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Monday, September 29, 2003

At the dress store, a saleslady tells Alison that she looks perfect in the black dress she has chosen for the opening of Metro (the old Java Underground). Just after Alison decides that this is THE dress, she bumps into Lucy, who is wearing exactly the same dress! Alison and Lucy find that they both are attending the opening, they begin to discuss their romances, and find their friendship renewing itself. Lucy offers to find another dress for herself, and Alison glows with happiness.

Holden drops by Metro do drop off some photos of Abigail to Molly, and he is horrified to find Aaron working there. Holden blows his top and tells Aaron that if he associates with Craig and Dusty he might end up in jail. When Holden demands that he quit his new job, Aaron insists that he likes the job and is staying.

Dusty arrives at Paul and Jennifer's penthouse after Jennifer asked him to come. Dusty tells Jennifer that he would like for the two of them to be "just friends," because he is in love with Rose, and he is trying to live his life in a straightforward manner from now on. Jennifer agrees that it could be interesting to be "only friends." Then Dusty asks Jennifer to spy on Paul to find out what Paul has planned next to sabotage Dusty. Dusty argues that Jennifer will be keeping Paul from making a mistake, as well as helping Dusty successfully launch a legitimate business - so she would actually be helping both men. Jennifer agrees, but reminds Dusty that he will owe her a favor. After Dusty leaves, Jennifer says to herself, "Yeah - we're friends - for now." While Dusty talks to Jennifer, Paul rushes up to Molly at the hotel bar. When Molly tells Paul that Dusty is determined to stay with Rose, Paul states, "You are in love with Dusty Donovan." Paul tries to convince Molly that going after Dusty will make her a happy person. As he leaves the bar, he asks, "When was the last time you were really happy?" Molly looks pensive, then relives her passionate moments with Dusty in her mind. Paul goes up to the suite and tells Jennifer that he saw Dusty drive away, so he demands to know why Dustythere visiting Jennifer. Jennifer tells Paul that she has no romantic interest in Dusty, and that she wants to be close with her brother again. Paul smiles and tells Jennifer that he doesn't believe a word she's saying. After he leaves Jennifer, Dusty arrives at Metro just in time to see Holden and Aaron having a heated discussion. Dusty tells Aaron to take the morning off to go see his girlfriend, so Aaron goes to meet Lucy at the dress store. Holden demands that Dusty fire Aaron, but Dusty responds, "No." Next Holden threatens to have his cousin Jack and the rest of the Oakdale police force shut Metro down before it opens, if Dusty will not fire Aaron. Molly, enters Metro, overhears, and sends Dusty on an errand. Holden appeals to Molly, asking her how she would feel if Abigail were working at Metro. Dusty returns and agrees to let Molly decide whether Aaron should stay or go. Molly looks back and forth from Holden to Dusty, but finally, cutting her eyes around at Dusty, announces, "Aaron stays."

Jessica and Ben are at Al's Diner discussing wedding invitations, when Jessica confides to Ben that she is afraid that Bonnie will turn her down if she asks her to be maid of honor in their Thanksgiving wedding. Ben assures Jessica, "Bonnie will be there. Trust me." Meanwhile, Marshall is talking to Troy at the shelter, where Sarah ran when Marshall told her the night before that he had raped Jessica. Troy insists that Marshall come get Sarah, but Marshall puts him off, saying that he has an important meeting with another lawyer. When Bonnie comes up to Marshall and asks how Sarah is, Marshall lies to Bonnie and tells her that everything is fine and that he and Sarah don't need Bonnie after all. Bonnie is distressed when she realizes that Marshall does not intend to keep his promise that he will continue to let her spend time with Sarah. Marshall leaves Bonnie and arrives at Al's for his meeting, which is with Jessica. After Ben leaves, Marshall insists on telling Jessica that he had told Sarah about the rape. While Marshall and Jessica are talking, Ben calls Bonnie to ask her to talk to Jessica about the wedding. Touched, Bonnie agrees to go to Al's to meet Jessica. Marshall admits to Jessica that Sarah has run away from him and is at the shelter now. He begs Jessica for advice, and Jessica suggests that he continue showing Sarah that he loves her, no matter what Sarah does. Marshall thanks Jessica, they conclude their business, and he leaves. Jessica's cell phone rings and Ben tells her that Bonnie is on her way to Al's. Marshall arrives at the shelter to find Sarah angry and hostile. When Sarah refuses to go anywhere with Marshall, Troy warns Marshall that if Marshall cannot make peace with Sarah he will have Sarah declared incorrigible and will turn her over to family court. Just as Bonnie is about to enter Al's Diner, her cellular phone rings, and Marshall pleads with her to help with Sarah. Bonnie casts a glance through the window to the table where Jessica waits for her arrival, but turns to leave to go help Sarah and Marshall.

