Julia." Jack frantically insists that the two of them were once strongly connected, and the doctor advises the nurse to go along with whatever Jack says, in order to keep Jack from becoming agitated.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Margo bangs on Tom's door looking for Casey. She tells Tom that Casey found out about her and Doc. He stormed out of the house and said that he was going to live with Tom. Tom says he is a smart kid, he'll be all right. He asks how he found out and Margo tells him about Doc Reese being his golf instructor. Margo admits to going over the top and insisted he cancel the lesson. Casey put it all together himself. Margo asks what kind of a Mother is she, what kind of Mother breaks their kids hearts like that. Tom and Margo talk, but she is visably shaken. She says she has called everyone but one person. Should she call Doc, says Margo to Tom. He scoffs at her and says, you don't need my permission to do that. Tom tells her that he wanted to beat Doc senseless, maybe Casey does too. She tells Tom again that she did not have an affair with Doc. He tells her that she chose another man so even though she stopped it short of consumating it, you thought about it, you wanted it enough to lie about it to the people who love you. She asks Tom, if he still loves her. Before he says anything, he reminds her that this is about Casey and that she knows the answer.

Ben and Jessica are enjoying some time together alone. He is making a toast with gingerale to her, telling her what a great Mother she will be. Jessica sees Doc enter the room and suggests they leave. Ben says ok, if she will let him hold her, and she remarks, that she would have it no other way.

On the way out, Casey bursts in and walks up to Doc. Doc tells him he's sorry about the busted golf lesson. Doc tells him he will talk to him man to man, but don't disrespect him or his Mother. Doc brings Casey to the side and tells him that he is off base. Ben and Jessica overhear this conversation while being a short distance away. Casey asks Doc why he Mom went nuts at the club and why did his Grandman fire him. Doc tries to make excuses but Casey isn't falling for any of it. Doc tells him he never had an affair with his Mom. Casey tells him that he used him to get to his Mother. Casey addresses the fact that Doc doesn't care about anybody. Not his Dad, not him and maybe not even his Mother. Casey says, they were happy. They were a family, and he destroyed all of that. Ben walks up to Casey and tells him that they need to take a walk. Casey tells Doc, that he is nobody's hero, he is nothing. Casey leaves as Ben and him go to find his Dad. Doc looks at the people watching and staring at him, and tells them that the show is over. Jessica stands in the back and watches Doc. After a while, she walks up to him and says that not too many people have held you as accountable as Casey just did. He tells her he grew up with these things he could do, and pretty soon people were telling him that he was something, he was special. They wanted him to meet their wives and sometimes it happened so fast, it was so easy, that they never saw it coming. When they started to make excuses for his behavior though, that's when you start to feel above it all. Well, no matter who you are Doc, says Jessica, I guess life has a way of catching up with you at some point. Jessica tells Doc not to talk about the baby. It is her's and Bens. He says he didn't mean anything by that, and she comments that he never means to hurt anyone, but, the body count keeps rising. Jessica walks off, but, doubles over, in pain.

Casey arrives at Tom's with Ben. They are glad to see he is safe. Margo asks Casey where he has been. Casey finally tells them that he went to see Doc Reese. Tom tells Casey, that your Mom is still your Mom, and as long as he is around, he will treat her with respect. Margo speaks up and says to Casey that she is ashamed of herself. She forgot that in a family what one person does affects everyone in the family. She knows she's hurt everyone but she loves them both and doesn't want to lose them.

Jennifer comes in from the airport calling for Jordan. She tells him that it was all a lie. Barbara and her symptoms, the N.Y. specialist, it was a trick to get her and Paul out of town and she even tried to blame Rosanna. Jordan tells her that he knows. He now needs her to understand what he is going to say and he apologizes to her. He tells her they can't be together anymore. Jennifer asks Jordan how he can say it's over just like that. He tells her he loves her, and says that they should break up. He doesn't want this, but doesn't have any other choice. He doesn't want her to be angry or hurt, so how is she supposed to feel? He tells her that James was behind the incident that happened the day the baby was switched for awhile. It's only one of the times that James proved he could do what he wanted. Jennifer tells him that is the reason why they agreed to stick together. So Cabot would be safe. He tells Jennifer that James wants he and Rosanna to make their marriage work. Jennifer wants to know how that message got to them. Jordan tells her it was in Cabot's clothes, after he had taken Cabot to see James at the prison. Jennifer tells Jordan that she found out when she was in NY that no one tells the truth, that people lie, and manipulate, and they always say it's for their own good. She starts to leave and Jordan tells her that it's the hardest thing he has ever had to do. She says, if you are looking for sympathy, don't hold your breath.

