ATWT Recaps: The week of May 31, 2004 on As The World Turns
Katie told Mike she was staying with Simon. Margo almost gave in to her passion for Doc. Barbara and Paul suspected Jordan was James's son. Alison and Chris moved in with Susan. Lucy graduated from high school and later was assaulted at Metro.
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Monday, May 31, 2004

At Lucy's graduation brunch, Lucinda, Sierra, Holden, and Lily gathered for a graduation photo, but their smiles became strained when Craig joined the group. Craig gave Lucy a string of pearls and begged her to stay in Oakdale for the summer. When Sierra walked up, Craig congratulated her on her marriage to "Adam," as he called Alan. Sierra was sarcastic and unfriendly to Craig, but Lucy insisted that she wanted her dad there with her.

Sierra told Lucy that she and Alan planned to take Lucy on a yachting cruise before Lucy started college at Williams. Craig watched as Sierra and Alan lavished one expensive gift after another on Lucy. Craig got drunker and drunker. Finally, Holden put Craig into a cab, and Lucy insisted on following Craig to take care of him, to everyone's disappointment.

Chris opened the door to Susan and Emily, who were frantic because he had told them that Alison had not returned home the night before. Kim walked into the kitchen on her way out the door to work and sardonically asked if they were there to pick up Alison's potter's wheel. Chris told Susan and Emily that Alison had continued working at Metro to pay back the money she owed and that she was also trying to pay Aaron back the money she owed him for the pottery. Susan immediately blamed Kim for Alison's running away, accusing, "Having to make up all those stories -- she must have been under a lot of pressure to have to go to those extremes...because of your impossibly high expectations!" Kim retorted, "She lies, and then she runs."

Susan and Emily stalked out, then Kim angrily accused Chris of siding with Susan and Emily against Kim, saying, "As far as I'm concerned, you all owe me an apology." After Kim left for work, Chris called Metro and found that both Aaron and Alison were off work that morning. Meanwhile, Aaron awakened on the floor of his apartment and discovered that Alison had cooked breakfast and had cleaned his house. Then she stunned him by announcing that she was moving in with him. Aaron explained to Alison that, even if she felt uncomfortable at Kim's house, she could not move in with him and expect to continue her relationship with Chris.

Susan and Emily arrived at Aaron's door, and Susan insisted that Alison go home with her to live. Alison agreed, and Susan and Emily left to get the house ready, but Emily and Aaron insisted that Alison needed to talk to Chris. Alison and Aaron got into a friendly pillow fight but were interrupted when Chris opened the door and said flatly, "I was up half the night, worrying about you. I'm glad to see that you're fine." Aaron immediately escaped "for a run," and Chris tearfully asked Alison, "If Aaron is the one you turn to when things get rough, how do I make you feel?"

Fresh out of the shower, Pilar answered Mike's phone and angrily told Russ to stop calling. Mike walked in with groceries and coldly told her, "You can finish getting dressed now." After Pilar was dressed, Mike told her that he knew that she had taken the picture to show Katie, and he demanded that Pilar tell him what she was up to. Pilar, thinking quickly, told Mike that she had been trying "to keep Katie from dragging you into her madness." Then she acted outraged at being questioned, and she threatened to leave. Mike surprised her by agreeing, "Maybe it's time for you to go."

At Katie's house, Katie stared into space as Simon hovered over her, determined to take care of her. Katie told Simon that she couldn't trust him not to leave her again. Simon insisted that he was back for good because he loved her so much. Just as Simon was about to kiss Katie, Henry burst in and took credit for Simon's return, assuming that Simon had seen his ad in Soldier of Fortune magazine. Margo arrived after receiving a call from Dr. Tanner at the psychiatric hospital. Simon asked Margo to arrange to have Katie released into Simon's care for the remainder of the thirty days, and Katie agreed to the arrangement -- with reservations.

Margo left, and Simon assured Henry that he planned to spend the rest of his life making things up to Katie. As Simon listened just outside the door, Henry advised a confused Katie to "follow your heart." Immediately after he left, Henry's cell phone rang, and he told the person on the other end, "I'm on my way." After Henry left, Katie told Simon the story of Pilar and Mike, and Katie and Simon kissed. Henry went directly to Mike's, and Pilar stood outside the front door, calling Russ and asking him for a favor then she rushed off. Henry told Mike that Katie was at home with Simon.

