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Monday, March 22, 2004

Jennifer, still wearing the hideous green "designer" dress, comes into the metro with Jordan Sinclair on their non-date. Jordan steps behind the bar to fill in for the underage Aaron, impressing Jennifer further with his versatility. Relaxing a little later over champagne, Jordan reveals some details about his childhood in an orphanage. When Jennifer asks him if he has looked for his biological parents, he tells her that he is only interested in his future. The two have a wonderful time making fashion jokes, but they agree that his dating the boss' daughter would create problems at work. Jennifer diffuses the sexual tension temporarily by joking that she will ask Barbara to adopt him.

At the same time, Barbara is at the Lakeview Hotel bar, confiding her fears about her blurred vision to Dr. Walker Daniels. He warns her not to drive and offers to take her to Memorial Hospital for an examination, but Barbara becomes quite agitated, insisting, "No one must know about this!" She goes on to explain that, since she is the only designer for Barbara Ryan Originals, no one will buy their designs if the word gets out that she is losing her vision. She insists that she must keep the company going for the sake of all three of her children, especially poor Will in the mental hospital. Walker tells her that she could be in danger of having a stroke, and that she must be examined even if she has to go to a hospital in Chicago. Barbara tells him that she cannot confide in anyone and ask them to accompany her, and she begs Dr. Daniels to go with her. Walker insists that he is too busy, then she begs him to examine her privately, outside the hospital. At this moment, Jennifer and Jordan come up to their table. Walker covers for Barbara and chivalrously offers to escort her to her room. Jordan and Jennifer, the sexual tension back in full force, reluctantly say good night.

Jessica tries to persuade the judge to name Margo and Tom Hughes temporary guardians for Sarah. Shocked, Margo asks to speak privately to Jessica, where she announces, "I am not taking that child into my home." Margo forces Jessica to admit that she really cares for Sarah, and, in spite of her misgivings about Sara's bad influence on Casey, Margo agrees to be temporary guardian. When they leave the courtroom, Margo forcefully tells gleeful Sarah that this is her last chance - if she steps out of line one time, Margo will immediately call Children's Services.

Lily accuses Lucinda of bribing Dusty to keep Lily out of The Rose Foundation, then she tells Holden that Lucinda paid Dusty $10 million to run the foundation alone. Holden asks Lucinda to back off and to let Lily make her own decisions. Lily tears up the check and insists to Holden that she wants to work at the foundation, but that she feels that Holden is forcing her to stay home by threatening to keep her from the children. Later that evening, Holden surprises Lily with a candlelit romantic interlude, but when he sees that she had a file of foundation information in her hand, he bristles. Lily firmly reminds him that he told Lucinda that Lily should make her own decisions, and that he must respect her to work things out on her own.

At Fairwinds, Jack is investigating the break-in when Craig panics because he can't find Lucy. However, Lucy is at Paul's penthouse telling Paul and Carly about the break-in. Paul tells Lucy and Carly that he had become worried when he hadn't heard from Rosanna in a few days and had called Jack, but that he had received a telegram from Rosanna saying that she was okay. Now he realizes that Rosanna might be in danger after all, and all three leave for Fairwinds. Craig is happy to see Lucy when she walks in, but Carly and Paul do not get as warm a reception from Jack and Craig. Carly reminds Craig and Paul that they all need to work together to find Rosanna. Paul tells everyone in the room that he had been talking to Rosanna daily until she withdrew $1 million and disappeared from St. Bart's. Jack tells Paul that he has discovered that the telegram did not come from Rosanna, rather, a man named De Grassi sent it. Craig immediately jumps to conclusions and accuses Paul of hiring De Grassi, and then tells Lucy and everyone that Paul was the one who called the Canadian authorities about Cabot. Jack then tells the group that Rosanna's business card was found outside Fairwinds with the security code written on it, raising further questions about Rosanna's intentions. Craig sends Lucy to Lucinda's, then Jack receives a call telling him that someone has tried to fence some of the items from the break-in in New York City. Jack and Craig leave to go to New York to identify the fenced items, and Paul asks Carly to work with him investigating "other angles" of the Rosanna mystery.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Paul convinces Carly to go with him to St. Bart's to look into Rosanna's disappearance. Lucy tries to persuade Paul to let her go along, but Paul refuses. But Lucy is determined to join them, without their knowledge.