Paul and Rosanna make love. He tells her he thought he was always going to have to be Uncle Paul. His feelings were wrong. Paul tells Rosanna that his Dad doesn't always get what he wants. He asks her if she trusts him and she says yes. He has finally figured out a way to get James out of their lives. Jordan is met by Paul and Rosanna who tell them that the meeting will be starting shortly. Rosanna tells Jordan that they have decided on another plan. They were going to do what James said, but then Rosanna made a better decision. Paul tells Jordan that he needs to start thinking out of the box, where James is concerned. The doorbell rings and it is answered by the maid. She shows in Governor Barnes. He says from her message, Rosanna is willing to make a contribution to his re-election bid. Paul says she is willing to write a sizable check provided he can help them with a rather delicate issue. He says he would be happy to give any assistance that he can. Paul says, "I guess you've heard of my Father, James Stenbeck. The Governor says yes, and Paul tells him that he and Rosanna are willing to put whatever resources they have behind his campaign if he is willing to have James Stenbeck transferred to another facility far from Illinois. The Governor tells him that it is not his decision to make. Paul says make it work, pick up the phone and call some friends, and work the system. The Governor asks if there's a problem with James' confinement. Jordan says James has been threatening their son and trying to get Rosanna and Jordan to bend to his will. Do you have proof of all this, asks the Governor. Paul says James never leaves a trail but he has contacts on the inside and he's had people take their son, Cabot. The important thing is that James should be in solitary confinement with no other contacts and no other prisoners, no guards and no visitors. The Governor says he cannot do that without a formal legal charge. They say there is no time for that. Paul tells him that his Father trades in innocent lives and he needs to do the right thing here, even if it's not pretty. Or the next check, says Rosanna, will be to your opponent. The Governor calls that extortion, but, Paul says, it's just politics. Now, are you with us or against us?

At James' cell, at the jail, he is told that he has visitors. Paul tells James that Jordan is on his way to patch things up with Jennifer. Is James surprised? Paul says, they have lots more surprises for him. Rosanna tells him that she and Jordan thought over what he said, but, decided against all of it. James says that it is unfortunate for the boy, but Paul disagrees. It is unfortunate for you. But, wait 'cause it gets worse. He calls in the Governor. The Governor tells James, he just obtained a court order transferring him to a maximum security facility in California, effective immediately, where he will be in solitary confinement until it so deemed he will be no longer a threat to other people. And that Dad, says Paul, is checkmate!!!

Sierra is at Alan's bedside. Alan is remembering scene with Craig at the place where he discovered Lucy was kidnapped. Alan is visibly shaken and upset and Craig is saying to Sierra that they should leave him alone. Dusty enters the room. Sierra asks Alan what he is trying to say to her. Craig gets her out of the room. Lucinda comes up, and says that whoever or whatever it was, upset him quite a bit. Craig says it was when Dusty came in and Dusty says, it's funny, 'cause he was looking at you. Sierra doesn't want to go far away, and Lily is telling Dusty that he should leave. Lily says to the two of them that no more comments are to be made about Craig. He saved her life. Dusty wants to know what was in it for him. Lily doesn't want anything made worse for her sister. Dusty comments that the only thing making it worse is that moron ex husband of hers. John Dixon comes out and tells them that Alan has stabilized but his blood pressure has dropped. He's agitated, and also critical. He is critical and may not survive so John is limiting his visitors to just Sierra.

Lucy asks to see Dusty alone. Dusty brings her coffee. Lucy kisses him on the cheek. She thanks him for not giving up on finding her. He admits he was scared when he saw the tape and was afraid he wouldn't get to her in time. She tells him when she was in the box she thought about him and her family. He gave her all that back when he saved her. Even if Alan makes it, says Lucy, she doesn't know what it will do to her Mom. Lucy says that if her Dad is right, and Alan is guilty, although Dusty doesn't believe he is, and Dusty cuts her off and tells her they will figure it out later. He only knows that right now Criag is hoping that Alan will die. Dusty says that he did not save Lucy's life so he could watch her Father get away with murder. He tells Lucy that he knows what he knows and wishes he was wrong, but he is not. Lucy says that Larson and the other guy lied. He tells her he has records showing everything from the beginning until now, and that it all points back to Craig. He doesn't want to hurt her, but, its all a part of growing up. She says in the past couple of weeks she has, but, he still wants her to believe something that she knows could never be true. She leaves for Alan's room.

