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Monday, November 24, 2003

Susan was helping Alison to a seat at Al's Diner when Emily came in. Emily told Alison that they were not there to lecture her but to figure out a solution. Emily and Susan present Alison with all the options but Alison decided she was going to keep the baby. They went on to discuss pre-natal care but Alison insisted that she handle it her own way. At the house, Holden told Aaron that he needed to figure out what he was going to do about Alison when Lily walked in just as Holden mentioned Alison was pregnant. Aaron said he had everything under control until Holden and Lily threw a thousand questions at him. As Holden was lecturing him, Aaron snapped and accused Holden of making the same mistakes he made. Aaron quickly apologized and told Holden that he had made a mistake and how this one mistake will change him forever. Aaron left to find Alison over at the diner. Alison apologized for what had happened. Aaron said that they were in this together and they would make it through.

Lucy and Rosanna were talking about Aaron. Lucy was very hurt and depressed. Rosanna tried to comfort her but Lucy said she was through with Aaron for good. Rosanna said that Lucy didn't need to make a long-term decision right now and to give it time. Carly walked in and, when Rosanna left to take care of Cabot, tried to make Lucy understand that she will overcome this and to focus on something more positive, like herself. Rosanna returned and she and Lucy continued to talk about how Lucy was feeling. Over at the Lakeview, a private investigator approached Craig and asked him about his relationship with Miss Feddle. Craig played dumb until the PI told him that Miss Feddle had Craig's name and address highlighted in her Rolodex. Craig wanted to know if they would take the babies away from the adoptive parents and the PI said no but Miss Feddle was in a lot of trouble. Craig arrived home and told everyone to pack their bags he was taking them on a trip!

Molly had just made a call to Hal when Dusty approached her. They made small talk and when Dusty walked away, Molly said to herself that Dusty was still hung up on Rose and wished that Hal would call her back. Hal came in and Molly relayed what she knew about the bat and gloves that were in Paul's car and how Crater was working for Dusty. In the meantime, Dusty went over to Rose's and had Crater lure Paul away so he could talk to her. He told her that he was there to protect her. Rose told him to get out and she wasn't interested in anything he had to say. Dusty told her that she was in so much trouble and he had to talk to her before the wedding. They didn't finish their conversation because Paul came back. Hal arrived with a warrant to search Paul's car. An angry Paul told Hal that he had nothing to hide and led the way. Hal didn't find anything in the truck of Paul's car and apologized to him for the misinformation. Back at Metro, Dusty came back with the bat and gloves. He claimed he was going to get Rose to believe him and she would leave Paul for good.

Rose was going over the books and when she discovered how much money was missing she immediately accused Mitzi. Paul told her not to get so upset over it but Rose was clearly hurt. Meanwhile, over at the Lakeview, Jack approached Mitzi and told her to put her hands together he was going to cuff her. Mitzi told Jack she was sorry about the bad check she wrote at the Lakeview. She also said she had to leave because her relationship with Rose was ruined and she was better off back in Atlantic City. Jack said he would take care of the bounced check and get her a plane ticket back to Atlantic City. Jack went over to Rose's and told her to go see Mitzi, which Rose quickly obliged. Rose arrived at Mitzi's door and told her to open up or she was calling the cops!

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Holden and Emily fight over who is responsible for Alison getting pregnant. Susan plays peacemaker. Aaron is sad he lost Lucy. Alison can't bring herself to tell Aaron the truth. Later, Holden, Lily, Emily and Susan begin to tell Alison and Aaron everything that needs to be done to prepare for the baby. Alison is overwhelmed. Craig is annoyed Rosanna wants to stay in town for Paul's wedding. Rosanna accuses him of being jealous. Rosanna questions Craig desire to leave town, and Craig feigns anger at Rosanna for not trusting him. Dusty stashes the bat and glove. He demands to know where Molly has been. Molly covers and makes Dusty feel like dirt for not trusting her. Hal questions Crater, who lies that he saw Barbara outside of Rose's house that evening. Crater alerts Dusty that the cops seem to know all about the bat and gloves. Paul confronts Barbara, who denies planting anything in Paul's car. Paul refuses to help Barbara regain custody of Will. Although Barbara can prove that she was not anywhere near Paul's car, he still won't help her. Ben suggests he and Jessica fly to the islands and elope immediately. The arriving Curtis realizes he has messed up Ben and Jessica's plans and feels terrible. Jessica invites the Hughes to Thanksgiving; she and Ben decide to take the trip after dinner. Curtis makes a mystery call to a friend. Mitzi blocks the door and declares that she can't allow Rose to tell anyone that she embezzled. She confesses she stole to cover gambling debts and begs Rose not to turn her in. After Rose leaves, Mitzi loses it and swears she can't go to jail. Rose confides in Paul about Mitzi stealing. Rose slips that she still has Dusty on her mind but can't wait to get married.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Thanksgiving day is combined with Rose and Paul's wedding rehearsal. Paul gives Rose a string of Pearls to symbolize their love and they break at the rehearsal, casting a cloud on the event. Emily fears the wedding will not take place. Dusty and Molly have it out about what she did last night, as well as her feelings for him and his for Rose. Mitzi gets out of town despite Carly's machinations. Barbara tries to see Will and her anger at Rose grows. While Paul sees marriage within his grasp, Dusty confronts Rose.

Chris returns home for good, surprising his family, as Alison wonders if she is doing the right thing by not telling Chris the baby is his. Meanwhile, Lucy tells Lucinda that she is ready to move on and makes a date for the wedding. At Jessica and Ben's Thanksgiving dinner, Bob makes a wonderful toast. Later, Chris shocks Alison by coming to her house.

Jessica and Ben take off for their elopement, while Curtis returns to the house and sneaks back inside.

Thursday, November 27, 2003

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, all soaps will be pre-empted on Thursday, November 27th. These pre-emptions were accounted for during production and scheduling, so there will be be no missed or "lost" episodes.

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FRIDAY, November 28, 2003

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, all CBS soaps will be pre-empted on Friday, November 28th. These pre-emptions were accounted for during production and scheduling, so there will be be no missed or "lost" episodes.

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