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Monday, June 21, 2004

In the Hughes' kitchen, Alison Stewart and Nancy read the second clue to the "Keys of the Kingdom" contest in the morning paper: "Where generations of Oakdale citizens go for last goodbyes and first hello's..." In the park, Casey Hughes, confused, continues reading: "People come from miles around - where some were freed, others bound..." At the Lakeview, Aaron and Curtis read the rest, baffled: "Ten paces from flowers that no water need, and beneath the word that all should heed, history hides a second key." Nancy Hughes immediately announces, "I know exactly where it is." She explains the clues to Alison and how they point to Luther's Corners Church: First hello's and last goodbyes refer to christenings and funerals; the "freed" people were slaves in the underground railroad, and the "bound" people are those married in the church. Nancy must make a speech, so she sends Alison on her own to search for the key.

Tom Hughes surprises Margo at the Lakeview and lovingly asks her what is bothering her. Thinking of her attraction to Doc, Margo lies that she is distracted by her sister Katie's problems. Casey interrupts and insists that Tom help him follow the clues to the second key, and Tom and Casey start their search for the key in the wrong place, the courthouse. Meanwhile, Aaron and Curtis think of looking at the airport and at the hospital. Alison bursts into the church at Luther's Corners, but she must wait in the Prayer Garden out back until a christening ceremony is over. The delay allows all the other contestants to catch up, and while they are waiting in the Prayer Garden, Alison tells Tom about finding Margo and her "partner," Doc, down on the ground where Alison assumed they were searching for clues.

Back at the Lakeview, Margo calls Doc to tell him that she has been delayed, but will still come to meet him in the hotel room that he has reserved. Doc does not answer his mobile phone because he and Jessica are passionately tearing off each other's clothes before they jump into bed. Lisa Grimaldi delays Margo further, but Margo finally rushes off to meet Doc. Immediately, Tom and Casey arrive, asking Lisa for help in deciphering the clue of the day, and Lisa asks Tom if he thinks Margo is all right. After their steamy lovemaking, Jessica is horrified at what she has done, and Doc taunts her that she had advised Margo to stay away from him because she wanted him to herself. Jessica gathers up her clothes and goes into the bathroom to get dressed, telling Doc that no one must ever know what the two of them just did. Meanwhile, Margo drives to her rendezvous with Doc, fantasizing all the while about making love to him. She arrives at the door and knocks. Jessica sticks her head out of the bathroom door, and she and Doc exchange a horrified look.

In Bermuda, Paul Ryan has experienced an exhaustive search by airport authorities, which has enabled Jordan to surprise Rosanna before she runs even farther with Cabot. Rosanna begs Jordan not to take Cabot from her, and Jordan asks Rosanna to compromise with him so that they both can be parents to Cabot. He warns her that, if she fights him, she will lose, and that he is determined to bring Cabot back to Oakdale. At this moment, Paul appears in the doorway and says, "She'll go." Paul promises to stand by Rosanna and holds out his hand to her, saying, "Let me take you home." Rosanna, Paul, Jordan, and Cabot all fly back on the Cabot jet. Paul promises to deal with James Stenbeck and to "watch Jordan's every move." Rosanna thanks him and kisses him.

Barbara Ryan and Dr. Walker Daniels return from a relaxing afternoon to find that Jennifer has turned the living room of their suite into an elaborate nursery for Cabot. Barbara at first insists that her home will not be a nursery for "Cabot Sinclair Stenbeck," and warns Jennifer that James could very well kidnap her the way he did Barbara if Jennifer thwarts James's plan for Jordan's marriage to Rosanna. Unfazed, Jennifer threatens to move out unless Barbara accepts Cabot. Barbara agrees so that she can help protect Jennifer, but she asks Jennifer to be kind to Rosanna, who, after all, loves her son Cabot.