Mike goes to Margo and in confidence tells her about Pilar's dangerous boyfriend. Margo asks Mike if he thinks the boyfriend could have stabbed Pilar, but Mike has his doubts. Katie tries to find out from Margo what Mike came to see her about but Margo won't say. Margo upsets Katie by telling her that Pilar has moved in with Mike and he's taken a job at the hospital in order to stay in town – for Pilar.

Pilar, meanwhile, gets her purse and belongings back from the police. Her cell phone rings at Mike's and she says it was her old boyfriend, threatening to kill her if he finds her.

Later, Katie steals Pilar's address book in order to get more information about her.

Lily and Dusty begin foundation work and Dusty questions the wisdom of her going against Holden's wishes. Lily insists this is what she needs to do. As they decide to hold a fundraiser, they laugh together and share a close moment. Meanwhile, Molly urges Holden to give Lily space. Holden admits that the whole thing gives him a bad feeling.

Alison and Chris learn from Tom that they can't get their money back from the corrupt developer of their condo. Chris is very upset with himself and unhappy about having to go back to living with his parents. Chris and Alison end up arguing and Chris walks out, just as Aaron appears with a housewarming present.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Katie goes to Henry with the news that she has stolen Pilar's address book. She dials a number and pretends to be Pilar. A man's voice says it's dangerous to call. Katie makes a plan to meet the man at the Old Mill, certain that his identity will reveal some nefarious plan on Pilar's part towards Mike.

Meanwhile, Pilar offers to give Mike a massage, but he gently refuses. Pilar gets a call from the man informing her someone contacted him. Pilar tells Mike she suspects that Katie stole her address book. Mike confronts Henry as to where Katie is as Katie goes to meet the mysterious man at the Old Mill.

Guilt-ridden believing she caused Chris to lose all his money over the condo, Alison drowns her sorrows with alcohol at Aaron's. She comes up with the idea to find her mother and get her to give Chris her college fund. Meanwhile, Chris feels terrible about blaming Alison for the condo disaster and goes to look for her at Aaron's. When Chris arrives and puts the pieces together, he reprimands Aaron for getting Alison drunk but Aaron blames Chris for treating Alison badly.

Meanwhile, Kim, Susan and Emily see Alison weave into the Lakeview, drunk. Lily finds Molly with Holden when she returns home. Lily has an angry exchange with Molly but then Molly convinces Lily not to be so hard on Holden. She warns Lily not to screw up her life because she has everything she could possibly want. After, Lily tells Holden she wants his help at the fundraiser.

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Jack and Craig go to New York to the pawn shop where some of the items from Fairwinds have surfaced. Craig keeps needling Jack about Carly's relationship with Paul. The pawn broker brings out a box of goods which Craig identifies as his and Rosanna's. The man who brought them, the pawnbroker tells them, has promised to return with more.

Carly and Paul arrive on St. Bart's at the hotel where Rosanna was staying. They are stunned to find Lucy already there waiting for them. Paul tells Lucy that was a bad decision on her part; Craig will be furious.

Katie is waiting at the Old Mill to meet the mysterious "RC" from Pilar's phone book. Instead, she finds herself confronted by her sister, Margo from the Oakdale PD, who berates Katie for this "Nancy Drew moment." Mike is there too, and asks Katie how Henry got possession of Pilar's datebook. Then he quizzes her about the number she called from the book. Mike is furious and calls Pilar who says she is on her way to the Old Mill to meet them.