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Molly and Holden disagree on Aaron new place of employment. Molly argues the fact that Aaron can learn things at the club while Holden said he will get himself into trouble. After Holden storms out Molly seeks comfort in Dusty. Molly leaves as Rose comes in and gives Dusty a present since his club opens tonight. She gives him cuff links with their initials on them.

Jen and Paul try to work things out however Jen decides to leave since she feels she is not honest enough for Paul who decides to stress honesty. Paul tells Jen he bugged the club to gain proof that Dusty and Molly were getting close because he is still in love with Rose. Paul decides to block Jen in so they can work things out since he loves his sister. He also said he believes she wouldn't set him up with Dusty. Paul then decides to go see Mitzi to invoke her help to get Rose back. She was reluctant at first but then gave in.

Bonnie goes to see Sarah at the shelter because Marshall called her to help him since Sarah keeps running from him and wants nothing to do with him. Bonnie tells Sarah to give Marshall a chance since he was big enough to admit to raping Jess. Meanwhile a still waiting Jess calls Bonnie only to be blown off by her daughter. Marshall asks Bonnie to join them for lunch in a few minutes and Bonnie says she may not be able to seeing as Jess doesn't know she is still involved with them. Ben meets up with Bonnie, after Jess tells Ben she never showed up after waiting over and hour, and questions her blowing her mom off for Marshall and Sarah. Bonnie however does a complete turn around since she now knows her mom is not there. Marshall tells Sarah he has enrolled her at Oakdale High since she has friends there and she would be happy there. Marshal then shows up at Al's when Bonnie walks up and questions her willingness to blow off Jess for Marshall. Ben also tries to convince her to be in the wedding and be Jess' maid of honor in the wedding.

Lily and Rose try to work things out since they are on opposite sides over Dusty. Lily tells her to trust herself and Rose admits to missing the kids and wants to visit them later. Holden shows up as Rose leaves and Holden tells her what Dusty and Molly have done by giving Aaron a job. Dusty tells Molly he likes having her in his corner and Molly makes sure he knows they are just friends. Holden stresses his concern over the Aaron situation, and Lily tries to convince him everything will be ok. She also tells him they should go to the opening and he agrees.

Wednesday, October 1, 2003

It is the grand opening of Metro - the new slick, chic and elegant club in Oakdale. Anyone who is anyone arrives for the opening.

Molly and Dusty organize the last minute touches while Craig is nowhere to be found.

Rose's friends "the Jersey girls" show up acting rather loud and looking very colorful.

Lily said Holden arrive so that they can check up on Aaron.

Molly tells Lucy that Craig called and he gave specific instructions that Lucy should not be at the club. She wants Aaron to leave too but he can't because he's working.

Carly and Jack arrive and Molly tells Carly that she needs a best friend but it is too bad that Carly isn't available.

Katie decides she wants to go to Metro so Margo calls Chris and asks him to take Katie there. Chris tries to get out of it but Margo insists that he just give Katie a ride there and Margo will pick her up later. Alison is a little upset but she was looking forward to an evening with Chris and even told her mother that she would be going to a hotel after.

Mitzi calls Rose with a fashion emergency and asks her to bring a scarf for her outfit. Meanwhile Paul is there at the beauty parlor waiting for Rose. When Rose arrives, she sees a table beautifully set and Paul standing there.