Dusty walked into Metro and found his old accomplice waiting for him, and Molly witnessed him telling Dusty, "Your time is running out," before Dusty threw him out. Later, Lucy appeared at Metro, looking for Craig, and two thugs accosted her.

Tuesday, June 1, 2004

Two thugs were holding Lucy when Dusty rescued her from their clutches. Dusty got hit over the head as Lucy ran out. Dusty was awakening when Lucy entered and hit one of the thugs over the head. The police were on their way in, and the two men rushed out. Molly and Craig entered, and Molly blamed Dusty for it. She said it had to stop before someone got killed. Hal asked Dusty about the men who had attacked him.

Dusty agreed to give a statement to Hal later. He said he didn't remember anything in particular because everything had happened so fast. Molly told him that he was protecting them. He knew who they were and why they had been there. Dusty gave a very general description to Hal, which did not help. Sierra appeared, and Lucy reported what had happened. Sierra told Craig she was taking Lucy home with her that day. Craig refused, saying he wouldn't allow that.

Margo sat at the bar, ordering an iced tea. She remembered the previous conversation she'd had with Doc. Doc walked up to her and told her that he had waited a long time for her to arrive. She told him to try forever. Doc told a story to Margo, the point of which was that there would be another plan. Doc told Margo he wanted her, and she left, running into Ben and Jessica on the way out.

Margo fantasized about being close with Doc. As she tried to leave the ladies' locker room, Doc burst in and locked the door. He told her to give it to him right then -- it was her chance to get him out of her life and get rid of him. Margo told Doc he was confusing flirting for the real thing, and he couldn't tell the difference. She told him her husband was the only special man in her life, and he couldn't compete with her husband. She said he wasn't even in the same league. He told her she wanted him as badly as he wanted her.

Ben and Jessica were discussing her starting fertility pills. He wasn't happy about her doing it without talking about it with him. They were in it together. She said to Ben that he was a patient man, but it was driving her crazy. He wanted to see and meet her doctor. She agreed. He also wanted her to go home and try to make a baby the old-fashioned way. She agreed, and they left.

1 Chris and Alison discussed Aaron. Chris told her he wanted her to have good people like Aaron in her life. He was not jealous of that, but in times of need and trouble, she turned to them, and he wanted her to turn to him. Alison admitted that was true, and Chris was right. She said she wanted to tell him so much at times, but she didn't think he would be able to handle it.

Alison promised Chris, no more schemes. She would go straight to him. He agreed and then suggested they go home. When Alison said they didn't have one, Chris wondered what she meant. Alison told Chris she couldn't go back to his parents' home. If she did she messed up again -- and it was worse -- they might not forgive her and might pressure him to get rid of her, and she could lose him for good. Alison's phone rang, and it was Susan. Chris realized Alison was moving back home. Chris told her he would go with her.

Henry told Mike that Simon was back in town. Simon had taken Katie out of Deerbrook and back to their cottage. Henry told Mike that Simon was staying forever. Henry said Simon needed Katie that time, and she knew it. They had loved each other for a long time.

Mike pondered how Simon had known Katie needed his help. Henry said it was he who had gotten Simon back. He had reached out to him because Katie had needed his help, and no one would or could help her. It was Mike's fault; he had turned his back on her and made it worse. Mike rushed out to see Katie.

Simon and Katie kissed. She pushed away, stating it was all happening too fast. She had gotten out of Deerbrook, he was home, and it was just too much. Simon told Katie nothing would separate them again. Simon told Katie that Mike had convinced him it was all right to leave before, because he hadn't been able to keep Katie safe. Mike had given his word that he would. Then, when Simon had gotten word from Henry, he had returned.

Simon told Katie that she was safe, and he was there. Katie told Simon that she remembered how she had lit up when he had entered the room and how safe she had felt when he had been around. She backed off again. Simon wanted to know what the problem was. She suggested a walk before they ended up in the bedroom. As they started to leave, Mike was at the door. Katie asked Simon for time to talk with Mike outside.