Craig and Lucinda remain. Lily asks them to please stop what they are doing to each other. She says they are all family, and Sierra will need them all if Alan dies. Lily tells Lucinda that Alan is worried about Craig, because Craig knows what Alan did. He could be facing death, if he survives. John tells Sierra that Alan needs to remain calm and get some rest. Sierra says to Alan that she promised her a lifetime together and she's not gonna let him break that promise. Alan starts to come around and mumbles something to Sierra. It is the name Craig. Lucinda asks to table the conversation about Craig until Alan is better and can say what happened. Lily tells Lucinda, she does know all ready, because she found evidence in the suitcase that was Alan's. Craig asks Lucy and Lucinda to go for tea to give them something to do. When they leave, Craig enters Alan's room again. He stands watching Alan talking with Sierra. Quietly, he stands. It throws Alan into convulsions and he passes away. Craig rushes in after leaving the room while Alan died, and comforts Sierra, saying that he wished there was something that he could have done. John says that Alan lost too much blood and his heart was compromised. Craig and Sierra come out of Alan's room, and Lucy and Dusty walk in, and Lucinda and Lily come from yet another direction to find that Alan has not made it.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Everyone gathers around Sierra at the hospital. They comfort her but wonder why Alan's last word was "Craig." John comes out and tells Sierra that papers need to be signed. He takes her to his office. Lucy stays with her Mother to help. Lily and Lucinda leave to wait for Sierra at home. Craig tries to get Dusty to leave, but, Sierra tells him he can stay as long as he wants. Lucinda comes into the living room at home, to offer something to eat to anyone who wants it. Craig, Dusty and Lily tangle over what each of them thinks they know. Sierra and Lucy come in. They are not expecting her back that soon. Sierra wants to know what they are talking about. She tells them that no one will leave until she finds out. Lily tells her that Alan engineered Lucy's kidnapping. Sierra tells them all that they are crazy for thinking Alan could be involved in any of this. Everything she has belonged to both her and Alan and he loved Lucy. She asks if they all believe that Alan had something to do with anything. They question why he would have copies of Lucy's documents. Sierra calls them all cruel, spiteful and wrong, and she walks out. Lucy runs after her Mother who is looking through all of Alan's belongings. It seems the more she looks, the more she finds. Lucy even finds a key to Metro. Sierra wants to be left alone, so Lucy leaves and returns to the living room where everyone awaits. She has items that should be given to the police. Lucy says that there is enough evidence for Dusty to stop blaming her Father, because he could never do anything to hurt her.

Ben re-enters the restaurant looking for Jessica. In the meantime, Doc has taken her to the hospital where she is in severe pain. Dr. Schiller is called. Ben arrives at the hospital and is told that Doc Reese brought her in, and she is in an examining room right now. Jessica is told that more tests need to be run before anything is determined. The Dr. leaves the room. Jessica prays to God that he not punish her baby for what she's done. The Dr. meets Ben outside Jessica's door. She tells him she isn't hearing a fetal heart beat now. The Dr. comes out and tells Ben that she is sorry. Ben goes in to see Jessica. She breaks down in his arms. Doc Reese has listened to what Dr. Schiller has told Ben. Ben comforts Jessica. He tells her he's got her. These things happen. It's nature's way of making sure you have a healthy pregnancy. It's not because of what she did or didn't do. Ben tells her to close her eyes and let him take care of her. Next time they will have a healthy baby. The nurse enters and asks Ben to come to the desk and fill out some paperwork. He leaves the room. Doc Reese enters the room. Doc talks with Jessica. He tells her he is sorry. Is there anything he can do. He tells her she is capable of an amazing amount of love. She tells him that her heart is breaking and he holds her in his arms.