Thursday, October 2, 2003

The grand opening of Metro (formerly Java Underground) was well under way. Chris, Alison and Katie showed up. Katie decided she was going to have a good time and tried to ignore Mike who was watching her. Katie wasn't feeling well and wanted to sit down. Alison started to tell her that she should go easy on Mike but Katie said that she kept having dreams about Mike getting blown up and it was too dangerous for him to be around her. Katie wasn't making sense and Chris determined that she was delirious and was running a high fever. Chris took her to the hospital and Mike followed. At the hospital Mike found Katie, whose temperature was 105, sitting with her head down. When she saw Mike, she saw the fire around him and told him to get away from her. When Mike asked why, she said she was poison and that he would die!

Dusty and Molly were dancing and flirting with each other. Dusty was concerned about where Rose was but Molly did everything possible to keep him busy. Molly tried to convince Dusty that he shouldn't run after Rose. Dusty had his own problems with the girls Rose invited and had Aaron get rid of them. Dusty received a call from Waldo who wanted his money. Dusty had Aaron take the money to Waldo. Jennifer interrupted to tell Dusty that she overheard Paul talking about The Roller Palace. He was asking if everything was ready. Dusty just shrugged it off saying Rose could handle anything Paul threw her way. Dusty then left to find Rose. Molly followed and went with him.

Paul had a nice surprise for Rose. He had planned a romantic dinner for two. Paul kept telling Rose how sorry he was and how much he loved her. Rose tried to resist his advances and every time Rose started to back away, Paul would bring up something about their past that tugged at Rose's emotions. Paul tried to tell Rose that he didn't think that she was very happy. She kept denying it but Paul was not convinced. As they were talking Rose's phone rang but Rose chose not to answer it. They continued to talk about when they first met, the gifts that had given each other, and how taken they were with each other. Paul wanted to re-create taking pictures of themselves and they climbed onto the table. Paul took out the camera and snapped pictures. As they gazed into each other's eyes, Rose and Paul started to kiss.

Rosanna was attending the party with Jack and Carly. While there, Craig called and told Rosanna to sit tight and that he was on his way. Later, he entered the party very excited and presented Rosanna with a baby boy!

Friday, October 3, 2003
by Andy

Aaron is about to walk into Yo's to deliver Dusty's package when Alison advises him to sneak a peak at what he's delivering. He waffles and defends Dusty's honor, but finally picks the lock on the bag and finds gobs of cash. Later, inside Yo's Aaron finds Waldo in the crowd, and makes the drop. Waldo has another package to return to Dusty, and slips Aaron a couple of bills in his pocket for the trouble. Alison observes the whole event, and then both teens leave. Outside, Alison snatches the bag from the half-wit and opens the unlocked bag. She immediately recognizes that there are loads of betting slips inside. Aaron grabs back the bag and tells her, "I know what I'm doing, alright?"

Mike kneels in front of Katie at the hospital asking if she's OK. She briefly wakes up and hallucinates that Mike is in the midst of the fire at the warehouse in Australia. She wildly tells him to get away from her. Chris takes her into a private room for further attention. Later, Mike and Margo ask Chris and Dr. Daniels about Katie's condition. Walker says because Katie's fever is 105 degrees, she is near critical condition. Margo wonders if her recent kidney donation might lower her chances of recovery. Margo takes strength knowing how resilient her sister can be. Mike takes this opportunity to tell Margo that Katie wished Mike had let her die with Simon. Margo now wonders if her sis has the will to survive. Later, Walker tells Margo and Mike he thinks Katie might have contracted a disease seen only overseas. Mike confirms they were just in Australia. Walker has prescribed some antibiotics that should take care of the infection. Mike slips behind the curtain to visit with Katie. She regains consciousness long enough to think she is seeing a vision. She mumbles that she killed Mike. Next, she's frantic for him to get to safety and demands that he leave. Margo rushes in, holds her hand and calms her down. Finally Katie drifts off to sleep. Mike never left, and steps forward. He also encourages Katie to fight because, "I need you. I love you."