Katie told Mike that Simon wasn't the problem; Mike was. Mike then told Katie he was glad she was happy. Katie told him that Simon was back for good, and they had promised themselves to each other a long time before. Mike left. Katie went back inside.

Katie told Simon that Mike was gone. She was complicating things, and it really was so simple. Mike was gone, and Simon was there and wouldn't leave her again. Katie said they wouldn't have to go anywhere. What she and Mike had had was gone and didn't matter. Simon and Katie made love.

At home, Henry awaited Mike's return. Mike told Henry to leave, or Mike would throw him out. Henry said he would like to share some words of wisdom with Mike, but he didn't know any.

Chris went home and found Kim, Bob, and Nancy together. He told them Alison was moving back home, and he was going with her. Kim told him that she wanted him to be happy, and if that was what he wanted, it was okay. After Chris left, Kim told everyone that he would be back to pick up his things later. She laughed, wondering how long he would be able to last at Susan's.

At Susan's, Alison and Chris met outside. Inside, Susan was stepping out from a shower. She noticed the note Alison had left on the table. She dropped her towel to read it as Chris walked in. They both screamed as Chris backed out the door.

Wednesday, June 2, 2004

Margo and Doc were in a passionate embrace in the women's locker room. Jill was looking for Margo because Margo hadn't signed her tab. Jill went to the ladies' locker room and found it locked. Margo unlocked the door, and Jill entered. Jill noticed a man's shoes peeking out beneath the curtain. Doc stepped out and tried to explain his reason for being there.

Doc said that since he was a celebrity and had some legal problems, he didn't need it spread out in public, so he had asked Margo to help him. Doc told Jill that he hoped she would remain discreet about discovering what had just been told to her. Doc told her that he would appreciate it very much, and in the future, maybe he could do something for her. Doc left the locker room and saw Margo talking with her husband. Margo asked Tom to take her home and make love to her.

Jordan and Rosanna spoke on the phone. Jordan said that he wanted to visit his son. She tried to put him off, but he wouldn't take no for an answer. He wanted to see Cabot, and he wanted to see him without her there. Rosanna told Carly that she didn't have a good feeling about all of it.

Jennifer and Jordan sat and talked when Jordan revealed that he was still ticked off about what Paul and Rosanna had done, but Cabot was the important one. He was about to really meet his son for the first time, and he wanted her there. She agreed to go along. Jordan arrived at Rosanna's with Jennifer. Rosanna was surprised but invited them both in.

Carly tried to get Rosanna out, but she said that she was not sure she wanted Jennifer around Cabot. Jordan said that if he cared what she thought, it might make a difference, but it didn't. Carly tried to make light of the situation, saying that Rosanna was just trying to make sure that he would be able to care for Cabot. Jennifer said that she would help if necessary.

Carly got Rosanna to leave and said they would be back in a couple of hours. Rosanna made Carly realize that Jordan had more right to Cabot than she did. Carly reminded Rosanna that it was just a visit.

Chris and Susan tried to explain to Alison what had happened with the two of them. Susan finally admitted that when Chris had entered the house, she had dropped her towel, and he had seen her naked. Alison was surprised. She couldn't imagine anything like that happening in Chris's house. Susan retaliated with a sarcastic remark.

Alison began to doubt whether or not they should live together. Chris reassured her that he loved her and that everything would be okay. Alison left, and Susan asked Chris if everything was all right. He said he had been a little concerned about Alison, but it seemed to have passed. Susan politely asked Chris if he was going to say anything to his mother about the situation, and he said no.

Hal asked Dusty how to find Starziak. Lily said Lucy or he could have been killed. She asked if they were after Dusty, because they hadn't stolen anything. Lily said to Dusty that he already knew that she and her family had been targeted. She told Hal if he needed any information about Starziak to turn to her. Starziak had been laundering money through the Rose Foundation.

Lily walked over to Lucy to find out how she was. She asked what was going on with Lucy's parents. Lucy replied that her mother was upset because Lucy had been attacked in her father's club, and her father was upset because she was leaving town early. Lily told Lucy that it was not Craig's fault. "Try telling that to my Mom", Lucy said, adding, "She's definitely not believing anything he's saying."