Barbara arrives home to find Jennifer packing. She is leaving. She tells Barbara that she lied to her again. She held her captive in her room in N.Y. while she was constantly being lied to by her Mother yet again. Jennifer says that she is leaving for Europe that night and she and Jordan can go to hell. Jennifer tells her Mother that she has to leave for her own survival. Her Mother wanted to break her and Jordan up, and, she has, so congratulations. In the middle of trying to talk with Jennifer, Barbara receives a call from Walker, that he is on the way over. Jennifer tells her Mother that if she cares for Walker at all, she will let him go before she destroys his life too. Barbara tells her that Walker stood by her in her worst times. Jennifer says that he will learn to regret that. She calls for her luggage to be taken. As Jennifer walks out the door, she says goodbye to her Mother. On the way out, Jennifer is met by Jordan who insists she come with him. If what he shows her, she doesn't like, he will let her go. He will even drive her himself. They leave together. Walker arrives at Barbara's. He asks Barbara to listen to what he has to say. He tells her that people warned him about her in the beginning, but he thought, he would be good for her, and with a little give and take, things would be fine, but, they're not fine Barbara. You need help, more help that he can give her. He asks Barbara what she was thinking when she lied to her children again, when they went through hell with her the first time. Was it James?

Barbara says she made a mistake never to be repeated again. He asks her when the last time was, she saw Lynn Michaels. It was one of the things ordered when her surgery was over and now it's time for her to resume her therapy. She asks if that is a condition for them being together. He answers her by saying, there is no "us" anymore. He tells her he is her friend and she needs friends, but she wants to be loved. He says she must learn to love herself, and believe that you are worthy of it, then she won't go to such destructive measures. Barbara shows Walker to the door. She claims she doesn't need anyone. Jordan, in Rosanna's living room, tells Jennifer that Rosanna and Paul are at the jail. They have neutralized James, for good. She asks, how that can be, and he shows her the annulment papers. All they have to do is be signed. He tells her she is the one he loves.

At the jail, James learns that the Governor is sending him to California. He will be away from Cabot, Rosanna, Jordan and all the lives he tried to ruin. He will be placed in solitary confinement. James tells the Governor that he just wants to serve the rest of his sentence in peace. He's been, a model prisoner; just ask anyone: the warden, the guards. The Governor agrees with him. However, what he also learned was that corruption runs rampant in that facility and he is now making reform the cornerstone of his re-election campaign. The Governor thanks Paul and Rosanna and leaves. James asks Paul, if he is stupid enough to believe this will change anything. Paul says it will, because James will be in a pit so dark and deep, he will never see anything again. There will be no more free phone calls or anyone to do his bidding for him. The free ride is over. James asks his son, why, every time Paul is out to prove himself, he always is against him. James then asks Rosanna, if that's what she really wants. Paul tells James, that he and Rosanna are together, and they will stay together. Rosanna tells James, she has no doubts about Paul, in her mind or in her heart. Are there any other questions? Paul approaches his Father, once again, saying that James has played his last card and he got trumped. He'll never know his sons or his grandchildren, no peace, no happiness and no love. Paul tells him that he regrets not doing this to James a long time ago. James' bus arrives to take him away and Paul says to Rosanna, "let's go and celebrate!" Barbara answers the door to find a delivery for her. The man hands her a package and says that's all she needs to know. It is a cassette tape. The guards now have James shackled into his seat for the ride. Barbara plays the tape. It says that if you are listening to the tape, it only means one thing, I need your help. It is from James. James, sitting in his ride, says, "and they think this is the end."

Paul and Rosanna return and find Jordan and Jennifer kissing. They tell them that James is being transported as they speak. The doorbell rings and it is a gentleman with some papers to be signed. Rosanna once again, asks Jordan, if this is what he wants, and Jordan replies, only from the day we got married. The paperwork is complete and everyone is free. They all celebrate by making a toast of congratulations to the four of them.

Walker meets up with Ben at the hospital. Ben asks him to do some kind of an exam, to find out if anything can be done, to make it easier next time. Walker says that he can do a full genetic workup for Ben and he will.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Nurse Julia was surprised that Jack still believed that he knew her. The doctor in charge asked if she was okay with treating the patient. She said yes. Julia said she knew what it was like to be the new stranger in town - even though she didn't know what it was like to have no memory of her life before. Julia went into Jack's room. He was looking at his wedding ring. It had triggered him to remember a song. He sang the song and Julia joined in. He was surprised she knew then song but she said it was popular. Julia told him to keep singing. She thought it might help to jog his memory. Jack said he couldn't believe how beautiful Julia is. Jack noticed that Julia had an indentation on her finger where a ring used to be. He asked Julia why she wasn't wearing her ring. Julia hedged by telling Jack that he should check his own ring - maybe it might have an inscription that give them a clue to his identity. Jack read the engraving. It said "To Jack, forever." Julia mentioned that she had something engraved on her own ring but didn't say what.