Rosanna can't stop smiling as she holds the baby Craig brought back for her from Canada. Craig introduces Annabel Fettle as a head of a top-notch Canadian adoption agency. Mrs. Fettle describes Craig's relentlessness of how he pursued her for a baby. Craig thinks it's time for a feeding, so they leave the club.

Molly catches Dusty in his car before he runs off after Rose. She worms her way back into his pants by badmouthing Paul and Rose. She says, "Maybe Paul is trying to take Rose away right now, but don't let him take tonight away from you too."

Meanwhile, at the Roller Palace, Rose and Paul continue their kiss. She pulls away because she can't think straight. Paul helps her regain focus, "After tonight, you have to know that I love you. You do know that. Don't you?" Rose hesitates, then weakly says, "Yes." Later, she realizes Dusty is waiting for her at the club. She begins to leave, but Paul asks her if she loves Dusty before she leaves. She stops, hesitates again, and honestly says, "I thought I did. I had to, right?" She says she now has to go and tell him the truth. He doesn't want her to leave tonight. But she needs to set things right immediately. "I gotta get back to that girl that you knew, and I gotta start right away. But, I do love you." She leaves the parlor, and Paul says he'll wait for her to return.

Alison and Aaron return to Metro to drop off the package. Dusty takes Aaron into the back, and Alison runs after Chris at the hospital. Later, Dusty tells Aaron his work is done for the night, but he's looking for a guy he can trust to make these kinds of drops in the future. He hopes Aaron is that guy. He also slips Aaron a couple of bills and Aaron takes off leaving Dusty and Molly all alone in the closed club. Molly pours two glasses of champagne, and Dusty soon has his fingers untying the single strap holding up Molly's dress. Molly's hands are busy also, tearing Dusty's shirt from his body.

Rose bumps into Jen at the Lakeview Lounge. Jen lets it slip that Dusty knows that Rose spent the evening with Paul. Rose tears out of the lounge, heading for Metro.

Back at Fairwinds, the shine of the new baby is beginning to wear thin. Rosanna rocks the babe as she questions the circumstances surrounding the adoption. She wonders why no one contacted her when all the local agencies needed to speak with both parents. Mrs. Fettle simply says her agency isn't like most others. She would like to supply a list of references, but she says she needs to protect the privacy of her exclusive clientele. Just then, Lucy bursts into the room yelling at her father for reigning in her life. Craig introduces Lucy to the adoption agent. Rosanna takes Mrs. Fettle on a tour of her home allowing Lucy and Craig time to talk. Lucy gets a call from Aaron. He asks her to meet him at Al's. On her way out the door, Lucy says, "Don't wait up." Mrs. Fettle returns to business. She pulls out the final adoption papers for Rosanna to sign, but Ro wants her lawyers to look at the documents first. Craig steps forward and assures her everything is on the up and up. Rosanna gives in to the craziness and giggles as she signs the papers. She takes the baby upstairs leaving Craig and Mrs. Fettle alone. After Ro is gone, Mrs. Fettle lights up a cigarette, and says, "She asks too many questions." Craig sighs, and says she's a smart woman. Mrs. Fettle cuts him off, "I don't care how smart she is. You make sure she doesn't start snooping around!" Craig assures her, "I will handle Rosanna."

Aaron gives Lucy a gift from the Lakeview Boutique. Lucy thinks it's too expensive, but Aaron says the tips were incredible tonight. "From now on, I'll be able to get you anything you want."

Alison finds Chris at the hospital. He tells her he won't be able to leave because he is the doctor of record for Katie. Alison is disappointed, but understands. Chris kisses her, then tells her he'll call in the morning.

Rose walks into Metro and finds Dusty's silk shirt on the banister. Jen is close behind Rose. As the door slams shut, Dusty and Molly wake up from a post encounter stupor. Both Jen and Rose see their naked bodies in a booth. Rose runs out. Jen condemns them, "Paul's right. You're a pig!" Dusty makes no attempt to stop anyone or cover himself.

Rose returns to the parlor and falls into Paul's arms. They kiss, and Paul says, "Marry me."

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