Sierra walked over, and Lily tried to tell her that she was more to blame. She had known things were going on and had done nothing. She also reminded Sierra that Craig loved his daughter. Craig begged Lucy to stay one more day. He knew that when she left, she would be gone forever.

Sierra and Craig started to argue and were told to have the argument another time. It was suggested that they all go out for coffee -- Dad, Sierra, Lucy -- and Aunt Lily to referee. Craig told Sierra that it was Lucy's way of giving her loving Daddy a little more time. She had gotten that from her mom, who was full of kindness and a loving heart,

Molly was afraid that Starziak would hurt anyone that got in his way. It could be Lily, her family, even Molly or Dusty. She couldn't make Dusty realize that. After everyone left, Dusty pulled out a gun. He put it in a satchel and started to leave to get Starziak. Molly wondered why he wouldn't let Hal help him. Dusty just figured he was the only one that could do anything.

Thursday, June 3, 2004

Barbara held up a lock of hair and looked at a picture of a little child. She was wondering what the connection between Jordan and James was when Carly entered and frightened her. Carly was surprised that Barbara was working. Barbara said she was restless and wanted to get a jump on all the orders that were being placed. Barbara presented Carly with a nice check and praised her for her hard work. Carly, in turn, thanked Barbara for a second chance. Later, Carly called Jack and told him to get ready for a romantic and special evening to celebrate.

Over at the Lakeview, Rosanna was sitting alone when Paul approached her and wanted to know if she was okay. Rosanna asked him for some privacy but gave in when he refused to leave. They started talking about Cabot and how much Rosanna loved him. Paul was sympathetic and told her that Jordan would probably get tired of parenting then Rosanna would have full custody of him. Paul was making Rosanna laugh when Barbara called and told him that she had some information that included Rosanna.

Jordan held and talked to Cabot, enjoying his time as a father. Jennifer showed up and offered to help. While Jordan went to get a diaper and Cabot's pajamas, Jennifer held him. Rosanna arrived, grabbed Cabot from Jennifer's arms, and accused Jennifer of not caring for Cabot properly.

Jordan returned to the room and told Rosanna that Cabot was his son, also, and for Rosanna to get used to it. Rosanna apologized, saying she knew that Jordan wasn't experienced as a parent. She admitted she had panicked when she hadn't seen Jordan in the room. Jordan said he would not do anything to harm Cabot and wanted Rosanna to just trust him.

Paul arrived at BRO, and Barbara presented him with the box James had sent to her. Barbara had a theory that James was somehow related to Jordan. Paul made his mother go over his birth, asking Barbara if she had been awake when Paul had been born. Paul believed that James had somehow switched him at birth and that Jordan was really Barbara's son. Paul said that Jordan could be dating his sister. Meanwhile, Jordan and Jennifer started to make love.

The two thugs were showering at the club when the attendant entered and announced a phone call. When one went to answer the phone, Dusty knocked him out. Dusty went into the steam room and pointed a gun at Starziak. Dusty said he would kill Starziak if he didn't leave Dusty alone. Starziak said he had never sent anyone to Metro, and if Dusty threatened him again, Dusty would be dead. Starziak left Dusty to wonder who had assaulted him and Lucy.

At Metro, Craig and Lucy were talking about the assault. Lucy said she didn't want to talk about it or Dusty. Lucy wanted her father to get out of his partnership with Dusty, saying that Dusty was bad news. Craig said he didn't have much, and he wasn't afraid of Dusty's thugs. Craig started to say how he was going to miss her and asked why she wouldn't stay.

Lucy became emotional when Craig told her that no matter what, Craig was most proud of her. He kept pleading with her to stay, but Lucy said she wanted to spend time with her mother and that she would be back to visit him after school started. Dusty arrived and asked Lucy if she would try to remember all she could about the thugs. After rehashing what had happened, Dusty remembered that one of the thugs had a large tattoo on his forearm.

Friday, June 4, 2004

Simon and Katie were talking when Henry rushed down the stairs, claiming his watch and stickpin were missing. He didn't know where they were because they couldn't really be misplaced when they were in an underwear drawer. Katie went upstairs to check her jewelry. When she reappeared, she had her own jewelry box. All of her precious jewelry pieces were missing. They called the police.