Meanwhile, in Oakdale Carly arrived at Fairwinds with Parker in tow. She wanted to talk with Rosanna so Paul took Parker out to play. Carly was glad to see Rosanna looking so happy. Carly broke down in tears and Rosanna tried to comfort her. Carly apologized for crying and told Ro to treasure every moment she has with Paul. Carly asked Ro if she was in love with Paul. Ro replied that she felt more herself with Paul than anyone she had ever been with. Carly noted that it was ironic that they came together because of James Steinbeck. Who would have ever believed James could play matchmaker?

With romance in mind, Carly read the inscription on her ring. It said "To Carly, forever", much like Jack's. Carly told Ro that before Jack died they had talked about having more children. She wondered if she should have a memorial service to honor her husband. Paul came into the room. He said that the sprinklers had come on while he was playing with Parker so the little boy was being cleaned up by the nanny. Paul said that Parker is talking as if he expects Jack to be home the next day. Carly said that her son refuses to believe Jack is dead and makes her set a place for Jack every night at the dinner table. Paul said that Parker was hoping that Jack would be home for the little league game he had coming up. Paul said he would be happy to coach Parker. Carly was touched by his gesture of friendship. Carly left Fairwinds with Parker. Paul made Rosanna laugh when he admitted that he throws like a girl. She said she loved him and they kissed.

At Lucinda's house, Craig told Lily that Sierra had found evidence of Alan's part in the kidnapping and was afraid she would buy into Dusty's theory that Craig had set up Mr. Drake. Nikki arrived with Dusty to take Craig and Lily's statement. Craig was upset to see the other man. "Why are you so nervous, Craig?" Dusty asked. Nikki and Lily went to the guest house to see Sierra. Sierra gave Nikki the evidence about the kidnapping she had found. When Nikki left, Lily tried to comfort Sierra. Sierra found a letter from Alan that was written before he went to take the ransom to Wade. In it, he said that he was going to bring Lucy home and that he loved Sierra very much. Sierra refused to believe that Alan had been behind the kidnapping.

Back at Lucinda's, Dusty and Craig were arguing. Lucy walked into the room and demanded that they stop fighting. She pulled Dusty aside and told him that she really cared about him and if he cared about her he would drop the accusations about her father.

"You are wrong about my dad," said Lucy.

Barbara listened to a tape that James had sent to her. On the tape, James threatened to hurt Will if Barbara didn't follow his instructions to a T. Barbara called the hospital to check on Will and found out he was fine. She wanted him to stay fine so she called and arranged for a helicopter to pick up James.

James was in the bus on the way to another prison when he said he had to use the bathroom. The officers in charge of him were hesitant to stop the bus, but eventually gave in. After using the facilities, James got back onto the bus. He complained about the heat and collapsed on the floor. He then began to fake convulsions. James pretended to be passed out. When the guards came over to him, he grabbed one of their guns and shot the guards. He went outside the bus where a helicopter was waiting. He climbed into the passenger seat and called Babs to gloat that he was free. When she demanded to know where he was going, he hung up the phone. Then he turned to the pilot and told him to take James back to Oakdale.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Emily and Alison talk. Alison wants to hand deliver to her friends the wedding invitations for her and Chris. She gives Chris his at Metro. He tells her that he doesn't think he will be able to go. She insists because he is her best friend, and he just has to be there. He is at Metro to pick up his paycheck. Chris tells her about Jack Snyder but says not to say anything, because they are trying to keep a low profile for the family's sake. After Alison walks away, Chris approaches Aaron. He asks if there is a problem, and Aaron says that there is a big problem. He saw the two of them (Chris and Emily) kissing the day before, and he is not going to let anyone hurt Alison. He says he was at the bell tower and he saw everything. Alison comes back with the newspaper in it containing another clue. Chris leaves on a call from the hospital. Alison says that Aaron has to stay with her, and figures out what the clue is, and hurries off, telling Aaron to hurry up behind her. Emily gets a call from Chris. She arrives and he tells her that Aaron saw them kissing. Emily tells him not to panic. They can tell him they were celebrating something and everything will be all right. Chris asks, "what about us", and Emily says that, there is no us. She finds the newspaper and tells Chris that since everything is okay between the two of them, should they go on as partners and look for another clue for Alison. Chris says he doesn't think that he can do this anymore and leaves.