At Aaron's apartment, Chris and Aaron argue about Alison. Chris is looking for her and Aaron suggests she might be with her mother. At the Lakeview, Alison, under the influence of vodka, asks Susan for her college money. She intends to pay back Chris for the money they lost on the ruined condo. Susan tells her she smells like a liquor cabinet and tells her she needs to sober up. Susan will only release the college money when Alison presents her with an acceptance letter from a legitimate college. Alison is close to hysterical when Chris arrives and asks to speak to Alison alone. Susan suggests that Kim back off and is defensive about Alison. Kim and Susan continue sparring.

In the Caribbean, Carly tries to convince Lucy to take the next plane back to Chicago. Paul, however, decides to let Lucy stay since they are only going to be there themselves for two more hours. Carly reminds Paul that Lucy has a major crush on him and tells him to be careful. Paul is the recipient of a big hug from Lucy when he tells her she can stay with them.

Paul asks the desk clerk, Ronald Putney, about Rosanna. Putney says he knows her well, but hotel policy prohibits his telling them if Rosanna left any belongings behind in her room. Carly turns on the tears and convinces Putney to bring them whatever was left and he brings them paperwork pertaining to Cabot Motors. On the back of the papers, however, is a phone number with a Miami area code and the name "De Grassi." Carly then asks for the phone records from Rosanna's room, and Putney reluctantly pulls them up even though it is against company policy.

Pilar arrives at the Old Mill and Katie tells everyone about the conversation she had with the "RC" in Pilar's phone book. She tells Margo that "RC" said it would be dangerous for them to meet. Margo tells Katie to leave Mike and Pilar alone, but Katie will not give it up. Mike also tells Katie to back off and leaves with Pilar. Katie calls Henry at Metro.

Chris tells Alison that he loves her and apologizes for saying hurtful things. He never wants to hear her talking about breaking up again. He tells her he could have protected their assets better and that he does not blame her for the loss.

Katie confronts Henry at Metro and finds him nursing a terrible black eye at the bar. Mike did that to him, Henry says. Katie is horrified until she realizes that the shiner is really makeup.

Back at Mike's, Pilar apologizes for involving the police in the recovery of her book. Mike asks her who "RC" is and Pilar says he is just someone with whom she used to work.

At the hotel, Putney is just handing over Rosanna's phone records when the manager of the hotel approaches and confiscates the records.

In New York, Craig and Jack wait to see if the mysterious De Grassi will show up again. Craig continues to nag about Carly's relationship with Paul. A customer arrives at the pawn is De Grassi.

Friday, March 26, 2004

Jack and Craig apprehend De Grassi and question him about Rosanna but he challenges Jack's authority. Jack has the pawn shop owner contact the NYPD while he and Craig drag De Grassi to the back and rough him up. When De Grassi refuses to give up information, alluding they have no idea who they're messing with, Craig grows alarmed and fears for Rosanna.

Meanwhile, Carly, Paul and Lucy can't get any conclusive evidence in St. Barts. They head back to Oakdale. Lucy has a nightmare and Paul comforts her. He assures Carly that Rosanna will resurface. Meanwhile, Rosanna shows up at the Lakeview Lounge.

Barbara, Jennifer and Jordan toast their business when Jordan tells Barbara that a big interview will happen tomorrow. Barbara calls off her medical appointments, claiming that her condition has passed. Walker is doubtful and entreats her to reconsider but Barbara refuses. Walker, keeping Barbara's identity anonymous, consults with Ben who urges him to make sure his patient gets treated. When Barbara's vision blurs again, she tells Jennifer and Jordan that she's going to Chicago to finish her designs. She leaves them wondering what's up. They decide to prepare all night for the interview while Barbara goes to Walker, asking if it's too late to get help. Walker promises to set up the appointment out of town and take her. Later, Rosanna watches Jordan and Jennifer.

Jessica decides to pop in at Margo's and take a present to Sarah. Meanwhile, Sarah and Casey have decided to cook dinner to make peace in the house. When Jessica arrives, she finds that Sarah is doing just fine. Feeling shut out, Jessica leaves. She confides in Ben what happened, feeling a bit sad and wistful.

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