Margo arrived. Katie and Henry told her that they hadn't really checked since Deerbrook, so they didn't know how long the jewelry had been missing. No one had been in the house except a next-door neighbor who lived about a mile away, and she had been there to feed the rabbits. She definitely wasn't the type that would have done anything. Henry dismissed himself to go and buy another lock for the door.

Margo apologized later to Katie about the incident at Deerbrook when she'd had to have Katie taken there. She wanted Katie to remember that whatever they had done, they had done out of love and concern for Katie. Margo left, and Henry emerged from the bushes and called Margo back.

Simon said to Katie that someone would have to fence the jewelry, and he would somehow get it back for her. Outside, Henry told Margo that the incident had Pilar's type of work written all over it. He said that Russ had been let out of jail after a $5000 bond had been paid. Henry was willing to bet that that would be the dollar value of the jewelry that was missing.

Pilar got a hold of Russ and met him in his car. She told him that if he wanted his money, he had to help her out. She needed him to convince Mike that Russ was still after her. It had to appear that Russ was still a threat to her. He told her she had one week to get everything in order and that was the last time he was going along with her plans. At Mike's, Pilar left a note and started to remove her belongings. Mike entered and read the note.

Pilar entered to get the rest of her things. Mike told her that Katie was out of the hospital. Pilar reacted with shock and asked if Katie had escaped. Mike told her that Simon had returned, and Katie had been signed out. Pilar wished Mike well, knowing that he still loved Katie. Pilar said that she had heard something outside.

Mike had heard nothing, but he went outside to check. He returned, and as he entered, a rock was thrown through the window. Mike rushed out and found Russ. Russ told Mike to tell Pilar that he was out of jail, and he would get her.

Paul arrived at Barbara's. She was tossing papers around and was visibly upset. She was trying to put together the pieces of information that James had sent her. She knew that something had to be done because Jordan could end up being her son and Jennifer's brother. Paul told her not to mention anything to Jennifer because they did not know what the facts really were -- yet. Rosanna called Paul and asked him to please stop over. She was frantic about Jordan taking Cabot.

Jennifer and Jordan were in bed together. Jennifer asked him what he was going to do about Cabot. He said he still had questions, like who Cabot's real mother was and why he and Rosanna had been thrown together.

Barbara knocked on Jennifer's bedroom door then burst in, discovering Jordan and Jennifer getting dressed. She backed up and closed the door. Jennifer stepped out and told her mother that she was not a teenager anymore, and she was in love with Jordan. Barbara pleaded with Jennifer not to get involved with a married man. Barbara implored Jennifer to promise that she would not sleep with him. She could not be with Jordan -- Jennifer had to believe Barbara about it.

Jennifer rushed back to her bedroom and Jordan. He told her that he needed to see James Stenbeck. Jennifer knew that Barbara wouldn't help him, but they did know someone who might. Jennifer and Jordan went to see Jack. He agreed to get Jordan in to see James.

Paul was at Rosanna's. He told her she had nothing to worry about. She had guards posted all over the place. Paul reassured Rosanna that Jordan and Jennifer would not get married and take Cabot away. She asked why, and Paul told her that Barbara wouldn't approve of the union.

Rosanna was curious about what else Paul knew. Paul thought James was more involved. The chance was that Jordan might be James's son, and if that were true, James had a bigger hold. Rosanna said, "If this is true, Cabot will need me more than ever."

Paul returned to Barbara's. Barbara told him that Jordan and Jennifer had spent the night together. Barbara had just about lost it. Paul told her to get dressed; he needed her help. They were flying somewhere. Paul and Barbara were going to the place where Jordan was.

Carly arrived at Rosanna's. Rosanna thought it was Jordan. She said she was not going to let Jordan get close to Cabot. Carly reminded her that he was Cabot's father. It didn't make him the enemy. He was just a father who wanted to get to know his son. Rosanna said Paul was helping her. Carly said not to believe everything Paul said; he was the reason she had almost lost Cabot in the first place.

Carly reminded Rosanna that she could have anything she wanted, but she wanted everything. She would be wiser to let Jordan get to know his son, and they could share custody of him. She could still have Cabot. Rosanna said that if there were going to be a war over Cabot, she needed Paul on her side.

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