James is seen driving back to Oakdale in a car belonging to a very nice religious woman who likes gospel music. She tells James that she noticed a certain aura about him and he was probably someone very oriented. They even sing a hymn or two on the way to Oakdale. She thinks it is wonderful that James offered to do all the driving. Once in Oakdale, she drops him off at Fairwinds. He reminds her to be careful, that it isn't always safe to pick up hitchhikers.

Rosanna tells Paul that she loves him. She put up a valiant fight, but he won. They kiss. Jennifer and Jordan come into the room with Jordan carrying papers. They are the annulment papers, which means that all four of them are free to go on with their lives. Paul says they should celebrate, and leaves the room to get some glasses. On his return, Rosanna runs upstairs to check on Cabot, fearing once again, that something could have happened to him. Rosanna returns, carrying Cabot, and apologizing for her anxiousness concerning Cabot. When told that he was playing with the carousel that Jennifer got him, they decide, that with the carnival in town, maybe it would be a good thing for all of them to get out and enjoy themselves. Cabot could therefore, see the carousel there also. They all agree and off they go. Once out the door, James enters the room and places another carousel on the arm of the sofa.

At the carnival, Jordan and Jennifer scurry off to play the games while Paul, Rosanna and Cabot walk around the midway. Rosanna shouts out, acting like a free soul, to the crowd, that she is happy. Paul says that he can do better than that. He purchases a slew of balloons and hands them to Rosanna. He then gets down on his knee and proposes to her. He tells Rosanna, that he wants it all. He wants her and Cabot and a family and to be happy, and that he loves her. Rosanna says "yes" to his proposal. In another section of the midway, Jordan and Jennifer walk along. Jordan stops suddenly, and turns, and then turns back to Jennifer, and comments that he thought he just saw James. Paul is busy snapping pictures of Rosanna and Cabot on the carousel when Jordan and Jennifer come rushing up.

Jordan says that they have to stop the carousel, and stop it right now. Paul starts to tell them his good news, when Jordan says that he just called the prison and that James escaped during the transfer. He's out. He's on the loose. Paul, starts to call for Rosanna on the carousel.

Lucy is in the same room trying to talk with Dusty and Craig. She tells Craig to leave so she can talk with Dusty. Craig is reluctant, but finally does leave the two of them alone. She tells Dusty that she plans on staying with him for a long time. He tells Lucy that she has to let him go because when he gets into this thing with her Father, she is going to be hurt. She asks him to drop it, because nothing has indicated that her Father was involved in anything. Dusty says that he has to leave, to go, that he is just a bum. She tells him that he is not a bum, he is her hero. She kisses him and he kisses her back. Later, Dusty, Lucy and Nikki talk. Nikki has come to ask if Dusty can get more evidence. With Lucy standing there, he looks and says, that he can't. Nikki says, then, the investigation is officially closed. He turns to Lucy and tells her, only for you.

Sierra tells Nikki, after reading Alan's letter, that this man is a man who loved her. He could not be responsible for this, that somebody had to set him up. Nikki says that the letter isn't proof of anything. Upon hearing this, she asks Nikki and Lily to leave. Craig arrives at the door, and she tells him to leave also. Craig tells her that she needs a friend now, and he intends to be that friend. She got him out of a whole lot of jams before, and it's his turn to help her. She asks Craig to please tell her again, exactly what happened at the bell tower. Craig says that when he arrived, he saw Alan and Wade arguing. He tells her, reluctantly, that they were fighting about splitting the ransom money. She finds that ridiculous. He says if he was so good, why did he have a gun? Why did he deliver the ransom money all by himself? He tells Sierra that maybe Alan thought she was his salvation. She breaks down in Craig's arms. While she is crying, she starts to remember that she had given Craig a check and also that Alan did not withdraw a large sum of money from their account. She starts to shy away from Craig, and tells him that she has some arrangements to make. She will be back and they will talk. She leaves. Sierra goes to Metro to find Dusty. She asks Dusty to explain everything to her about Craig. He says that he can't; he promised Lucy that he would let it drop. She tells him to get in touch with her when the feeling gets to eating at him, because she doesn't believe that he can let it drop either.

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